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So glad this was better than I was expecting. Someone said it was a mix up of Crazy Rich Asians and someone Celeste Ng would write. Thank goodness it was closer to Celeste Ng! Entertaining and I will rate it 3.75. #20BooksBy2020

Megabooks I feel the same. 👍🏻👍🏻 3d
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Village Christmas | Miss Read
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I‘ve just started this charming little tale. 🎄

Day 10

TrishB And a lovely picture ❤️ 4d
squirrelbrain I used to love the Miss Read books! 4d
Becker Love the quaint cover. 4d
Cathythoughts 👍🏻❤️ 4d
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All My Puny Sorrows | Miriam Toews
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Literary Women | Ellen Moers
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Spent most of the morning on campus, probably the longest I've been there since graduating. Caught up with some people I haven't seen in a couple of years, and set up my alumni card for library access (got tagged book for research). Then got a card for another public library - a library-tastic day!
The wind was absolutely bitter though so now I'm home with a hot drink to warm up. And books! Life is good.

xicanti Any day with multiple library card acquisitions sounds might good. 2w
llwheeler @xicanti I agree 😃 2w
Jaimelire I graduated from Waterloo too! We are taking my son to visit this summer. I met my husband there while doing my undergrad. 2w
llwheeler @Jaimelire that sounds like it will be a nice trip 🙂 2w
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Fleabag: The Scriptures | Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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#bookmail #HappyPubDay 📪📚
This little beauty was here when I got home after work! 😍
Thinking of using it as a #doubledip for #Pop2020 and #Booked2020 for next year....
This would work for Makes you LOL, #ThinkPink or Pink covers, Millenial authors and for Pop challenge for Set in an Olympic city (London)....... 🤓

Cinfhen Gotta love those #DoubleDips 🍦🍦 2w
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Fleabag: The Scriptures | Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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I am so excited!!! Fleabag is one of my favourite things ever and I absolutely love Phoebe Waller-Bridge

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Fleabag: The Scriptures | Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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When you go back to work full-time after 4 1/2 years and you‘re exhausted because you kinda know the industry you‘re in but you kinda don‘t so there‘s a learning curve - and on your first day, you find THIS waiting for you from your BFF - who also held my hand this entire year while I looked for job. I wish everyone could have a @MicheleinPhilly in their life. Friendship is also a love story. ❤️

The BFG is neglected now that I‘m gone all day! 😹

TrishB She‘s an awesome friend ❤️ good luck!! 3w
Suet624 I have so many questions about your new job! What a spectacular friend and a terrific gift. 3w
KarenUK Wishing you all the luck in the world! 💕💕💕.... and what an awesome gift! 3w
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MicheleinPhilly 😘😘😘 3w
Nute This is a BEAUTIFUL post! Good luck with your new job. I couldn‘t agree more with your statement about friendship.💕 Today I celebrate you and your friend, @MicheleinPhilly and your lovely friendship!💖 3w
Tamra You will be great! 😁 3w
Jas16 💜 3w
marleed Oh so sweet. Good luck in your job! What a wonderful friend and I completely agree. I often wish a hallmark movie about love and happiness would widen its world view. Some people find incredible happiness through platonic friendships old and new! 3w
Bookzombie Congratulations on your new job! I‘m sure you will be great! 💗 to you and @MicheleinPhilly 3w
mrp27 Congrats on your new job, best of luck! 3w
cathipink You've got this 🎉🎉🎉 best wishes for the days ahead 🙂 3w
DGRachel Congrats on the job and good luck! You've totally got this! 3w
JennyM Congrats and good luck! 😘 3w
readordierachel Congratulations. Loving friends are so important 💕 3w
ValerieAndBooks Aww 💖 all the best to you ; you deserve it!! Keep us posted. And hugs to @MicheleinPhilly 🤗 3w
LeahBergen Oh, how wonderful you and @MicheleinPhilly are! 💕💕💕 All the best to you in the new job. I DO hope the BFG doesn‘t eat his feelings. 😆😆 3w
LauraBeth @TrishB thanks 😊! She is! 3w
LauraBeth @Suet624 well I‘m an open book 😂 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @KarenUK 😘 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @Nute ! ☺️ 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @Tamra 😊 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @Jas16 😊 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @marleed 😊 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @mrp27 ☺️ 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @cathipink 😊 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @DGRachel 😘 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @JennyM 😘 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @readordierachel ☺️ so true! 3w
LauraBeth 😹😹 Thanks @LeahBergen 😘 The BFG is having a tough time with the bringer-of-snacks gone all day! 3w
Suet624 So what‘s the new job? 3w
LauraBeth @Suet624 it‘s destination/tourism marketing - so I‘ll be overseeing marketing strategy, creative development of ads and ad placements. That part I‘m used to but I‘m used to doing it with a corporation. This is within a government framework so there‘s a lot more stakeholders. 3w
Suet624 That‘s awesome!!! Sounds very challenging but I bet you‘ll be fantastic at it. Congrats! 3w
LauraBeth Thanks @Suet624 😘 Less time for reading though 😢 3w
DebinHawaii Congratulations on the new job! 🎉 2w
Cinfhen So exciting!!! And yes, everyone needs an @MicheleinPhilly in their lives ♥️ 2w
Cinfhen How was your first week???? 2w
LauraBeth Thanks @DebinHawaii !🥰 1w
LauraBeth @Cinfhen it‘s been so much fun - I love it! 😘 But @MicheleinPhilly can attest that I haven‘t had any time to read. 😞 1w
Cinfhen I‘m so glad you‘re loving the new job!!! The reading will come back in time xx 1w
AlaMich Congrats on the new job! I too started back to full-time work in August after *cough* many more years than you. It‘s exhausting, man! But in a good way!! 😊 1w
LauraBeth @AlaMich that is awesome!! I know exactly what you mean - it‘s exhausting but in a good way! Congratulations! 💃💃 7d
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Fleabag: The Scriptures | Phoebe Waller-Bridge
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Thank you Waterstones! 🙌🏼

LeahBergen I need to watch the second season! 3w
MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen It‘s phenomenal! 3w
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Conversations with Toni Morrison | Toni Morrison, Danille Kathleen Taylor-Guthrie
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I was totally blown away by this wonderful Toni Morrison documentary “The Pieces I am.”I was trying to get to a theater to see it, small films don‘t stay around very long.She is amazing & to see her fellow writers sing her praises is wonderful.Watch for it , time well spent.

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The sun is shining 🎉

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