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The Idiot | Elif Batuman
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Seven books I‘d ideally like to read in the next seven weeks #booksIown

SamAnne Oh! That's a great list! You might want to throw in an uplifting or escapist book in there! Have read all except Spring (on my list). Loved Nickel Boys. Not sure I've fully recovered from Black Leopard Red Wolf--so violent and disturbing but beautiful writing. Flights I was mixed about but no doubt the writer is brilliant. Happy reading? (edited) 1mo
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I bought this whole series from the fall library book sale. I am actually reading from my TBR list that I own. This rarely happens. #charlaineharris #librarybooksale #tbr #booksiown #readinginbed

alanacristin I'm trying to do that as well! Today I finished a book that's been in my house for a year and a half 🎉 progress! That series was pretty fun -- hope you enjoy it 😊 10mo
Vexingcircumstance @alanacristin I am enjoying it. I‘m on the last book now. I wish there were books in the series. 10mo
alanacristin @Vexingcircumstance agreed! The last book got my hackles up a bit but i wasn't ready to say bye to the quirky little town and its inhabitants 😚 10mo
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Bookshelf | Lydia Pyne
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Prior to #Litsy my bookshelves contained mostly picture frames and baskets, etc... Post Litsy they are are mostly filled with books! 📚 I still primarily read ebooks, but I love sitting on my sectional and looking at my growing home library! They‘re so pretty! 😍📚🤓 Many of the books on these shelves are from #BOTM, #litsyswaps, gifts, #bookoutlet, and #giveaways! Thank you all for your book recommendations, your kindness, and your generosity! 🤗

kgriffith I‘m headed in the opposite direction: I moved back to Maine from California with over 1,000 books. I purged ~300 before I started at LibraryThing in 2014, but working with people who read in my wheelhouses has meant WAY more books coming in than being read! So I‘ll be culling this spring in anticipation of a move this summer, and recently invested in a Paperwhite to join my Glowlight so I can go mostly digital with a few exceptions. 2y
Jess7 Ohhh my digital library has grown exponentially too! When I joined #litsy almost a year ago, I owned about 10 ebooks and maybe 10 physical books. I borrowed books through overdrive and read them on my paperwhite most often.... Since Litsy, I still do that, but I also have purchased nearly 500 ebooks from Amazon daily deals and have accumulated all of the physical books pictured. I lovingly #blameitonlitsy 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🤗 @kgriffith @TheLibrarian 2y
kgriffith @Jess7 oh my gosh my jaw dropped like a frickin cartoon character‘s when I read how many books you owned pre-Litsy 🤣 That‘s AMAZING that you‘ve cultivated this hobby and curated your physical and digital libraries through Litsy, I love it! 2y
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C.Perone I find nothing more soothing than sitting in my library looking at my shelves and shelves of books😍 2y
Bookishthoughts 🙌🙌💜💜🌈🌈😘😘😘 Woot! 2y
Jess7 Yes, it‘s one of my new favorite things to do! @C.Perone - I have discovered I want more purple books. I only own 2 truly purple-colored books. I also want more green. 🤓📚😂🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
Branwen Its a beautiful collection! 😃 2y
Jess7 Thank you!! @Branwen - adding another hashtag so I can find this post later. #BooksIOwn #JPBooks #JPBooks #BooksIOwnJP 2y
rubyslippersreads 😍📚😍 2y
tracyrowanreads How wonderful! 2y
Eggs The BOTMs are so colorful standing in a row 😊 2y
Kalalalatja That‘s lovely! 2y
Mdargusch Great shelfie! #bookporn 2y
britt_brooke 🤩🤩🤩 2y
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Cinfhen Midnight plan was hilarious ❣️❣️💚 2y
Pamwurtzler @Cinfhen the cover looks hilarious! There‘s another for my TBR. 😂 2y
Cinfhen It's really quirky @Pamwurtzler but so much fun to read 2y
RealLifeReading Looks fun! 2y
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Another goal is read down the number of first in a series books I own. Once again, don't plan to finish it, but I'm going to give it go. #booksiown

Soubhiville Wow! 😲 2y
drokka I'd like to do something like this next year. I'm torn between all the book 1s, then 2s, finishing series I've started, or starting at 1 and ending at whatever was published by the time I get there. Either way, I should, hopefully make a dent in my TBR. 2y
LibrarianRyan @drokka I know. Hard to decide. 2y
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I'm a day late, but here are a few #MarvelousMemoirs I've read! Memoir is one of my favorite genres.💚 I love reading about other people's real-life experiences. #AwesomeAutumnBooks

Jess7 Nice list. A few of those are on my #tbr list of #BooksIown 2y
britt_brooke @Jess7 ☺️👍🏻 2y
rwmg On my virtual TBR shelf 2y
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britt_brooke @rwmg It's a good read! 2y
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#RedWhiteBlue - #AwesomeAutumnBooks | #NeverForget - #FallIntoBooks | #TheGirlInTheRedCoat #TheHateUGive #EverythingINeverToldYou | #BOOKSIOWN #TBR

"A profoundly moving story of family, secrets, and longing, #EverythingINeverToldYou is both a gripping page-turner and a sensitive family portrait, uncovering the ways in which mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and husbands and wives struggle, all their lives, to understand one another."

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The Truth About Alice | Jennifer Mathieu
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#CoverLovers - #AwesomeAutumnBooks #TheTruthAboutAlice | When HS QB, Brandon, dies in a crash, it was bc he was sexting Alice. Rumor has it Alice is a slut. It's written all over the girls' BR. After Brandon dies, the rumors spiral out of control. Students tell all they "know" about Alice, revealing their own secrets and motivations and painting a raw look at teen life. What is the truth about Alice? There is only one person to ask: Alice. #TBR

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You're All My Favorites | Sam McBratney
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#Litsy321Favorites @Jess7
3⃣Historical Fiction, Mystery, Urban Fantasy
3⃣Margaret Atwood, Faith Hunter, Louise Penny
3⃣Memoirs of a Geisha, Jane Eyre, The Handmaid's Tale
2⃣I can't choose, there are just too many stellar options!
2⃣Reader's Haven (local used bookstore), Chapters-Indigo
2⃣Etsy, Chapters
1⃣The House Stark ballcap I bought my husband a few years ago
1⃣My bed
1⃣Fall... its nice indoors or outdoors! I'm not a big fan of the heat.

Jess7 Thanks for participating 🤗 this one is on my #TBR #booksiown list 2y
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📚 Romance, Non-fiction, manga
📚 it changes almost daily
📚 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Night Circus, Kindred
📚 All the Littens!
📚 Barnes and Noble and Amazon (but I need to try Book Depository and Book Outlet)
📚 I don't think I have bookish things beyond books
📚 um...my bookshelves?
📚 bed
📚 Summer

#litsy321favorites @Jess7

Jess7 Thanks for participating! I've heard such good things about Kindred by Octavia Butler. It's on my #TBR #BooksIOwn list. 2y
Sace @Jess7 it's sooo good! 2y
monkeygirlsmama I need to investigate the Book Depository too. 2y
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