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Ok, so #obscene can mean offensive and Sherlock has a bit of knack for that. The bottom quote is canon from The Hound of the Baskervilles - expressing a desire for someone‘s skull if a little odd and potentially offensive. The top quote is from the Cumberbatch version and is very close to something Doyle wrote. It‘s a wonder John stayed friends with him! #Quotsy #QuotsyJune18 #LitsyQuoteChallenge

Winger | Andrew Smith
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It‘s not #obscene if it‘s in an English accent. 😂 #quotsyJune18

thereadingowlvina 😂😂😂 2y
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Immortality | Milan Kundera
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#quotsyjune18 #obscene

Image from the Oka Crisis in 1990. This famous photo was taken by Shaney Komulainen who was on assignment for the Canadian Press.

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"...and then it would be 5 a.m. and the city guards would be respectfully knocking on the University gates and asking if the Archchancellor would care to step down to the cells to identify some alleged wizards who were singing an #obscene song in six-part harmony, and perhaps he would also care to bring some money to pay for all the damage. Because inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened." #QuotsyJune18

Bookishthoughts How cute.🌈 2y
Bookishthoughts You give me so many Fantasy books and authors to add to my Mount TBR!💕📚📚📚🗻🗻🗻 2y
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Oblomov26 But I have never archchanchellor to bail me out on those rare nights I don‘t act my age 😉 2y
TK-421 @Oblomov26 Me neither! 2y
TK-421 @LazyDays 😊I hope you'll enjoy them! 2y
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Haunted: A Novel | Chuck Palahniuk
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Sorry, Mom. This was the first thing I thought of for the prompt.

The first lines are the only thing not obscene in this story.

Read the reviews before the story, that may be enough for you. People faint reading this story. You‘ve been warned. Seriously warned.




Short Story:


#QuotsyJune18 | 11: #Obscene

📷: Made with Typorama

AllenTStClair Sounds like a normal shift in the emergency room. 🤣 2y
TheFunkyBookworm I am simultaneously intrigued and terrified by this! Debating if this could be a case of curiosity killed the cat... 2y
PenguinInFlight I‘ve read a lot of his work, but not this particular one...the reviews made me hesitate. That, and a friend of mine saying “Oh god, Bev, no!” when I told them it was on my TBR. (They had read it - and apparently regretted it.) Lullaby is my favorite so far. 2y
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TheWordJar That‘s some build up! How can I not read it after that??? 2y
amb I like dark, I like horror, I even like gross, not much gets under my skin, but this book made me nauseous more than once, yet I couldn't not finish. 2y
jdenslow I read the sample and was so disturbed I stopped. I've read and liked other of his books, but won't go back to this one! 2y
TheWordJar Well. Finally got the chance to read it. That was certainly something. 😳 2y
Reggie I laughed so hard at the busdriver‘s story. One of my favorites is about the reflexologist with a license to kill. 2y
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You know what‘s really obscene? Talking about a telephone directory in 2018. 😆 😝 #quotsy #quotsyjune18 #obscene

GripLitGrl 😄😄 2y
Bookishthoughts 👏😄 2y
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#QuotstJune18 #obscene

It's been so long (an obscenely long time some might say! 😆😉) since I've read the book that I can't quite remember the context for this quote but it works for today's prompt. 👍

rubyslippersreads Isn't this from the Christmas tree scene? 2y
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The Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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"There is something powerful in the whispering of obscenities, about those in power. There's something delightful about it, something naughty, secretive, forbidden, thrilling. It's like a spell, of sorts. It deflates them, reduces them to the common denominator where they can be dealt with."

#Obscene #quotsyjune18 @TK-421

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Sunday After the War | Henry Miller
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Chrissyreadit Great quote. 2y
tammysue True 2y
JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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