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#TallShipCelebration #TSC2019

Thank you, ALL, who participated in this challenge, from daily to a few days!


If you‘d like a ship postcard that I picked up at Tall Ship Celebration mailed to you, send your address to cynthiaannehurt at gmail dot com.

Blueberry Thank you @Crowcah for offering the fun. 3y
CoffeeNBooks Thanks for the fun challenge!! ⚓☠⚓ 3y
TorieStorieS Thanks for the fun!! I hope you make another one soon!! 🤗🤗🤗 3y
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CrowCAH @Blueberry you‘re welcome; glad you came aboard! ⚓️ 3y
CrowCAH @CoffeeNBooks you‘re welcome; thanks for participating! ⚔️☠️ 3y
CrowCAH @TorieStorieS glad to hear you had a swashbuckling time! Thanks for sharing in the fun! 🏴‍☠️ 3y
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CrowCAH Quite the book of tall tales while sailing tall ships! 6y
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My #tallships T-shirt and necklace. When I was a kid, we went to Mystic Mystic Seaport and I remember loving the ship there. I don't know if was the Captain Morgan back then. #PiratesLife #WhatAWayToLive

CrowCAH Love both the necklace and the tshirt! 😍 Do you think the shirt is still orderable? 6y
PirateJenny @CrowCAH The shirt is from LuLaRoe. I just got it this spring so it should still be in the current list I think. You need to either find a consultant or look on eBay. Style is classic T. Original price is $35 6y
CrowCAH @PirateJenny oh wow, LuLaRoe?!! Thanks! 6y
PirateJenny @CrowCAH Yeah! Sometimes they have amazing stuff. This is up there with my dodo leggings as a favorite 6y
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The Sea Hawk | Rafael Sabatini, Horizon Publishing Group (HPG)
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CrowCAH I ❤️😍 loved Captain Blood!!! Can't wait to get to the Sea Hawk!!! These covers are gorgeous, too!!! 6y
LeahBergen Loved them both! ❤️ 6y
ScientistSam You are in for a real treat - Sabatini is wonderful! Growing up, we had a library that had a bunch of his lesser known (and probably out of print) books. I learned so much Italian Renaissance history from those😀 Captain Blood and the Seahawk are some of his best, as is Scaramouche. 6y
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Treasure Island | Robert Louis Stevenson
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#PiratesLife #WhatAWayToLive #TallShips

I don't think I have used Treasure Island yet for this this challenge... not sure how that's possible?!? Love this cover.

RealBooks4ever Fabulous! 💜 The cover is like the opening of a 1940s movie! 🎬🎥 6y
CrowCAH That is a really neat cover and perfect for today! ☺️ 6y
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Bonus post: For this #PiratesLIFE game, the pieces to move are #TallShips!!!


PirateJenny Oh, I'll take a pic of mine a bit later! 6y
CrowCAH @PirateJenny that would be great to see your park edition! 6y
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Today's prompt is #TallShips, those vessels with not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, but what a ship really means; freedom!!!

Another beauty of a Hallmark ornament!

#WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

Cinfhen I've been loving your daily photos and blurbs! Can't believe it's almost time to sail off into the sunset 🌅 6y
CrowCAH @Cinfhen thanks! ☺️ It was fun and challenging, even for me to get all my stuff to fit the prompts, but I did it! Not sure how you can host a daily pic challenge for more than a month in a row lol 6y
Cinfhen I know! #JuneTunz is gonna be tough...because I let the Littens pick the song titles and some of them are really hard!!! I'm already stumped! I may need to recuperate in July😉 6y
CrowCAH @Cinfhen that's what you get for letting them pick 😂 6y
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Death to the French | C. S. Forester
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I wish I could give this 2 ratings. I can appreciate that the author is clearly talented, and can write well, but this just wasn't for me. I'm not really interested in military fiction as a genre, and the whole thing was just a bit of a chore for me to finish. Hopefully my next read from @bookishly will be more up my street!

The Daredevil Snared | Stephanie Laurens
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I feel complete; bought the third book for the quartet and now I have all four! #pirates #romance #tallships