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Moonlight Over Mayfair
Moonlight Over Mayfair: The new romantic novel from bestselling author and Strictly star Anton Du Beke | Anton Du Beke
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'Downton with dance, perfect!' Santa Montefiore Prepare to be swept off your feet by the romantic and irresistible new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author and Strictly Come Dancing star Anton Du Beke London, 1937. With a new king in place, tensions are rising in London and across Europe. Shaken by the Great Depression and with talk of another war coming, the Buckingham Hotel is trying to regain some stability. Upstairs, Vivienne Edgerton is desperate to do something worthwhile with her time and her stepfather's money, rather than spending it on frivolity and debauchery - but will this land her in even more trouble? And downstairs, chambermaid Nancy Nettleton is finally starting to feel more settled at the Buckingham, and hopes her brother will soon call London home, too. But she misses the man she loves, demonstration dancer Raymond de Guise, who is noticeably absent from the Grand Ballroom dance floor. The staff and guests of the Buckingham soon discover that in a hotel full of secrets, there's always someone listening . . .
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I had absolutely no idea that Anton Dubeke was now an established writer until I came across this but what a sweet, feel good story.
Of course being known for his dancing skills on "Strictly come dancing" this story centred around the ballroom of the Grand Buckingham hotel.
We hear of the lives, tragedies and love affairs of all those who call the hotel home or their workplace from the rich and the grand to the those more humble workers.

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Continuing Anton‘s upstairs/downstairs look at life in a Grand London hotel in the 1930s. The focus shifts to other characters this time, Nancy‘s anxious younger brother Frank has joined the hotel as a page, Maynard‘s secret is under threat, Helene considers a new romance & wealthy Vivienne may have found her purpose in life. It‘s firmly in the realm of historical fiction, rather than straight-up romance, with the politics of the time 👇

RachelO never distant from the main storylines. I didn‘t love it as much as the first book, but that may be because I read them in such quick succession. And he may have fallen into a couple of relationship tropes, which disappointed me a little. Overall though, an enjoyable read - look forward to the next one! Thanks #readersfirst for the review copy. (edited) 1mo
RachelO @Birdsong28 Hi Victoria! Did you ever get a copy of this? If not I‘ll pop it in the post to you in a week or so, when I get back from my travels. 😘 1mo
Birdsong28 @RachelO No I didn't 😭. That is so kind of you and I really appreciate you thinking of me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️📚📖 1mo
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RachelO @Birdsong28 No probs! As you hadn‘t mentioned, I guessed you hadn‘t- I‘m away for 10 days, so it‘llbe a couple of weeks 😊 I‘ve got a long wait for the next one now! 1mo
Birdsong28 @RachelO No rush just post it when you can. I will be looking forward to it. 😘 📚 📖 1mo
RachelO @birdsong28 Urgh!!!! This went in the post first class on Monday... and tracking says they haven‘t tried to deliver it yet. If you end up with another red card, can you send me a photo, and I‘ll make a formal complaint- I‘m worried there‘s a mismatch between what my PO says is OK and what yours does. She assured me it was fine size-wise... Hopefully they‘re just being slow. 2w
Birdsong28 @RachelO The post hasn't been yet and I didn't get a red card yesterday so here's hoping it gets here ok 🤞. I will keep you updated. Yes you should lodge a complaint about this 😡 2w
Birdsong28 @RachelO Just letting you know that I have received your book. Thank you so much 😘📚📙. 2w
RachelO Seriously??! Without paying excess? 🤞🤞 Glad it arrived and sorry for the stress - tracking still says it hasn‘t been delivered! I‘ve been composing ranty complaints letters in my head all day. Am absolutely investing in some parcel-measuring thinggies!!! 2w
Birdsong28 @RachelO Yes. It's fine there was no stress on my end. I would still put in a complaint about your post office as it's the second time something has happened to you they obviously don't know what they are doing at your post address 2w
Birdsong28 @RachelO Meant to say post office lol! If your complaint helps someone else as they are probably doing worse to other people's letters/parcels 2w
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*penny drops*
Oh no!

Cathythoughts Oh no!! You can‘t do this to us 😳....I want to know what‘s happening 😆( I better read the book ) not a fan of romance , but this sounds a bit different 1mo
julesG Suppose I'm going to read this. 1mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts 😂😂😂 Despite the cover, I wouldn‘t really describe these as romance. There *is* romance (and dancing and moonlight etc etc) but it‘s much more Upstairs/Downstairs-type light historical fiction. The author‘s one of the pro-dancers on Strictly, and the cover‘s much more what you would expect the book to be from him than what it actually is! 1mo
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RachelO @julesG 😂😂 Sorry bout that! 1mo
julesG What's one more book on #MountTBR? It just means I have to find the Philosopher's Stone to make the Elixir of Life so I can read indefinitely. Or become a vampire. Or poltergeist, because they can move objects, so I could turn pages on books in ghost form. 😏 1mo
RachelO @julesG At least you have a plan! 🧙‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️ 👻 1mo
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I had 3 books in my #weeklyforecast- only 1 of them‘s in my #bookreport photo 😬 I‘m reading too many things at once -again! In my defence, my long-train-journey-dedicated-reading-time was cancelled, so I‘ve stuck with hardbacks instead.

Anton: Not too sure about 1 of the new characters, but strangely learning stuff about pre-WWII politics 👍
Tom: Wasn‘t sure if I‘d get on with Tom in long-form, (cf Twitter) but wonderful comfort reading 👍

RachelO Krys (as I‘m obviously on first name terms with these guys): She knows how to make an impact 👍
Not doing so well on audio, largely because the weather‘s too 💦💨 for walking. Haven‘t actually finished anything this week.
Cinfhen Just letting you know most forecasters are only 40% accurate so you‘re doing great!!!! 😂😂😂and boo for bad weather 😫I know how much u enjoy your walks 1mo
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Although Anton Du Beke is known for being a contestant on "Strictly come dancing" he is a really good writer too.
I loved the time period it was set in and the characters were interesting and diverse.
I have found out there is also a companion volume preceding this one and after reading this it has made me want to read that as well.
Although it was a great story on its own and you don't really need to read the other to enjoy this one.

RachelO Welcome to Litsy! 1mo
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Only 2 days late!!

This is my #weeklyforecast - I will review Anton‘s next book before #readersfirst start sending me grumpy emails or decide to blacklist me. Enjoying it so far 👍

And have a 4 hour round-trip by train on Saturday, so Pratchett on audio and Treasure Island!!! as light reading, both physically and mentally (it‘s exceedingly silly!)

Cinfhen Those ARCs are both delightful and torturous!! I try to keep up but sometimes I just fall far behind 🙄😬 1mo
RachelO @Cinfhen Yup! My NetGalley heap never recovered from my over enthusiasm when I first signed up 😬📚📚📚 1mo
MatchlessMarie @RachelO same. I'm trying to make next month #NetgalleyNovember so I can finally remove my shame 😅 1mo
RachelO @MatchlessMarie Glad to know I‘m not alone! It‘s a good idea - I might join you and see if I can nudge my rating up another 5%... 1mo
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Next up in the Great ARC catch-up...

Not too mad on the cover, but look at those endpapers 👀

Lindy Those #endpapers are indeed spectacular. I love Art Deco design. 2mo
Balibee146 Gorgeous design and colours 💙💙 2mo
Cathythoughts Lovely 2mo
RachelO @Lindy How had I missed that hashtag??! thank you! 1mo
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Have entered to win this on #Readersfirst . Wish me luck 🤞 🍀 📚 📖

TrishB Good luck 😘 2mo
RachelO Good luck! I‘ve requested this one too 😊 2mo
Gissy Good luck!👍 2mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Best of luck 🤞🏻🤞🏻 2mo
Birdsong28 @RachelO Thank you 😘 . Best of luck to you as well 🤞🍀😘📚. I take it you have read the first in the series which is tagged. It was so good and surprising as it came from someone who writing isn't what he known for. 2mo
RachelO @Birdsong28 🤭 It‘s the ONE RF book I haven‘t got to (so I don‘t rate my chances of winning this one 😬) but I loved your review of it. If I read it in the next fortnight, I can catch up... 2mo
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