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Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: A True Story | Peter Turner
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On 29 September 1981, Peter Turner received a phone call that would change his life. His former lover, Hollywood actress Gloria Grahame, had collapsed in a Lancaster hotel and was refusing medical attention. He had no choice but to take her into his chaotic and often eccentric family's home in Liverpool. Liverpool born and bred, Turner had first set eyes on Grahame when he was a young actor, living in London. Best known for her portrayal of irresistible femme fatales in films such as The Big Heat, Oklahoma and The Bad and the Beautiful, for which she won an Oscar, Grahame electrified audiences with her steely expressions and heavy lidded eyes and the heroines she bought to life were often dark and dangerous. Turner and Grahame became firm friends and remained so ever after their love affair had ended. And it was to him she turned in her final hour of need. Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool is an affectionate, moving and wryly humorous memoir of friendship, love and stardom.
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Lovely, bittersweet short novel. Liverpool , place and people, felt great and knowing everywhere is really lovely. Blacklers shop getting a mention ❤️(only understandable if you‘re a certain age from Liverpool).

Cathythoughts Nice to really know the name dropping 👍🏻✨ 8mo
TrishB @Cathythoughts it was 😁 8mo
rabbitprincess I watched the movie of this recently! 8mo
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arlenefinnigan Oh I loved this. The film's lovely too. 8mo
TrishB @rabbitprincess @arlenefinnigan I have it on my must be watched list now! 8mo
CarolynM Loved the book and the film❤️ 8mo
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Charity shop donation and books 😁😁
@Cathythoughts couldn‘t not get the Laidlow one 👍🏻

Velvetfur Oohh I've heard of that 'Film Stars...' one! I'll be looking forward to your review of it 😊 That 'Time' s Echo' one has a gorgeous cover 😍 9mo
Velvetfur Oh and by the way Trishy (!), you haven't read that Beryl Markham one I have you yet, have you...? As I'd like to read the one about her that you gave me at the same time, if you haven't already read it 😊 9mo
TrishB @Velvetfur not read yet! Is there a good time for you? 9mo
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Velvetfur @TrishB Erm.... A weekend at some point, in a few weeks' time....? 9mo
Birdsong28 I do like Pamela Hartshorne but the concept doesn't change just the time era it's set in. House of Shadows is slightly different but not much, haven't read her latest one tho The Cursed Wife but I have got a copy so we shall see. 📚📖 9mo
TrishB @Velvetfur I could either do over next weekend or first one in April!! Don‘t want to do a read along if got other things on over the weekend. Let me know which is better. Ta 9mo
TrishB @Birdsong28 I haven‘t read one yet - but at Q9 in the charity shop I thought I‘d give one a go! 9mo
Velvetfur @TrishB OK let's do first weekend in April then, so we have time to organise! This is exciting, my first readalong, yay 😁 9mo
TrishB @Velvetfur cool 👍🏻 9mo
CarolynM I loved Film Stars... when I read it years ago. The film was great too. 9mo
TrishB @CarolynM I thought that I should read it really! Not seen the film either. 9mo
Cathythoughts I will look forward to seeing what you think of Laidlaw whenever you get there 👍🏻♥️ 9mo
TrishB @Cathythoughts will let you know 👍🏻 9mo
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A lovely, moving story. Very sweet.

CarolynM I loved both the book and the film 1y
arlenefinnigan @CarolynM haven't seen the film yet, will have to check it out 1y
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Next up

CarolynM It's lovely. The movie was good too. 1y
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I read this book many years ago, so I was a little surprised when I heard it had recently been made into a film. Saw the film this morning, it was beautifully done, a really lovely adaptation. Annette Benning and Julie Walters are just wonderful in it.

rubyslippersreads I really want to see this. 2y
CarolynM @rubyslippersreads It's definitely worth seeing. Hope you enjoy it 2y
jasreadsquiteabit The film was very well made. I was impressed! 2y
CarolynM @jasreadsquiteabit Glad you enjoyed it. There aren't enough movies for grown ups. 2y
jasreadsquiteabit @CarolynM that was literally my first thought after seeing it! 2y
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That feeling when you finally finish wrapping the presents #yessss The tagged book is my mum's present. Don't worry, she isn't on Litsy. She doesn't really understand what "that internet" is. #SeasonsReadings2017 @RealLifeReading

kathedron My dad calls the internet "a criminal's playground" and refuses to have anything to do with it. 2y
batsy My mother warily acknowledges, with deep skepticism, that sometimes I can get things done for her via "the online". 2y
BarbaraBB @River_Voice 😂😂 Love that! 2y
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Kaye @River_Voice Criminal‘s Playground 😄 Funny. Maybe you should be more careful , hanging out with all us book-reading, dope smoking, bank robbing gang members. 🤪 2y
kathedron @Kaye Well, now you mention it... my husband asked me the other day if I wanted any money from the cash machine and I told him 10 thousand in used bank-notes would be fine. (Where did that come from?!) 2y
Kaye @River_Voice 😄 We kept ours the old fashioned way. We have coffee cans full of the Loot buried in the backyard. We have to go out at night with a metal detector to find a can when we need extra money. Don‘t want the neighbors seeing us, or the whole yard will be dug up some morning. 2y
arlenefinnigan 😂😂😂😂😂 2y
kathedron @Kaye 😂 Glad to hear you're keeping the old ways alive. These traditional skills are in danger of being lost. 2y
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I wish I would have known she was Violet from It‘s a Wonderful Life before the end! That‘s my bad for not looking Gloria up first 😂 it‘s a sad/sweet quick read, but an even quicker audiobook!

DimeryRene Did you ever read that book about gone with the wind that I lent you? I forget what it‘s called. Something star dust?!?! 2y
elisebarker No!! I was looking at it last night actually! 2y
DimeryRene Ohhhhh! Let me know when you start. I️ really really liked it. 2y
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CarolynM Read this when it was first released. It's lovely 3y
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