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King Lear | William Shakespeare
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King Lear is haunting me ..

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We did a Secret Santa at work. Turns out my co-teacher totally gets me. 😁💜

It's a Wonderful Life: A Play in Two Acts | Philip Van Doren Stern, James W. Rodgers, Frank Capra
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Hell yeah!

Theaelizabet 😂😂 8h
Crystalblu So much Yes! 7h
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Winter in Paradise | Elin Hilderbrand
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Read for #bookclub which is Monday evening. We always read a festive or Christmas book in December. I think the members in the book club will enjoy this one. I didn't find it particularly moving, but it was entertaining enough to say "pick".

Little Women | Anne Collins
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LibrarianRyan Personally hand me War and Peace. I‘m listening to Little women now and it is sooooo boring. But I swear I@ going to finish it for #booked19 13h
sblbooks I would rather listen to Little Women on repeat. Reading War and Peace out loud would be torture. 13h
EadieB I loved War and Peace so that would be my choice. It's a great book! 13h
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Addison_Reads Listen to Little Women. 13h
Laughterhp I‘ve never read either... maybe listening to Little Women would be better because I could potentially zone out 😂 13h
tdrosebud Listen to Little Women 13h
wanderinglynn Listen to Little Women 12h
Ireadkidlit I‘d be listening to Little Women (I just wouldn‘t tell them it wasn‘t tortuous) 12h
AnneCecilie Listen to Little Women 12h
IndoorDame War and Peace. I actually love Little Women, but I‘ve never read War and Peace and I want to some day so this would be a great excuse! 12h
Linsy Little Women! 12h
Marina_h Listen to little women! I tried War and Peace but couldn't finish it 11h
kezzlou85 Listen to little women. 11h
AmyK1 Little Women! 11h
TheAromaofBooks Little Women, I actually like that one lol 10h
mabell Listen - I can multitask! 10h
britt_reads Listen to Little Women 10h
Jen_Reads Listen to Little Women 9h
Nessavamusic Definitely Listen to Little Women 9h
jessinikkip Little women, I like that book! Although they'd have to find something besides listening to it or else it really wouldnt work!!! 9h
SaturnDoo Little Women 9h
suzie.reads Listen to Little Women 🎶🎵🎶 8h
Insightsintobooks Listen to Little woman. I love that book it's one of my favorites. 7h
samanthagutt Little Women 5h
bullbunny Listen to Little Women 4h
AsYouWish Little Women now
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R.U.R. | Karel ?apek
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This piece of classic literature is a must-read for fans of robotics and scifi. R.U.R. is the origin of the term and concept of robot. In the case of this book, it was a commentary on slavery. #robot #robotorigin #robotics

Love's Labours Lost | Shakespeare William
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StayCurious This is a nice holiday-esque post. +1! 1d
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I like the concept of this book and it is well executed. However, man, it‘s so hard to overcome the writing of the prequel Star Wars movies. The Anakin / Padme dialogue still made me want to gouge my eyes out 😬

Poetics | Aristotle


Full Moon | Arina Tanemura
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1. I am releasing pain and the fear that my pain will come back.
2. “I breathe out pain and I breathe in strength.”
3. @Crazeedi I know you understand pain better than I would ever want any friend to. Sending you blessings and strength for the new decade!

#moonreflections @Meaw_catlady

Crazeedi We are connected but maybe not in such a good way eh? There can be learning through pain I have found, helps me to be grateful for the thing I have, for the people who I love...sending you a hug, and thank you 2d
Megabooks @Crazeedi yes, I agree. I have so much more than some and my pain has given me empathy that has helped me in a lot of ways. I try not to think that I‘ve been in pain more years of my life than not, but it does pop in my head and people remind me of it too. (Why would you remind someone of that?!? 😂 Seriously?!? 😂😂 But at least I take bluntness in stride.) Sending you a hug back!! 2d
Crazeedi @Megabooks people remind you? Omg, stay away from that negativity!! We are not defined by our pain! We overcome and become stronger in the midst of our sufferings! 2d
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Meaw_catlady Release that pain! You are so strong!! Blessings to a new year filled with love and strength!! You‘re amazing 🖤 2d
SW-T @Megabooks @Crazeedi Hugs and strength to you both 😊 2d
Megabooks @Crazeedi I think some of it is that I‘m living back in the town where I had the accident and it‘s a pretty well known event, even 22 years later. In a way I have more support here and in other ways I‘m more defined by what happened to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And you are absolutely correct. I try to be as strong as the titanium in my body!! (edited) 2d
Megabooks @Meaw_catlady Thank you friend!! 2d
Megabooks @SW-T Thank you!! 💜 2d
Crazeedi @SW-T thank you, 🥰😍 1d
Crazeedi @Megabooks that's correct! I am now the bionic woman!!! 1d
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