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Emily of New Moon | Lucy Maud Montgomery
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Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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So, now that I know what the specifications are for “headwear,” here is my updated entry for #booked2020 @4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage

Cinfhen Hahaha!! You‘ve chosen well 👍🏽Hope you enjoy 😊 3h
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Emily of New Moon | L M Montgomery
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One night when the Rev Mr Dare was here to tea I used the word bull in my conversashun. I said Ilse and I were afraid to go through Mr James Lee‘s pasture because he had a cross bull there. After Mr Dare had gone, Aunt Elizabeth gave me an awful skolding and told me I was never to use that word again. But he had been talking of tigers at tea and I can‘t understand why it is more disgraceful to to talk about bulls than tigers.

Butterfinger I adore Emily's thinking. 16h
Lindy @Butterfinger Yes, me too. 15h
Aimeesue I'm listening to the audiobook on the daily dog walks. I adore Emily Starr. 15h
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Lindy @Aimeesue 👍 12h
TheBookHippie ❤️📖 I just love it!!!!! 12h
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Across the Miles | Lucy Maud Montgomery

#LMPBC post!!

#GroupC - @lover.of.the.classics Stoner is headed your way! @bookwormjillk @lele1432

#GroupR - @hes7 - Not the Girl You Marry is going west!! @robinb @lovesbooks87

Looking forward to and also kind of sad about our last round of reading in February!!

robinb I‘m a little sad too...it‘s gone by so fast! 😳😔 18h
hes7 It‘s crazy that it‘s already the last month! 18h
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I need something soothing for the soul after the brilliant but hellish A House and Its Head and am revisiting this old favourite for #ChildrensClassicRead2020. I love the descriptive writing in this one 💚


TheBookHippie Me too!!!! So beautiful !!!! 20h
readordierachel This is lovely 💚 20h
Cathythoughts Enjoy this soothing read ! I‘d like to try A House & It‘s Head (edited) 20h
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rubyslippersreads Oh, Emily ... 💜💜💜 19h
Tanisha_A Beautiful! Got to buy this book. ❤️ 19h
Butterfinger I've been reading some of Emily today too. Such a sensitive, imaginative soul. 18h
LeahBergen Emily! ❤️❤️ 18h
BlankInk_WhitePaper beautiful book ❤️😍Emily😍 18h
saresmoore Great idea! 16h
Blaire These books make me so happy! 14h
batsy @Cathythoughts Thank you, I am! House is a polarising book I think, and I'd love to know what you make of it 7h
batsy @Tanisha_A Yes! You cannot go wrong with this series 💜 7h
charl08 Love these books! 4h
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Son of a Trickster | Eden Robinson
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I love Canada Reads, even though I am not Canadian or live in Canada. I wind up reading all 5 books every year and will talk to the YouTube repeat while watching it. This year, I am happy because I have 4 of the 5 books. Small Game Hunting is the only one I can‘t get without paying 2x the cover cost due to shipping. I‘m ready! https://www.cbc.ca/books/canadareads/meet-the-canada-reads-2020-contenders-1.543...

BookishTrish If it makes you feel better, I‘m in BC and having a tough time getting Small Game too. The bookstore I went to yesterday had 2 in stock and the clerk could find neither. 19h
NerdyRev @BookishTrish I wonder if they are re-releasing it with a new Canada Reads sticker which is making it hard to find. 19h
BookishTrish I‘d say give it a week or so and it‘ll be more widely available 19h
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Indian Horse | Richard Wagamese
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It's been a while since a book made me cry. A very shameful part of Canadian history. This should be mandatory reading in Canadian schools, it was very eye opening. I always thought the schools occurred in the late 1800s (and they did), but this book is set in the 1960s. And according to Google the last federal residential school closed in 1996! I had no idea, how recent this all was. A very important read for any Canadian.

Krystle13 I got this one free the other month. I am torn on when to listen to it...ugh. It breaks my heart. I heard it was great and numerous people have said the same thing you did. 1d
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Son of a Trickster | Eden Robinson
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#CanadaReads2020 shortlist
Since I don't live in Canada the Canada Reads selections can sometimes be difficult to get. One I have coming from my library, one is coming on Overdrive, two are coming as interlibrary loans, and one hasn't been released in the US yet.

LeahBergen I‘m so impressed that you follow Canada Reads when you don‘t live here! ❤️ 1d
Blueberry @LeahBergen haha. I wish there was the interest to do it in the US. I used to live on the US-Canadian border. Back in the days when all our television came from Canada. 7h
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Son of a Trickster | Eden Robinson
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It's Canada Reads time! 🇨🇦 🍁 Every year, I'm less and less impressed with the debates that go on during Canada Reads week. Every year, I tell myself I'm not going to bother next time. But somehow, *every year*, I skim the synopsis on the short list and think “Oooh! That book sounds interesting!“ What's a gal to do? So many books, so little time. 🤷‍♀️


JacqMac This is so me. 😂 I both love and hate it. 2d
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Not as good as I expected: I liked the premise of post-apocalypse from an Indigenous perspective (VERY well done by Cherie Dimaline with The Marrow Thieves) and the way the characters and community were introduced, blending traditional values with the immediate crisis. The more conflict-driven path it then took wasn't well handled, though, with a flat villain stereotype and weak ending.