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Halloween Party | Agatha Christie

In one word... Amazing! Couldn‘t be sure till the last page who was/were the culprit..although so many clues but I just couldn‘t guess. All the characters have been portrayed in such likeable fashion that it felt like either it was no one or it could be all of them in it together like a cult or something 😆. #I recommend it #go for it #don‘t go by the negative reviews # it‘s just as good as any of the Agatha‘s

Don't Get Caught | Kurt Dinan
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#don‘tgetcaught #kurtdinan

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#GiveAwayArtemis So this is the first of @Liberty giveaway posts I‘ve done but it called to me. I am old school and by that I mean old and in school this book was my secret obsession that I thought only I knew about and that made me- book nerd and chorus geek -secretly cool! I adore Douglas Adams RIP and live by the Guide- #Don‘tPanic!

kalinichta For senior year AP English, instead of a final exam, we created "Cliff notes" for a book of it choosing from the teacher's list. I did Hitchhiker's Guide. Sadly, I lost the finished product somewhere over the years. 2y
Booksnchill @kalinichta what a smart choice- awful that you lost it- maybe Ford took it??🤣🤣🤣👍 2y
kalinichta Typical! 2y
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Follow Murakami #underground and you will find some pretty terrifying creatures lurking. You'll get a little relief every other chapter in this split narrative as you visit a nondescript town, known as...The Town, though that storyline becomes increasingly disturbing in its own right. How the two stories connect...not gonna go there, but read this one to break out of your next book slump- it will do the trick. #septembowie @Marchpane @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I've yet to find a Murakami that I liked 😬😬😬😬#don'tjudgeme #nohatingonme 2y
Billypar @Cinfhen Ha- wouldn't dream of it 😃- he's popular but still not for everyone. I wish I could say- 'you should try 'x' because it's not like the others' but I think if you like/dislike one, pretty much par for the course. 2y
Marchpane This sounds terrific! The only book of his I have read is The Strange Library so I don't think I can claim to have "read Murakami" - maybe I'll start with this? 2y
Billypar @Marchpane I haven't read that one yet- have just been eyeing it in the bookstore. But I think this one or A Wild Sheep Chase would both be great ones to start with. 2y
Marchpane Thanks for the tip! 2y
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The library book sale coincided with my book group's choosing the next six months of books. #maybookpurchase #don'tjudge #sparklingmaybookishdreams @maich

LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
BookishBeth Tell The Wolves I'm Home is sooo good!! 3y
Lcsmcat @bookishbeth I'm really looking forward to that one. It's going to be difficult not to jump ahead and read it. 3y
Booksnob The Life we Bury is awesome! I'm just finishing Allens 3rd book The Heavens May Fall. Also really good. Enjoy! 3y
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The Miracle at Speedy Motors | Alexander McCall Smith
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#don'tstopbelievin #rockinmay. Take a trip to Botswana and meet the no.1 lady detective, Mma Ramotswe . Have a cup of bush tea and admire Mma Makutsi's typing skills. Perhaps rent a car at Speedy Motors and meet Mr. JLB Maketoni.

Cinfhen I've never read this series but I know it's quite popular 💕 3y
Liatrek This is a great series 😊 The characters are great and I love learning about life in Botswana. 3y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen it's a lovely cozy mystery series 😀 3y
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Dragon Thanks @Liatrek totally agree with you 😀 3y
Cinfhen I haven't gotten into the cozy mystery genre 😌not sure why... 3y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen I don't read a lot of cozy mystery books, but every so often I want something light that's not a romance. 😀 These books in particular, are rather charming. 3y
Cinfhen That's true! I'll keep them in mind ~ thanks 😊 3y
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A nonfiction account of a con man in New York in the early 1900's who decided to answer the unopened letters to Santa that piled up every year in the post office. He made believers out of many little children while always planning his next get rich scheme. #don'tstopbelieving #rockinmay

Cinfhen Ohhh, this sounds REALLY GOOD 😊 3y
Reviewsbylola Fun read! 3y
emilyhaldi Yes so into this!! Have had this stacked for a while 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 3y
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I'm using this for both #booksaboutmothers and #don'tstopbelievin'. Two mothers, a Christian and a Muslim, had kids in kindergarten together in New York in 2011. They joined with a 3rd mom, a Jew, in an attempt to write a children's book to explain 9/11 to their kids in a non demonizing way. That book never got written, but the story of their friendship and struggles is very much needed now. #maybookflowers #rockinmay @RealLifeReading @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I've heard about this book ~ it's meant to be fabulous 🙂can't wait to hear your thoughts 3y
Lcsmcat @Cinfhen I read it the year it came out and it blew me away. It shows how much is possible if we are willing to be respectful of others, humble in our opinions, and to work at seeing the other sides of an issue. All three are highly intelligent, articulate women. It's an excellent read and an important one. 3y
Cinfhen Stacked! Thanks for the private review 😉 3y
Nat_Reads I added it! Thank you--I'm always looking for books like this to give me hope in our current....situation? 3y
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#AprilBookShowers #Don'tRememberBuyingThis

Like so many of you, my Kindle holds a lot of books that I don't remember buying. Darn those deals!!

More of my ramblings about this here: https://wellreadneck.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/spring-cleaning-my-to-be-read-pile...

DrJAdMerricksson Love that lower right book 😃 3y
Nebula_of_Books Is that how many you have downloaded or just in your cloud? 3y
MedaReadsAlot I have the same problem - darn those daily deals! 3y
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Well-ReadNeck @Nebula_of_Books on the cloud. So, includes books I've read, culled or dh has read in addition to those pending/TBR in my downloads. 3y
Nebula_of_Books Check out the great app called "Stacks". Can sync with your Goodreads too. Just a very quick and easy look at your stuff 3y
JPrecht Hoo boy! If there were a Kindle Hoarders Anonymous... I'd need to join! 😂 3y
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Say Goodbye for Now | Catherine Ryan Hyde
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Today is a professional development day at work. According to the email there's nothing scheduled for me beyond "work in room." I called in sick. Ash decided he needed a good grooming. Guess he's not very literary. #catsoflitsy #don'tjudge

Laura317 At first I thought he was face planting. I missed the leg. 3y
Sace @Laura317 the leg does sort of get lost in the bedspread. I'm afraid my photography skills are sorely lacking. 3y
Cinfhen Enjoy your "sick day" ? 3y
BibliophileMomma Hope you're having a good sick day! 😀 3y
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