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Hello and welcome to the #SpookyGhostClub! If you‘ve been tagged in this post, you are on my team for this years #Scarathlon event. As always, we have two options for a team read, with one a lighter cozy mystery and the other a thrilling suspense. I‘ll continue to tag, as we get more participants. We‘re already halfway through September, so October is quickly approaching 🖤🤭🎃

Morr_Books So excited team #SpookyGhostClub !!! 2w
Larkken Yay scarathlon!!! 2w
Sleepswithbooks @Clwojick - Are all the teams formed? I don‘t have a home to spook with yet 👻 2w
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TheSpineView Ready!!! I have been saving books to read! 2w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! So excited to be on your team, although my reading has been slacking lately 😂 Looking forward to reading some mysteries/thrillers next month, though!! 2w
Traci1 Yay! I am so ready! 2w
Addison_Reads I'm excited! 👻🎃 2w
Clwojick @Sleepswithbooks most leads should be posting by end of day today, so if you still haven‘t been tagged let me know ☺️ 2w
DebinHawaii I‘m very excited! Go team! 2w
Sleepswithbooks Thanks @Clwojick ! Found my haunted home 👻 2w
TEArificbooks Have all the leads posted? I haven‘t been tagged yet @Clwojick mildly concerned I didn‘t get a team or my Google form didn‘t go through. Plus I get to go to the bookstore in a hour and want to know my book 😆 2w
TheQuietQuill Same with @TEArificbooks now I‘m questioning myself if I signed up a few weeks back 😆 I signed up again just in case because I don‘t have a team yet 🎃 2w
TEArificbooks @Clwojick @TheQuietQuill I just signed up again just in case something went wrong. Please put me on a team. 2w
bthegood @Clwojick I also am not on a team yet - signed up again today but pretty sure I signed up a while ago - thanks🎃 2w
AmandaBlaze So looking forward to the #Scarathlon! 2w
Clwojick @bthegood @TEArificbooks @TheQuietQuill Hey guys! I‘m the one who personally sorted the teams, and I remember seeing all of your submissions come through. I think we‘re still waiting on one or two team leads to post their welcome post, but if you haven‘t heard anything by tomorrow evening please let me know. 🖤 I promise we didn‘t forget about you guys! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 2w
TheQuietQuill Thank you! Can‘t wait to see what my team is 🎃🧡 2w
TEArificbooks Thank you! 2w
bthegood @Clwojick thank you 🙂 2w
TheQuietQuill Hi there! I still haven‘t been placed on a team yet, hopefully they‘ll post soon :) 2w
TheQuietQuill I was matched! Thank you! 2w
MsRadioSilence Hi hi! Sorry to bother, but is there another team that hasn‘t posted yet? 2w
MsRadioSilence Nevermind! Litsy never notified me 🤪 2w
bthegood I still haven't been placed on a team - double checked the new postings - is there one that has not posted yet? 🙂 (edited) 2w
Clwojick @bthegood hey! It looks like the notifications are a little wonky again, but you‘re on #TeamWhoYouGonnaCall with @FlynnDewey 🧡🖤 2w
Sarahreadstoomuch @Clwojick alright! Thank you! I‘ve been looking forward to this all summer! 😊 2w
bthegood @Clwojick thank you!! 2w
Lizpixie Oh lovely! I‘m not on your team?? 2w
Clwojick @Lizpixie sorry! Teams were totally randomly generated this year, since we have more mini teams, and no team genres. 2w
Lizpixie Im really bummed! So far my team captain has hardly posted at all! 2w
Clwojick @Lizpixie there were some last minute switch ups, and some people are on vacation. Please or patient with all the hosts as there is A LOT that goes into running these massive events. 💜 2w
Lizpixie Is there any chance of being switched to your team at all? Sorry for being a pest lovely, I know you‘re busy. I‘ve just loved being on your team every year💜💜 2w
Clwojick @Lizpixie Awe! 🧡 Maybe if we get enough additional submissions to still keep the teams even, but it‘s not fair to remove someone else in order to make room for you, or to leave your current team with two shorter then mine. Make sure to include captain requests in the comment section of the submission forms going forward ☺️☺️ 1w
Lizpixie Sorry lovely, it didn‘t even occur to me to do that! I‘ll make sure to do that going forward. If there‘s a chance I‘d love it but if not, I‘ll look forward to next year.😘 1w
TheAromaofBooks Hey friend!! I feel like in the past, reading a different book from the same series as the official team read counted as the team read? Cheddar Late Than Dead is the third book in a series, so would it still count if I read the first book, Up to No Gouda? Totally understand if not, but I thought I would check since I have a small inability to read books out of order 😂 5d
Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks that‘s definitely okay! 5d
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Thank you!! 5d
Clwojick @Lizpixie hey, we had some more last minute submissions, so we were able to swap you out. Welcome to the #SpookyGhostClub 4d
Lizpixie Awesome! Thanks lovely, I‘ll do my best🎃🎃🎃🎃 4d
Clwojick @Alora hey girl! Welcome to the #SpookyGhostClub! Check my profile for all event related updates 2d
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RushAThon | Readathon
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So, this is totally happening! Decided that there we were still getting enough daily tags to warrant this!

This will therefore be running full force for #Scarathlon & #WinterGames - extra motivation to kick 2023 reading goals through the roof!

Everyone welcome! Enjoy & have fun! C-Y-O goals/TBR as you wish📚🤓 Share! Share! Share!

CoverToCoverGirl Yay!! 🤩 3w
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl An extra motivation factor & push for the rest of 2023. 3w
TheSpineView Thanks for the tag! I'm in! I want to send the year out with a bang.💜📖📚 3w
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DieAReader @TheSpineView Fantastic to have you! I couldn‘t agree more📚🤓💥 3w
Charityann This looks fun! A great way to crush reading goals for the end of the year!😃 3w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 3w
Andrew65 Thanks for organising this 😍🥰😍 3w
DieAReader @Andrew65 ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 3w
OutsmartYourShelf Ooh, didn‘t see this before. Good to know 2w
DieAReader @OutsmartYourShelf 😉❤️‍🔥📚🤓 2w
melissajayne Definitely will be joining in on the fun!! 4d
DieAReader @melissajayne Great to have you & everyone joining in on the fun❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 4d
AllDebooks I missed this but glad to find it. I'm all in 😊 3d
DieAReader @AllDebooks 🥳🥳🥳 3d
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#SummerEndReadathon #Wardens2023 #BookSpinBingo

Good listen🎧📖 with excellent take aways. Recommended read❤️‍🔥🤓📚

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 4w
DieAReader @TheAromaofBooks ☺️📚🤓❤️‍🔥 4w
TheSpineView Great start! 4w
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DieAReader @TheSpineView Thanks❤️‍🔥 4w
CoverToCoverGirl Oh! Another challenge..🤩 4w
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl SPOILER: #Scarathlon sign-up are open ( @Clwojick page🤓), November is also booked (more info to come in mid October) & December U hope has #WinterGames. Lots of challenges for the rest of 2023😏🤓📚 4w
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BookSpinBingo | Untitled
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#Wardens2023 #RushAThon #BookSpin #DoubleSpin #BookSpinBingo #ReadMyRoom #SeriesLove2023

A little late on posting this month but, in my own defence, the 🧠🐿️ (aka Monkey Mind) has been running rampant, in combo with both the Fibrofog & 🐌🧠. Quite the combo🫨🫣😵‍💫

TheSpineView I'm always running behind. I have tried to just accept. 😂🤪 2mo
DieAReader @TheSpineView I try, it just bothers the hell out of me🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Enjoy!!! Just gotta tackle one day at a time!!! ❤ 2mo
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DieAReader @TheAromaofBooks ❤️‍🔥☺️ 2mo
Andrew65 Sending best wishes, I always seem to be behind at the moment. 🥰 2mo
DieAReader @Andrew65 ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl I was late too.. 🤭 there‘s lots of time! 2mo
DieAReader @CoverToCoverGirl I Hope I can at least goal by end of year. #Scarathlon & #WinterGames will be big reading boosts, I hope🤞🏻🙏🏻. (edited) 2mo
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Readers and Reading | Andrew Bennett
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#Wardens2023 #ReadMyRoom #Readathons #SeriesLove2023 #BookSpin #DoubleSpin #BookSpinBingo

THANK YOU for all the awesome hosts & all you fabulous littens for 2023‘s first 6 months of somewhat off & on slumpy reading on my part.

🥂to more #MountTBR demolishing from now to end of year. Can‘t wait to see your numbers @CoverToCoverGirl 🧹🥳🤓📚

Clwojick You‘ve got this! 💥💥💥 3mo
TheSpineView Great job! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Looking great!! 3mo
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DieAReader @Clwojick I almost wish I had of logged all those GR/SG Non-Tracked books into the system🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️So, rn it looks like a 2 book per week minimum, just to hit goal😢 Hoping to be in better shape, numbers wise, by the time #Scarathlon & #WinterGames roll around. Are those still happening? I know it‘s still early to know for sure, just figured I‘d ask🤪 3mo
Andrew65 Still plenty of time ahead this year to see things improve 🥰 3mo
DieAReader @Andrew65 True enough! It‘s not completely hopeless…yet‼️🤓📚 3mo
Andrew65 @DieAReader Have faith all ye who enter here! 🥰 3mo
DieAReader @Andrew65 ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 3mo
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Monthly Report | California. Department of Insurance
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Here are my upcoming plans for the year. I love having a monthly focus, and I find it helps with my reading productivity. By setting aside a week or a month to focus on middle grade, or ARCs, or chunky books i tend to do better with hitting goals, and avoiding slumps.

Not all of these events are hosted by me, just ones I plan to participate in. Check out the hashtags as the months get closer, if you‘d like to join along. ❤️

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Clwojick #nonfictionnovember #NFNovember @rsteve388 — are you still hosting every year? 8mo
DieAReader SCREENSHOT!!🤗📚🤓 You just made my night Cassandra💜 Book focus is way less stressful than IRL issues any month/day of the year. Thanks for the share and the tag!! 8mo
DieAReader @LitsyEvents May be able to spread the word as well😉📚🤓💜 8mo
Andrew65 Thanks for this resource and the share. ❤️ 8mo
hes7 Fun! 8mo
MidnightBookGirl So glad to see #WinterGames on there! I don‘t blame y‘all for taking a break last year, but I‘m definitely looking forward to it and of course #Scarathlon 3mo
AnnR @Clwojick - Are you hosting NonfictionNovember or do you know who is? Just curious and trying to plan some of my November reading. Thanks. 🙂 3d
Clwojick I won‘t be hosting this year, but I know @rsteve388 normally does. Not sure if she will be this year or not. ☺️ @AnnR 3d
AnnR @Clwojick - Thank you for the info. 🙂 3d
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Just got the email that this years #Leuchtturm1917 colours are now out, and I‘m OBSESSED! Fox Red, Mint Green, & Forest Green would all be beautiful for my #WinterGames planning, and the Light Grey would be perfect for #Scarathlon….. so I need to buy all four, right? RIGHT? It doesn‘t matter that I already have multiple blank bullet journals, these ones are the best! I‘m going to be hounding the site for sales.


TheBookHippie I cannot advice I‘m addicted to notebooks. 🤣 9mo
ShananigansReads Of course you do! 9mo
Ruthiella You need these! You are the bujo queen! 9mo
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CloakNQuill These are my favorite 😍 9mo
PuddleJumper The mint green one is gorgeous! 9mo
KateReadsYA The red one is everything. Buy them all hahaha 9mo
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One More for Christmas | Sarah Morgan
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I‘ve been tearing through all my Christmas audios, and although there‘s been a few duds, it‘s mostly been winners! So far my favourites are Christmas Cowboy, Puppy Christmas, and the Silver Bell Falls series from Samantha Chase. 😍 #Winterthon

Andrew65 Shows you how many Christmas books are out there, only read three of them. Well done on a great first week. 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 10mo
Clwojick @Andrew65 I know! I have another 165 saved on Scribd, 18 purchased on Chirp, and 450+ on Kindle. 🙈 I love them though. For whatever reason, I‘m much more forgiving to a bland or unmemorable plot so long as there‘s lots of Christmas cheer thrown in. 🎄 10mo
DieAReader Great job🥳🥳🥳 10mo
Andrew65 @Clwojick I‘m the same and thank (blame😂) #WinterGames. Love a good Christmas book and romance. 10mo
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London we seem to be in London a lot at Christmasy book time for our buddy reads! What do you like to read in December ?

101 things to do in London at Christmas : https://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/whats-on/christmas/101-things-to-do-in-...

AmyG We do! And while I am never too excited to read these books I seem to find them sweet and comforting. I usually read alot in December as we don‘t celebrate Christmas so I have lots of time. I try to catch up on some best books of the year. 10mo
CoffeeNBooks Until finding Litsy, I didn't really read many Christmas books or romcoms. Now Christmas romcoms seem to be one of my favorite genres. And London is one of my favorite settings for books. I also love reading books by British authors, because I love the British phrases and expressions. They're so much fun! 10mo
megnews @CoffeeNBooks I agree. Also reading it in an accent in my head! 10mo
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megnews I usually read christmasy books in December and yes a lot are in London. I am not a fan of romcoms but there‘s something about the comfort of a lighter feel good story during this month. This year I‘m not reading as many because my November reads bled into this month. 10mo
Deblovestoread Litsy has changed my seasonal reading. For #wintergames one year I read so many of these that I swore I would never read one again. One is just perfect. 10mo
TheBookHippie @Deblovestoread HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Preaching to the choir on that. I do this to myself every year for good measure. 10mo
mcctrish Lately I‘ve been trying to find Christmasy books to read. I still have 2 non-fiction on the go on audio and I‘m wondering what is wrong with me, who wants to listen to atrocities while decorating the Christmas tree?! But for sure I like light reads as I wind down the year 10mo
Read4life Before Litsy and while working retail, December reads were few for me and never romance. Litsy has turned me on to romcoms and it‘s become a genre I really like. Christmas romance in particular. I also get to read a ton more in December now. 💙🤓 10mo
vlwelser These are generally too cheerful for me. But I don't mind reading one a year. 10mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser SAME. However so far only one SNARK frustration … 10mo
vlwelser I don't mind this so far. It has potential. And it's not full on ridiculous, which I appreciate. 10mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser I so agree. 10mo
DebinHawaii I used to shy away from Christmas reads but I agree, Litsy has got me reading more holiday rom com. I like the lighter reads this time of year—ones I can pick up & put down easily without thinking too much about them. I tend to buy cheap holiday ebooks this time of year. Cozy mysteries with a holiday theme are great for December too. 10mo
DebinHawaii Oh, and London is a great setting for rom-coms & holidays too. It feels like the holidays to me! 10mo
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I agree!!! 10mo
Andrew65 @CoffeeNBooks Ditto, before Litsy not at all. Now I get my fix every Christmas 😂
Strange being set in Streatham in London as I spent the first 20 years of my life there so like going home!
TheBookHippie @Andrew65 how fun. We keep visiting by book every years seems we should have Litsy Sunday buddy read trip there next 😂♥️. 10mo
julieclair I am all about lighthearted, feel good books in December. #DecemberFluff ! Romcoms and cozy mysteries fit the bill. But they must be well-written or they get on my nerves, lol. I also like to read Christmas non-fiction... Advent devotionals and books about Christmas traditions. 10mo
DanaManiac I feel like I trade the enemies-to-lovers for straight romance once the holidays roll around 🤣 10mo
CoverToCoverGirl I have never based my reading on a season. I generally read whatever strikes my fancy, so this is a first for me. 10mo
TheBookHippie @DanaManiac BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 10mo
TheBookHippie @CoverToCoverGirl I only did it for a very few books and by joining Litsy it sure has changed me to read way more seasonally these last almost seven years. 10mo
DanaManiac @TheBookHippie 😂😂😂 I don‘t want any of that conflict and miscommunication stuff. We just saw a Hallmark movie where someone “came back from the dead” and my husband was like “this is so unrealistic” exactly…just perfect! 🤣 10mo
TheBookHippie @DanaManiac I mock all the holiday movies.......so much snark. OY. and then I will watch Little Women and go aweeeeeee. HA. 10mo
DanaManiac @TheBookHippie Little Women is my FAVORITE holiday movie! It came out when I was 10 and I saved up my money and took my mom to see it (it was the first time I paid for a movie). 10mo
TheBookHippie @DanaManiac How sweet! Made me tear up!!!

I watched the 1933 movie with my grandma at Christmas time and then in 1994(Winona) we saw it in theater together at Christmas. Such a wonderful movie to be so special.
DanaManiac @TheBookHippie aww that‘s so lovely! 🥰 10mo
Andrew65 @TheBookHippie Road trip 🤣🤣🤣 10mo
peanutnine @DanaManiac lol I'm the same way at Christmas time. I want zero conflict and all fluff 😂 10mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I like a little fluff, but I'm also open to reading anything. My planned reads are a smattering of different fiction books so maybe I'll use that vacation time to read instead of cleaning & visiting people. I tend to get my holiday spirit more from music, movies, & decorations than books. 10mo
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