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This Book Is Gay | James Dawson
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4 stars! I enjoyed this book and I‘m happy I read it, for me it‘s just not the original HP anymore. P.S. I totally fell in love with Scorpius😜

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✨ I can‘t believe I still haven‘t read #harrypotterandthecursedchild by #jkrowling yet. I MUST get to it this year at some point!!!! I really need to stick to my TBR better this year and read more books that I already own. I‘m horrible at that. 😂✨

readinginthedark Neither have I! I got about 1/3 through and took a break and forgot to ever finish it! 😕 2y
AngelErin @readinginthedark Oh no, lol! Were you enjoying it though? 🤔 2y
readinginthedark Yeah, it was good. I think it wasn‘t the right time, and I just keep forgetting to come back to it. 2y
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My sister is currently reading the last Harry Potter book.😊 I stole this book from her to take photo for my tag.

@Simona tagged me to do #bookcolortag #gold or #silver. Thank you😘 This book have gold title and spin.
I tag @Natalia @GypsyKat @Lizpixie and your color is #purple because is my favourite💜
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GypsyKat I'm sorry, I didn't have time to do this today, it's been crazy here! Hopefully I will have time in the morning. 😊💜 2y
maich @GypsyKat It's ok. I was tagged last week when was on vacation. There's no need to hurry😊 2y
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#emojitag !
♥️Favorite YA Romance: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
💕Amazing Sequel: After You by Jojo Moyes
😭Book That Made You Cry: Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
😱A Book That Scared You: Carrie by Stephen King (not scary to me but it's the only horror book I've read)
😒A Book That Disappointed You: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
😳Major Plot Twist: What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

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After | Anna Todd
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Not as magical as the HP series but I still enjoyed this one! What did you think?

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Bookish.Taylor Definitely not my favorite... It was very, VERY obvious to me that JK had nothing to do with the writing process, no matter what else is said. It was good though. A little extra after the closure that was given in Deathly Hallows. 2y
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eattrainread I haven't actually... I've heard such mixed stories about it that I'm incredibly hesitant to read it 2y
BookishMarginalia Loved it! 🤓 2y
foreverxbookish I liked it, I had my issues and it was a lot of fun 2y
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Loriimagination @eattrainread That's understandable. I enjoyed it but I really didn't hold it to the same standard as the original books. 2y
Loriimagination @BookishMarginalia I thought it was a lot of fun! 2y
Loriimagination @foreverxbookish I pretty much felt the same way! 2y
MommyOfTwo It was good but being written as a play you don't get the same quality as the other books. 2y
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I know some people like this book but to be very honest, this book is like a fanfic to me, and the characters relationship changed from the original hp.
Also, i think the whole plot doesn't really quite make sense. Fantasy doesn't make a lot of senses but this just doesn't seems very right to me somehow
Overall, the new characters are okay and they're not that bad at all, just that it is not what I've expected.

aprocrastinatingreader I totally agree about it being like a fanfiction. It got such a big hype but it didn't seem like JK Rowling wrote it 2y
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