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Oh what to read over the holidays... Happy National Read A New Book Month! What new book(s) are you reading this month?

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Christmas Trolls | Jan Brett
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My children‘s picture book of the day. Happy December 3rd everyone! #magicofchristmas #childrenbooks #bookoftheday

MoonWitch94 This was one of my favorite books for Christmas as a child 🎄♥️📚 2mo
Lifeisasnap @MoonWitch94 how awesome! Do you pick it up every so often to read again? (edited) 2mo
MoonWitch94 @Lifeisasnap yes, I do! Especially since I used to work with preschoolers. I loved reading it to them & seeing their eyes light up & hear their giggles. 2mo
Lifeisasnap @MoonWitch94 little kids are the best! Have a great rest of the day! 2mo
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The Velveteen Rabbit | Margery Williams
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I love any opportunity that allows me to talk about the books that meant so much to me as a kid so I could not resist doing the Childhood Book Tag on BookTube: https://youtu.be/60RTI6TBaYg

#booktube #childrenbooks #childhoodreading #favoritebooksasakid #childhoodmemories #booknostalgia #reading #happymemories

EadieB @Butterflyamore - I grew up in the 50's so I really don't remember my parents reading to us. There were 4 kids in my family and I am the 3rd. I had 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister. My dad was a very big reader and he took me to the main branch of the Philadelphia library weekly. He was a big mystery reader and he used to shop at thrift stores in center city Philly and he would bring me home books. I remember reading Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, 3mo
EadieB Judy Bolton etc. Beverly Cleary was famous then too. But I did most of my reading on my own. My daughters are probably around your age. Oldest just turned 44 and my younger daughter is 37. My husband and I used to read to them. A sesame street book about the monster stealing the jelly beans was my oldest daughter's favorite because my husband would change his voice and speak like a monster. They read a lot of Judy Blume, Charlotte's Web, Ramona. 3mo
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EadieB My oldest daughter is a big reader today but my younger daughter loves to read but has no time as she has 3 small children and she is a veterinarian. She reads to her kids all the time. Her 6 year old is reading a few years ahead. My oldest daughter has an autistic 12 year old and she reads vey well also. She loves to read the names of the stores in the shopping centers in Charlottesville and can tell you what shopping center you need to go to. 3mo
EadieB My favorite genre today is still mystery and was influenced by my father buying me mystery books. I like Historical Mystery, Fiction, Memoirs and Biographies and also True Crime. I don't like dog-earring and I do find myself mouthing words which slows done my reading so I try to stop myself from doing that. My oldest daughter when she was 2 was able to tell you the name of the stores from their logos. My husband said I took her shopping too much. 3mo
Butterflyamore @EadieB That‘s really interesting that you daughter is a veterinarian. I dreamed of being a vet as a kid but my allergies and asthma prohibited me from pursuing it. It‘s probably all for best because I don‘t even know how vets handle it emotionally. Although my parents were readers, too, I don‘t really remember them reading to us, with the exception of my dad reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve every year. I was fortunate to have 3mo
Butterflyamore @EadieB all of the books and records and records with stories before school and then lots of teachers who read to the class! I did grow to love mysteries pretty early on but I can‘t remember what I read before the age of 12. I do remember Christoper Pike and Lois Duncan being favorites just as I was entering my teen years. I still love a good mystery! Yes, I am close in age to your daughters! Just a year younger than your oldest! 3mo
Butterflyamore @EadieB Oh, and I am also from a family of 4 kids. But it was all girls and I am the youngest! 3mo
EadieB @Butterflyamore My daughter came home the first time she had to put a cat to sleep and she was crying all night. She said it was so sad. I was really worried if she would continue but she just cries along with the owners. Her fellow vets came to her house to help her put her dog to sleep a few years ago and they all cried together. She put our cat to sleep on our dining room table and took it to work to freeze until it could be cremated. 3mo
Butterflyamore @EadieB Just reading this made me teary eyed. When the vet told me Elliot needed to be put to sleep back in September, I could see her angst. Her authentic compassion really meant a lot to me. 3mo
EadieB @Butterflyamore Some vets are not as caring but where my daughter works they are adding on to the building as they are getting on average 100 new patients a month. She just went to Florida for a course in acupuncture. (edited) 3mo
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The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking | Astrid Lindgren, Michael Chesworth
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During the summer I am tasked with taking the kids to the library to read. While they read, I take that time to browse and find books that I have not had the chance to read. That is how I discovered Harry Potter 4 years a go or so...so, today‘s pick? Pippi Longstocking. I remember seeing the movie as a kid. I‘m excited to experience the book. #childrenbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!!! 8mo
Crazeedi Welcome to Litsy !!🎉🎉 8mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🤗👏🏻🌺 8mo
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rretzler Welcome to Litsy! 📖 8mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 💖📖💖 8mo
JohannaRose Welcome to Litsy! I hope you love it as much as I do! 😊 8mo
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If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
-Albert Einstein

#childrenbooks #picturebooks #fairytales #litsylove

Snow White | Jacob Grimm, Jennifer Greenway, Wilhelm K. Grimm
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There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on treasure island.
-Walt Disney

Do you read fairytales to your children?
My girl really loves to listen it. Tonight we will read Snow White. 💞❤

#snowwhite #fairytales #childrenbooks #bookworm #litsybooks

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After a week of hard work, I cleaned all the plastic from Makadi Bay corals. Please give all your support to this author who donates all royalties of her book to make this cause possible. #environment #childrenbooks #mermaids #believeinmagic

Demibom Bravo 👏 👏 👏 (edited) 10mo
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The Cruel Prince | Holly Black
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So, I'm late for this but here is my #10yearchallenge . Stories, poems, songs and books never left me and will never leave me.

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January book for Parker from Dolly Parton‘s Imagination Library. I don‘t know if they send the same books for every age. Parker is 4. So other kids who are younger may get different books. #dollyparton #imaginationlibrary #diverselibrary #childrenbooks

Megabooks I want to send this to a friend‘s children. They‘re 3 and 6. Would it be a good choice? 13mo
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With an 11 month old, I spend half my “book browsing” time looking for new stories to read with him. (Patiently waiting to introduce Harry Potter...sigh)

This is by far his favorite - it‘s funny and different and reads out loud gorgeously. Illustrations are captivating and colorful. No fear of monsters in this house! Just daddy and son monsters on a walk through the swamp 😄

Any other Litten parents out there?
#childrenbooks #booksandbabies

jdiehr My kids are grown, but I'm a nanny so I love talking children's books 🙂 2y
Wan.der.love @jdiehr yay! I love seeing new children‘s book recommendations. And good point, I bet there a quite a few kiddo caregiver/teacher Littens! 2y
theresidentromantic @LibrarianRyan Does lots of children's book recommendations 💕 2y
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LibrarianRyan @theresidentromantic thanks. I do and I have a lot to load in the next few days. Check out Rhyming dust bunnies (or any Jan Thomas) ain't gonna paint no more. The bear books by Karen.... I'm blanking but your librarian will know of which I speak.  2y
Wan.der.love @theresidentromantic nice, thank you!! @LibrarianRyan will definitely check out Jan Thomas 👍🏻👍🏻 looking forward to your upcoming posts!! Thx! 2y
obviateit I‘m #raisingreaders 😊. I have 3 boys, ages 7, 4, and the baby will be 1 in October. 2y
readinginthedark 🙋‍♀️👪🤰 I have a six-year-old and am due with my second in February! I post about children's books from time to time--my little has been really into nonfiction about insects and animals lately. 2y
Wan.der.love @obviateit yay! My son will be one in September. He‘s digging books right now, trying to keep the love going 😄 2y
Wan.der.love @readinginthedark looking forward to your insights - nonfiction makes total sense for that age, they want to know what‘s in the world around them. So fun! And congrats on the coming addition!!! You‘ll be back to black and white picture books soon 😂 2y
readinginthedark @Wan.der.love This is probably horrible for me to say as a librarian, but I didn't read many of those to my first. 😅 I'd read longer stories to him or whatever I was reading, and he'd look at and chew on board books separately. But something worked; he loves to read. 🤷‍♀️ 2y
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