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Times Legacy | Barbara Erskine
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I‘m trying to work out what my 2020 priority books will be. 🤔

Caroline2 Me too!! It‘s so hard to choose isn‘t it. 😬 3w
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This was a lovely book with a likable narrator and an engaging plot. It used a plot device that is not usually my thing, but it was handled well and I really enjoyed it. It's an #LMPBC book, so I will be sending it on its way soon!
#GroupR @hes7 @Lovesbooks87 @robinb
#TBRread #WinterGames #MerryReaders @Clwojick @StayCurious

Lovesbooks87 I just finished my book for this month this morning too! 1mo
robinb So glad you enjoyed it! Since this was my first by this author, I plan to check out others by her too. 😊 1mo
hes7 Ooh, I‘m looking forward to this book! 1mo
Clwojick 16 pt 1mo
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Solid reading week - here's the #bookreport :

Read at least some of everything in my stack. Gave up on The Fairest of Them All. Have about fifty pages left of Mariana, so it should be finished today. Also read half of Match Made in Manhattan (not pictured) before deciding to bail on it. Really enjoyed the Haven Point books and will probably be finishing that series this week, since the rest came from the library yesterday.


Crazeedi I enjoyed all the Kearsley books I've read! 1mo
TheAromaofBooks @Crazeedi - I had actually never heard of her before, but as long as this one ends as strongly, I definitely will be checking out some more!! Do you have a favorite? 1mo
Cinfhen Nice seeing all those check marks!!!!! 1mo
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The Island House: A Novel | Posie Graeme-Evans
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Singy and Freya are living parallel lives on the Scottish Island of Findnar, but during different times in history.

Don‘t miss this exceptional read that brought past and present together in an unforgettable tale of love, loss, hidden treasures, and discovery.

REVIEW HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y4bqwtal

Eggs Ooooo I love dual time-line characters in the same locale! 1mo
SilversReviews @Eggs ENJOY when you read it....it is really good. 1mo
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Time for some #WinterGames posts!!

1. 266
2. 275 - Averaging 20-25 books/month, so I think I'm going to get there!!
3. Tagged - an #LMPBC book that looks intriguing
4. I actually love snowy weather as long as I don't have to drive in it!!

#MerryReaders @Clwojick @StayCurious

Clwojick Amazing! I‘m certain you can hit that reading goal! Especially with team #MerryReaders cheering you on! 🙌🏻📚💪🏻 26 pts 2mo
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Hey there #LMPBC #GroupR ! Lots of action today!!! I received Mariana from @robinb and am super excited about reading it!! I finished The Prenup and will hopefully be sending it on its way to @hes7 early next week!!

Lovesbooks87 Yay! I am going to send mine out tomorrow! 2mo
robinb So happy it‘s there! Hope you enjoy! 😊 2mo
hes7 Yay! I‘m planning to finish my book this week and will probably be sending it out a week from tomorrow. 2mo
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Oh wow!!! So glad I chose this one as my pick for this round of #LMPBC! Can‘t wait to read more of this author‘s backlist.
While I had hoped for that ending, there were some twists and turns along the way, and the story and writing were totally absorbing. Some tears, some swoons and a very nicely-done happily ever after.
Loved! 5/5⭐️

@TheAromaofBooks @hes7 @Lovesbooks87

robinb @TheAromaofBooks I know I‘m finished early with this one, but if you‘d like me to go ahead and send it sooner, let me know. 😊 Otherwise, I‘ll wait until the end of the month. 2mo
Kdgordon88 I have not read any of her books yet. You‘ve convinced me I need to change that. 😀 2mo
robinb @Kdgordon88 YAY!!! I‘m so glad! Hope you love her too! 😊👍 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks Oh goody, I'm glad you loved it!!! I probably won't have time to read it until December no matter when you send it. So if it's easier to bundle it off now, feel free to do so, or wait until the end of the month - whatever works best for you. 2mo
robinb @TheAromaofBooks OK, I might go ahead and send it sometime next week so I won‘t be trying to get to the PO during all of the Thanksgiving celebrating. 🤪 I‘ll let you know when it goes out. 👍😊 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Perfect!! And obviously I'll let you know when it arrives. I'm excited!! 2mo
robinb @TheAromaofBooks It‘s on its way to you! Arrival by Monday, hopefully. 😊 Enjoy! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I will be on the lookout and let you know when it arrives!! 2mo
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About to dive into my pick for this #LMPBC round! I‘m excited, as this is my first to read from Kearsley, and I‘ve always heard wonderful things about her books! 🤞🤞

@TheAromaofBooks , @hes7 , @Lovesbooks87

hes7 I hope it‘s good! 2mo
JamieArc I really love Kearsley books, a lot because of the atmospheric setting. I hope you enjoy it! 2mo
robinb @hes7 So far, so good! 👍😊 2mo
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robinb @JamieArc Great so far! I‘m guessing I‘m going to want to read her entire backlist next. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
TheAromaofBooks I've never even heard of this author before, so I'm excited to read it!! 2mo
robinb @TheAromaofBooks Oh good, glad you‘ll be meeting someone new as well! 😊👍 2mo
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The Woman in the Lake | Nicola Cornick
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This book had so much promise, and yet it really fell flat for me. Granted, I did listen to it, and while I did appreciate multiple narrators telling the story, the narrators made everything sound more theatrical than necessary. Long pauses; long drawn out words. The story itself could have been interesting - a gown that haunts its owners - but the storyline seemed disjointed and stilted at times. Not the book for me!

DaveGreen7777 Sorry this book was a disappointment, Jess! 😔 3mo
Librarybelle @DaveGreen7777 It‘s bound to happen from time to time. I‘m reading a bunch of other really good books, so that makes up for it! 3mo
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The Painted Castle | Kristy Cambron
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The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron is AMAZING. I highly recommend this outstanding novel. Check out a guest post by Kristy and my thoughts, then purchase a copy of this book for yourself today.

#MustRead #ILoveThisBook #TimeSlip


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