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Cinfhen This sounds good!! Thanks for posting and sharing ❤️ 2mo
arlenefinnigan Excellent! 2mo
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Golden State: A Novel | Stephanie Kegan
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#RedRoseSeptember #catchup

I thought of this book That I read a few years ago for this prompt. The MC suspects that her estranged older brother may be the “Cal Bomber” (a domestic terrorist responsible for bombs planted at Stanford & other places) when the bomber‘s manifesto sounds like a letter she received from him. She can‘t say #HeAintHeavyHesMyBrother

Cinfhen I own this book but haven‘t gotten to it yet 🙄 #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 2mo
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arlenefinnigan Aw. Perfect. 2mo
Cinfhen Well that‘s perfect 🏆 2mo
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Sam and Ilsa's Last Hurrah | David Levithan, Rachel Cohn
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I hate to say that each collaboration between Levithan & Cohen has been a step down from the wonder that was Nick & Norah. I love their process of passing the chapters back and forth, but now the curveballs seem forced, the dodges obvious. I really wanted to love it but didn‘t. 😕

Short synopsis: Sam and Ilsa are teenage twins throwing a last amazing dinner party in their grandmother‘s rent-controlled NYC apartment before college. Hijinks ensue.

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#RedRoseSeptember #HeAintHeavyHesMyBrother

Stefan and Damon are vampire brothers, who love human Elena!

arlenefinnigan Interesting take! 2mo
Cinfhen This would have worked for #bizarreLoveTriangle 2mo
CrowCAH @Cinfhen you‘re right, it could have. I went more with the brother theme for this one. 2mo
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Klou My sister is obssessed with these books at the moment. She's on book 10. 2mo
CrowCAH @Klou wow, keep it up sister! I was on a roll, but petered out in like the second sequel series. 2mo
Klou @CrowCAH she finished book 10 this evening and instantly began book 11 😂😂 is The Originals a book series, too? What sequel series was that? 2mo
CrowCAH @Klou there‘s the four original The Vampire Diaries books. Then there‘s The Return series of three books. Then there The Hunters series of three books. Then there‘s the Stefan‘s Diaries of six books. Then there‘s The Salvation series of three books. There‘s the Evensong of two books. Then there‘s a couple Extras books. 2mo
Klou @CrowCAH Woah. My sister believes there are only 12. I'll have to tell her about all of this! Thank you!! 2mo
CrowCAH @Klou you‘re welcome! They‘re all listed on GoodReads. 2mo
Klou @CrowCAH thanks! 2mo
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Two Brothers | Ben Elton
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#heaintheavyhesmybrother # redroseseptember
I really enjoyed this one.

arlenefinnigan That sounds really interesting. I've never read any of Ben Elton's novels, how's his writing? Obviously his TV comedy writing is brilliant but whenever I've seen him recently I've found him quite irritating. 2mo
TrishB @arlenefinnigan I don‘t really like his comedy novels, but have really enjoyed his historical novels. 2mo
Cinfhen I love this cover #BonusCoverCrush 2mo
Caroline2 I like Ben Elton‘s writing, stacked! 😉 2mo
Ruthiella I didn‘t know he also wrote “serious” books! 😮 2mo
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The Brothers of Gwynedd | Edith Pargeter
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arlenefinnigan Excellent choice! 2mo
Cinfhen Is that you on the cover??? I think it is 😘😘 2mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Of course it is. I like how my wrinkles look with the “cropped face filter”. 😉 (edited) 2mo
TrishB What a gorgeous edition ❤️ 2mo
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A Storm of Swords | George R. R. Martin
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arlenefinnigan Great pic! 2mo
Cinfhen Awesomeness 2mo
Leftcoastzen Hodor! 2mo
Ruthiella Perfect!😀 2mo
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The Dutch House | Ann Patchett
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#HeAintHeavyHesMyBrother #redroseseptember

The story of a close brother-sister relationship, the family home they grew up in, and the family (and home) they lost. This was the first novel of Patchett‘s I‘d read - I loved it!

arlenefinnigan Sounds interesting (and really sad!) 2mo
Cinfhen So jealous!!!! I‘m waiting very eagerly for this book!!!!!! 2mo
TrishB @Cinfhen me too!! 2mo
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RachelO @TrishB @Cinfhen For some bizarre unknown reason, NetGalley invited me to review the ARC. Given my NG stats are, well, pretty poor, it seemed rude not to! 2mo
RachelO @arlenefinnigan Tears were shed! 2mo
Cinfhen Ahhhhh!!!! They flat out rejected my request 😝☹️😞 2mo
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The Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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One of these days I‘ll get to this classic...

#HeAintHeavyHesMyBrother #RedRoseSeptember

arlenefinnigan I tried to read this. Bailed after 3 months. 2mo
Librarybelle @arlenefinnigan Good to know! 2mo
Lcsmcat A voice for the other side - I loved it. Check out the #myvodkabromance comments from an old buddy read before you decide not to read it. 2mo
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Librarybelle I do plan to read it, @Lcsmcat ...one of these days! Thanks for the hashtag; I will definitely check out the comments. I enjoy reading Russian literature, so I‘m looking forward to it! 2mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled It‘s worth it!! 2mo
BookishJess I‘ve read it and absolutely loved it. I do recommend the translation by Pevear and Volokhonsky though! 2mo
Librarybelle Thanks for the recommendation, @BookishJess ! 2mo
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