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Fairy Tale | Stephen King
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Different country, different train, same crochet project.

#20in4 #readathon @Andrew65

#HookersOfLitsy #audiocrocheting

rockpools Nice! 6d
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Revisiting a St Mary's short story while on my first leg of my journey to the #ReadingRetreat and #20in4 #readathon.


#audiocrocheting #HookersOfLitsy 🤣 #CrochetersOfLitsy

#LitsyCrafters @Catsandbooks

Caroline2 So exciting! I hope you have a great weekend and I can‘t wait for our zoom session. 😁 6d
Cathythoughts Enjoy! 😘 6d
CarolynM Have a great weekend 💕 5d
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Sitting outside with my dirty tea mug and lap cat. I wanted to do some #audiocrocheting but #GhostCat won't let me get up and get my supplies.

So #audiobook and watching the clouds it is. 😁

#20in4 #readathon @Andrew65

batsy 🥰 3mo
BooksNBowls I want a litsy mug! 🥺🥰 3mo
BeeMagical @BooksNBowls me too!!! 🥺🥹 3mo
Andrew65 He‘s got you where he wants you! 3mo
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Book 200!


An okay read/listen. I thought this had a vampire in it, but it's a blood plasma company at the heart of this kind of office romance. Also, the woman on the cover does not represent the MC properly. In the first half of the book the MC is definitely plus size.

My friend sent more scrap yarn for #audiocrocheting

Clwojick Awesome job! 4mo
kimmypete1 I find it very annoying when the covers misrepresent the characters - especially illustrated ones! 4mo
TrishB That‘s amazing! 4mo
Cathythoughts Lovely wool & sheepskin 🥰 4mo
julesG @Clwojick @TrishB @Cathythoughts Thank you. @kimmypete1 I don't understand why they misrepresented her. Wouldn't it be more appealing if the female MC looked like a real woman instead of Barbie? 4mo
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Warcross | Marie Lu
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Enjoying a bit of #audiocrocheting before bed

julesG Are you making a scarf? Or blanket? 8mo
TK-421 @julesG It‘s a small, kitty-sized blanket! I belong to a group that makes blankets & toys to donate to animal shelters 8mo
julesG Oh, so good of you. 8mo
BookBabe Had to smile at “small, kitty-sized blanket” 😸 so sweet 8mo
TK-421 @BookBabe 😊😺 8mo
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Aurora's End | Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
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Was off work early today so got to spend a good chunk of time #audiocrocheting, which was perfect since I was worried I wouldn‘t get to finish my library book before it was due to return! I finished with plenty of time to spare so avoided what would‘ve been a maddening 20 week wait to read the last quarter of the book. I was a bit put off at the beginning of the first book but I gave it a chance & once I got into it, I really enjoyed this series!

Butterfinger Such a lovely color. 9mo
TheBookHippie Oh I love the green! 9mo
wanderinglynn Pretty! 💚 Love that shade of green. 9mo
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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I finished my rainbow fingerless gloves while listening to Wizard and Glass for bookclub. And just in time too! It has gotten frigid here!


wanderinglynn Pretty! 💜🌈 9mo
Nelnjali @wanderinglynn Thanks! 😊 9mo
Chrissyreadit They look pretty and warm! 9mo
Nelnjali @Chrissyreadit Thanks! They are warm, and when I need them to be warmer, I can actually wear knitted gloves underneath them. 9mo
BookwormM They are so cool 9mo
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#audiocrocheting with this snuggle bug 😻
#camothecat #catsoflitsy

wanderinglynn So sweet! ❤️🐱 11mo
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Yarned and Dangerous | Sadie Hartwell
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Makers of Litsy! By show of likes and/or comments, would anyone be interested in a bookish yarn swap? If enough people show an interest, I will sort out the details. The swap would probably take place early 2022. #makersoflitsy #knittersoflitsy #crochetersoflitsy #audioknitting #audiocrocheting #crochet #knitting #maker #HookersOfLitsy

megnews I‘m not a #makerofLitsy but after reading The Sewing Machine together I found some who are and I‘m tagging them here in case they‘re interested but don‘t see it. @CogsOfEncouragement @crazeedi @CoffeeNBooks @Tattooedteacher @roary47 @Readswithcoffee 11mo
SeaToSkyes @megnews thank you! ☺️ 11mo
julesG Interesting idea. I'd love to join, but I've become a yarn snob. 😬 Also, we do use the cheeky #HookersOfLitsy sometimes. 😉 11mo
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SeaToSkyes @julesG understandable! I was thinking about including a question for favorite yarn brands in the form. I'll edit my post to include that tag, thanks! ☺️ 11mo
Roary47 I wish! I‘m still trying to wrap my head around yarn making. I‘m into cross-stitch if you are including that. 😊💛 11mo
SeaToSkyes @Roary47 I may include that! Make it an all-inclusive maker swap...that would be fun! 11mo
StayCurious I cross stitch so would love that to be included:) 11mo
Crazeedi I don't do crochet or knitting but I do cross stitch and of course sewing things so if it includes, I'd be interested 11mo
SeaToSkyes @StayCurious @Crazeedi I may have to rethink things then! I'll make an update post once I sort everything out. 11mo
Crazeedi @SeaToSkyes totally fine, the yarn idea is great for a lot of people I'm sure. You don't want to make it too crazy for yourself 11mo
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Enjoyed some #audiocrocheting this evening with Minerva 😊 I‘m getting sort of close to the end of the tagged book & want to keep going but I have to go to bed! 😭 #catsoflitsy

wanderinglynn Ooh, I love the colors! 💜 12mo
Gissy 😻❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
Leftcoastzen 😻 12mo
TK-421 @wanderinglynn Thank you! 12mo
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