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#NamasteNovember Day9 #SpinePoem2
Lean in, Love Warrior.
This is Where I Leave You.


And since it‘s #NFNov I finally read the tagged after 6 years on my TBR. The information remains meaningful - even though the author (and come to think of it, me too) has a life now she couldn‘t have anticipated then. Come to think of it, Glennon Doyle has had significant life changes since she authored her book, as well!

Eggs Great poem! Lovely post! 1mo
marleed @Eggs Thanks. It‘s so rude, but it came together while building Poem1 and I couldn‘t resist! 1mo
Eggs Nothing wrong with that 1mo
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Velvetfur That was very clever! 1mo
Nute You told me this was coming in my Spine Poem #1 post. I don‘t see it as rude. I see it as motivating with direct advice. I like it! 1mo
Amiable I haven‘t read the book, so I‘m not sure exactly what is advocated. But a few years ago my place of employment started Lean In Circles for women who were already directors or above (which kind of misses the point, in the opinion of those of us who are not up there yet). And last week it was just announced that they would be starting additional Lean In Circles —for men. 😠 Which REALLY pissed off a significant chunk of the women folk. (edited) 1mo
marleed @Nute oh I was hoping you‘d see my take - thanks! It really is fun to look at the titles as just words and do your own take on it! 1mo
marleed @Amiable I wonder what Sheryl Sandberg would say to your perspective. She does seem to be speaking to women who strive to lead. I bet she‘d suggest you won‘t find your mentors at that company! I get that people in management positions should be continually trained to lead and not simply manage. But to exclude non management from leadership training creates a schism that‘s difficult if not impossible to cross. 1mo
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The end of forever—
Waiting for the moon.
Waiting for Tom Hanks.
Waiting for Godot.
Varieties of exile...


The Scholar | Dervla McTiernan
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#NamasteNovember #SpinePoem2
I traveled by bus to Boston last night to meet my sister. I have a kindle so I traveled light with these books. So two book spine poetry!
I am so excited! My sister is at a nurse practitioners‘ conference and she invited me to join her until Monday! Lovely hotel near the waterfront. Plan to read today, drink coffee, take a walk, maybe hot tub....☕️🏙📚 The day is wide open.

LiteraryinLititz Sounds like fun! Solo time balanced with sister time = awesome! 1mo
Eggs Sister time and solitude at a place where no chores await!!! Enjoy! Enjoy! 1mo
kspenmoll @LiteraryinLititz @Eggs It is a perfect balance. ! No chores is the BEST! (edited) 1mo
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