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I think this lovely illustrated book should have a place in every child's (and parent's) library. Especially now, sometimes us adults mentally need to take a walk back in time and visit the comforting world of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
🚂 #misterrogers #comfortreads #illustrated 🐯

The Love Hypothesis | Ali Hazelwood
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Ended up spending the evening working on my cross stitch and listening to the audio version of The Love Hypothesis.

These two flowers are rocking the sunshine/grumpy trope. 😊😠

Side note: This was my favorite book of 2021. 🥰😅

#crafts #audio #romance #comfortreads #librarybook #libby

Among the Hidden | Margaret Peterson Haddix
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“He had forgotten what fresh air felt like, filling his nostrils and lungs. It felt good.”
Starting 2022 off right! Reading one of my favorite books from middle school. Didn‘t realize it was a series back then, and once I did I put it on my Christmas wish list. I have the best mother-law for gifting it to me. #ReadingInTheNewYear #comfortreads #seriesjunky #Haddix #ShadowChildren

The Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern
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Fall snacks are all comfort foods, often baked, with coffee on the side. I love making waffles and smothering them with whipped cream on lazy fall and winter mornings… or a brownie and some milk with a comfort book at night. The tagged book has become a recent comfort read or listen for me, but I‘d take recs for other recent pubs that folks find comforting in the prose and/or story!
#littensdressedinblood #comfortreads

MidnightBookGirl Brownies are the perfect accompaniment to a book! My friend @kimmypete1 makes amazing brownies whenever we do readathons together. 1y
wanderinglynn Awesome mug! 😍 1y
dylanisreading I love the mug! 1y
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Larkken @MidnightBookGirl sounds like the perfect afternoon! 1y
Larkken @wanderinglynn @Bianca thanks! I‘m a firm believer in Star Warsing whenever possible! ☕️ 1y
reading_rainbow 😍💕☕️! 1y
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Dreaming Spies | Laurie R. King
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We have no dreaming spires to be taken for Oxford, but Portland can put together a divine sunset!!
Reread this book last night and this morning. A dashing plot and fun setting in Japan and Oxford.

#nofilter #pdx #mystery #comfortreads

valeriegeary 😍😍😍 that sky! 2y
MargaretPinardAuthor Yes @valeriegeary I don‘t often get amazing sunsets because of the hill so this was making me go ‘ooh! Ooh! Again! Look now!‘ To the audience of one vaguely nonplussed cat. 😾 2y
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The Bakeshop at Pumpkin and Spice | Donna Kauffman, Allyson Charles, Kate Angell
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This is the comfort read I need right now.

#autumn #comfortreads

Cassie Binegar | Patricia MacLachlan
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Are you infinitely angry right now and in need of some comfort reading? I recommend Cassie Binegar- she'd get why you're angry admit quarantining. #quarantinereads #comfortbooks #comfortreads

Chain | Adrian McKinty
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Today on the blog I'm sharing some of my favorite comfort reads to distract you during the stressful days of staying inside!

Stop on by and tell me about your favorite comfort reads in the comments.


#fridayfavorites #bookrecommendations #comfortreads #bookstagram #bookishalgor #bookishalgor

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Loved this so much that I had to have Print copy for my Forever Bookshelf. Audio is Awesome! Especially Phil the cat. Whenever Nina talks to Him, in her mind he speaks back. Narrator does his voice in this wonderful sorta British accent. 😻
#listenwhileyouwork #comfortreads
#audiobooksarereadingtoo #booksaboutbooks #audioreview

The Peppermint Tea Chronicles | Alexander McCall Smith
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My view at breakfast this morning. 😻

Do you have any books or series that are #ComfortReads for you? The 44 Scotland Street series by Alexander McCall Smith is always there for me.

I‘m in the Netherlands for a few days at an Airbnb with this furry friend, and instead of rushing out first thing in the morning I‘m cuddling on the sofa with the cat and this book. Sheer bliss.

I hope wherever you are you will share in the peace I feel now. ❤️

QuietlyLaura Aww! What a wonderful breakfast companion! I wouldn't want to leave. 😻📚 3y
Libby1 @QuietlyLaura - I still haven‘t left the sofa! She‘s sitting on my lap, purring. It‘s now nearly 11 AM where I am so I should start this day! I think this was time well spent. I hope you‘re having a good day. 🍁 3y
QuietlyLaura I hope you have a good day as well! It's 5 AM here in Indiana and I really should try to get some more sleep before my day starts. Pet the kitty for me! 3y
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Sace Time with cuddly kitties is time well spent. 3y
Chrissyreadit This sounds like the best way to spend time! Hope the rest of your day is as lovely. 3y
Chrissyreadit My comfort read is either The Belgariad by David Eddings or Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. 3y
CoffeeCatsBooks What a beauty! 😻 3y
Libby1 @QuietlyLaura , @Sace , @Chrissyreadit , @CoffeeCatsBooks - thanks for your greetings and reading suggestions. I‘m (standing!) on my way to Amsterdam by train now, and actually cried when I left the flat. I didn‘t want to say goodbye to the cat. 😿 3y
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