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First Kiss
First Kiss | Amelia Rucker
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Seventeen year old Ashanti is dealing with every teenager's worst nightmare. Her troubled boyfriend of nine years dumps her for another girl. With the support of her friends and family, Ashanti finds the strength to move on. Love isn't on her mind, but with a new stranger in town, will Ashanti open her heart again? Kyle is no saint indeed. With a couple of bad breaks with the law, Kyle just wants to start fresh. It isn't until he meets the sweet innocent Ashanti, and a bond is formed instantly. When trouble threatens to tear these two apart, will Kyle and Ashanti stand and fight together, or will their love for one another be torn apart for good?
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First Kiss | Amelia Rucker
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First giving honor to God, who is the Head of my life. Family and loved ones, there is a thing called motivation. There is a thing called dedication. There is a thing called perseverance. There is a thing called discipline. There is a thing known as wanting to throw in the towel. I won't complain, but I will say my whole right hand is hurting. I didn't think I was going to finish my book today, but by the grace of God I did.

TalecArashi Hey congrats! 3mo
BillBlume Rock on!!! 3mo
BMWtheAuthor Congrats from a fellow NaNo winner ;D 3mo
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VoraciousMind This is fantastic! You have inspired me! I just published my first story on Medium (short thing) and hope to do NaNo next year. You rock!!!!! 2mo
ameliaR230 @VoraciousMind I am beyond honored. 2mo
WJCintron Congratsssss from a fellow writer to you! 🙌🎊 I know the feeling! Be blessed and keep it up! Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁🎊 2mo
Chelleo What a great accomplishment! Congratulations! 1mo
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