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A Closed and Common Orbit | Becky Chambers
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Reading on the deck while the toddler takes an epic nap! #vacationgoals

robinb Lovely spot for reading. 😊 1y
kspenmoll Such a lovely reading space! 1y
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A Confederacy of Dunces | John Kennedy Toole
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Day 20: #Opinions

I can‘t think of anyone more opinionated than Ignatius J Reilly! I feel like I reference this book a lot...I feel no shame in this and I‘m totally not gonna stop, I just know I reference it a lot...😂😂😂

batsy Boy, does he have opinions 😂 Great choice. 2y
AshleyHoss820 @batsy Right!? 😄😂 Thank you!! 2y
LeahBergen Perfect!! I‘m reading it right now for the first time (and just laughed at him screaming his opinions at the movies 🤣). 2y
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vivastory If they ever make a film adaptation, Nick Offerman MUST play him! I'm a little annoyed with myself for not knowing about the statue of Ignatius when I visited New Orleans in 2012. I will definitely be looking for it next time I visit! 2y
AshleyHoss820 @LeahBergen YES! I forgot about that part!! Oh my gosh! I don‘t think I‘ve ever openly guffawed at a book until CoD! 😂😂😂 2y
AshleyHoss820 @vivastory No joke! I saw the pictures of the play and I desperately want to see it! ??? I didn‘t know there was a statue there either! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ #VacationGoals I also want to see the Mütter Museum, but that‘s a horse of a different color... 2y
vivastory The Mütter Museum would be a blast! I've never been to Philadelphia. 2y
AshleyHoss820 @vivastory Neither have I! The east coast is on my bucket list. My Aunt lives in Boston. My Mom is a professional photographer and the pictures she took while visiting make me travel-happy! 😄 2y
DeborahSmall @vivastory I was in New Orleans 2 years back and was there 16 years ago too. No clue about his statue!! Determined to go back in next couple of years just to find him! My favourite comedic novel ever ❤️ 2y
DeborahSmall @LeahBergen are you enjoying it? One of my favourites 💕 2y
CrowCAH Heard great laughs are had form this book; can‘t wait to read it! 2y
AshleyHoss820 @CrowCAH It‘s true! I thought people were exaggerating when they said they laughed out loud, but they weren‘t! 😄 2y
LeahBergen @DeborahSmall I‘m absolutely LOVING it! I can‘t believe I waited this long. 😘 2y
KVanRead Perfect 👌 2y
AshleyHoss820 @KVanRead 😄😄😄Thank you! 2y
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Guys, Lindy West is one of my favorite people -- both in general, and to follow on social media. Look at this gorgeous piece of art she shared today, from The Museum of Chamber Pots & Toilets.

I'm dying. 😂 I want it so bad. 😫

8little_paws Omg I sent my bf the one of Napoleon's chamber pot and was like #vacationgoals 2y
monalyisha Haha @8little_paws glad to know we're on the same page! 2y
Libby1 😳 2y
mcipher I need to go to that museum!! So cool. 2y
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On our last official vacation day yesterday, my hubby and I visited Uxbridge for some lunch, hiking and book shopping (not in that order). I picked up these beauties from my new favourite independent bookstore, Blue Heron Books. They have a great selection, and these are all signed!! #indiebookshop #vacationgoals #books4ever 👍🏽

Lacythebookworm Man is a lovely read! 2y
TheKidUpstairs I ❤❤❤❤ Blue Heron! I head there whenever I get a morning or afternoon to myself. 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @Lacythebookworm Glad to hear it! I'm looking forward to it. 😉 2y
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PurpleyPumpkin @TheKidUpstairs It's a new find for me and it's thanks to Litsy. Someone mentioned it the other day (maybe you??) and I had to go! I'll definitely be visiting often in future. 😁 2y
AlobelThee I was at Blue Heron at least two years back. I really need to set a day soon for visiting again. It's the one shop I've seen with a new book in of The Master & Margarita with cool goth art covers; Dracula and others. I missed it then but have good cash now for making the Uxbridge trip. 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @AlobelThee Those sound amazing! I'll have to look for those when I visit next time. 2y
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