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The Little Blue Kite | Mark Z. Danielewski
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Repost for @heylaurenmack :

Long shot ask - Anybody in the NYC (Strand bookstore) Nov 11 or Atlanta (Wrecking Bar Brewpub) Nov 13 areas wanna do me a huge favor and make my life? My favorite author is releasing this new book & doing a signing. I can‘t make it because of work. I‘d pay you for the book and the shipping and you‘d be making my whole life. And you‘d get to meet a brilliant author. #nyc #atlanta #houseofleaves #markzdanielewski

heylaurenmack Thank you! 1mo
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The Little Blue Kite | Mark Z. Danielewski
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Long shot ask - Anybody in the NYC (Strand bookstore) Nov 11 or Atlanta (Wrecking Bar Brewpub) Nov 13 areas wanna do me a huge favor and make my life? My favorite author is releasing a new book (tagged) and doing a signing. I can‘t make it to either location cause of work. I‘d pay you for the book and the shipping and you‘d be making my whole life. And you‘d get to meet a brilliant author. #nyc #atlanta #houseofleaves #markzdanielewski

Cinfhen I wonder if Strand is offering signed copies for sale?? Or do you want it personalized?? Sorry, can‘t help you but it‘s a good idea to put it out on the Litsyverse!! Also ask @LitsyHappenings to repost for you!!! 1mo
heylaurenmack @Cinfhen Yeah! I found I could just order a regular old signed copy. Shooting for a personalized since he‘s my fav but if I have to settle I will. 1mo
Cinfhen Good luck 🍀 🤞🏽 1mo
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heylaurenmack @LitsyHappenings @MrBook @Avanders Could I get a repost on this on the Happenings page? I know it‘s a super long shot but would mean the world to me! 1mo
MrBook 😎🙌🏻👍🏻👍🏻 @Kaylamburson @ScientistSam @mrozzz , what do you amazing ladies think?! 1mo
Kaylamburson I so wish I could do that for you tomorrow, @MrBook!, but i have to head to CT right after work to get fitted for invisalign. Yay, dentistry lol. I hope someone is able to for you! 1mo
Caterina Wish I could help!! I hope someone can!🤞 1mo
heylaurenmack @Caterina I ended up preordering a regular old signed copy from Strand. Still holding out someone will be able to snag me a personalized one but it doesn‘t look hopeful 1mo
Caterina Bummer. 😓 I hope you get to meet the author someday yourself! ❤️ 1mo
mrozzz Sorry I‘m not actually working in NYC anymore! @MrBook I‘m glad you‘re getting a signed edition and hope you can get a personalized copy in the future @heylaurenmack 1mo
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House of Leaves | Mark Z. Danielewski, Zampan
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🍂🍁🧡 2mo
Bookishthoughts Wow. This is moving up my TBR! 2mo
EadieB @Bookishthoughts It's not an easy book to read. I started it twice and got frustrated. 2mo
Bookishthoughts Yeah I've heard a lot of mixed reviews. I just keep forgetting that I want to read it, but your blurb has peaked my interest again. 2mo
OriginalCyn620 👌🏻🍁🍂 2mo
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The Little Blue Kite | Mark Z. Danielewski
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One thing I love about #TheLittleBlueKite is despite all the parts geared toward the youngest readers - there are multiple ways to read it - those of us who love #MarkZDanielewski 's other works have all kinds of things to find and pick apart or just enjoy. This is one of the illustrations that strikes me most, on initial reads. #TLBK #HouseofLeaves #OnlyRevolutions #T50YS #TheFamiliar #love #joy #fear #Kai #kites #flying #skies #kids #kidlit

The Little Blue Kite | Mark Z. Danielewski
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I cannot tell you all how special a book this is. It's for children. It's for middle grades. And it's for adults. Depending upon which way you read it; there are at least three or four ways to read it. #joy #fear #loss #love #HouseofLeaves #HoL #OR #OnlyRevolutions #T50YS #TF #TheFamiliar #MZD #MarkZDanielewski #BeaHymnforGood

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If you‘ve read #houseofleaves you get it

DrexEdit Currently reading The House of Leaves. Verrrrrry slooooowly. 🐢 4mo
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House of Leaves | Mark Z. Danielewski, Zampan
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Went to a library book sale today. I‘ve read house of leaves before and adore it and was surprised to find it there, so I grabbed it to pass along. Spent 9 dollars.
#library #librarybooksale #booksale #houseofleaves #cookbooks #theroad #dvd

BarbaraBB House of Leaves is really good! 6mo
allureofbeauty @BarbaraBB it‘s one of my all time favorites 6mo
BarbaraBB Mine too I think. I can still position myself mentally in the middle of that house! 6mo
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I call BS on this claim. No one could read this in one sitting. 😆 That said, once I gotten past the first hundred pages and parts of the Appended materials, I was really looking forward to picking it back up and discovering what would happen next. I loved the innovative layout and all the crazy meta aspects to the story. I‘m also a tiny bit worried about the author‘s mental health. 😅


vivastory I flew through this in I think three days or so, but I agree, no way you can read it in one sitting 13mo
Leniverse @vivastory Exactly! Three days is flying through it. So unless the reviewer didn‘t sleep for two or three days... 😂 13mo
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House of Leaves | Mark Z. Danielewski, Zampan
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Hey #HouseOfLeaves buddy readers - today‘s the big day, final discussion! I know not everyone finished so if you can please tag spoiler comments so we can all participate, that would be awesome!
Can‘t wait to hear who did and didn‘t finish, what you thought, theories, and what your favorite and least favorite parts were...
Thanks for joining in, no matter how far you got. This one was a BEAST! 🙀

mcipher @JPeterson Sorry, your name doesn‘t want to tag right! 13mo
Tianarose DNF :( I really wanted to but this month turned out to be super crazy! Everyone in my house was sick 🤒 But on the bringer side I got promoted to Studio Manager at work!! 13mo
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amb I finished a little over a week ago, I feel like everything jumbled in my head toward the end 😱 what was “real” what was imagined. What the heck was going on with Johnny? 13mo
mrsh62010 Haha I just started this book, didn‘t know about the buddy read :( 13mo
mcipher @Tianarose Congrats!! I think a lot of people weren‘t able to finish, don‘t worry about it. Hope everyone is better now! 13mo
mcipher @amb I think there is some family history of mental illness and Johnny has more issues than he lets on... I feel like it‘s jumbled, too - the Navidson story felt like it ended so abruptly too. 13mo
mcipher @mrsh62010 Awww, too bad! I hope you like it - interested to hear what you think as you get further into it, too! 13mo
ju.ca.no @amb I feel the same!! What to believe?? What was a lie or made up?? 13mo
ju.ca.no So yeah, I finished the book and I think I liked it. At parts I hated it and other parts bored me, but the story was exciting (or the stories - at parts I was annoyed by Johnny but in the end I was very intrigued.) and I‘m very confused about what part of his story was true and what happend to him and I am SO certain there were so many hints I didn‘t get. What‘s up with Johnny‘s Mom and Zampano? 13mo
amb Am I mistaken or did Johnny‘s footnotes at the end go out of chronological order? I admit I started following a reddit thread about this for some insight and the opinions vary widely. My friend Sara believes the house is on a portal to hell. 13mo
Redwritinghood I may keep reading it. Maybe later this month or next. 13mo
amb Also did anyone else think Natasha Gregson Wagner when Johnny was discussing the actress who‘s mother had been an actress that was rumored to have been killed by her father? (edited) 13mo
sprainedbrain I‘m a failure... I didn‘t even manage to start it. 😂 BUT this is on a challenge list for me, so I‘m planning to read in November. Maybe @mrsh62010 and I can compare notes. This was a bail for me a couple of years ago, so I am determined this time!! 13mo
amb @mcipher If the house is a portal to hell does that make the navidson story a gender swap Persephone? 13mo
Leniverse I think there are enough clues towards the end as to what isn‘t real, at least. Or even throughout. My main question in the end is what‘s up with that story about the baby with holes in his brain on the life support? What did that have to do with anything?!? 13mo
Leniverse I basically figure that Johnny made everything up as part of a psychosis and an attempt to deal with his issues of abandonment. So his father‘s death and mother‘s stay in an asylum are true, probably step father Raymond too. The House is made up, Zampano doesn‘t exist. Although Johnny possibly at some point convinced himself there was a Zampano. 13mo
mcipher @Leniverse I like that theory! It make sense! Though it is kind of unsatisfying. I did find myself wondering if Johnny made it all up - all those source materials that didn‘t exist... Did he make up his moms letters too? Or at least the code? Because she does refer to Zampano. Maybe he is real and just added to Johnnys story in a fictional way? (edited) 13mo
mcipher @amb Like Navidson is Persephone? Maybe that‘s why he goes back? What about all the labyrinth stuff... I‘m drawing a blank on that being related to any Persephone myths... 13mo
mcipher @amb Hmmm.. not sure on the footnotes being out of order. They got so convoluted it got hard to tell. 13mo
mcipher Okay - so what about the Pelican poems? I read some comment on Goodreads that they made it all make sense. But I read them really fast late at night and I‘m wondering what I missed. Or if that‘s a red herring review... 😆 13mo
amb @mcipher and she went down to save him from a premature death. No labyrinth lol. 13mo
amb @mcipher I skipped the Pelican poems did they make anything make sense? 13mo
Leniverse @mcipher I didn't notice any Zampano reference in the letters. Which letter was that? I think the letters were real, and Johnny incorporated parts of them into his deranged work. Like the Spanish doll his mother had shows up amongst Daisy's toys. Some of the letters have funky formatting too. 13mo
Leniverse @amb @mcipher I didn't get much from the Pelican Poems. Only the last one refers to the house. But the locations and dates seem to match with Johnny having composed them when he ditched his scholarship and roamed around Europe. 13mo
Leniverse @mcipher I googled and found the Zampano reference. I'm not willing to go through every letter to look for more code. 😂 Seems people like the mother for the real author of the whole thing. The pills she is given match the colour of the locks on the hallway door, and she practices her smile like Karen did, etc. But I say it's still Johnny, but he uses info in the letters. 13mo
amb @mcipher @Leniverse I was just reading an old review that talks about a Minotaur at the heart of the labyrinth, I don‘t remember anyone seeing a Minotaur, do you guys? 13mo
whippoorwill815 I finished!! Quite a feat. I think I liked it although I‘m not sure experimental fiction is my thing? I have many of the same questions as everyone else....what was real? I almost got the impression from the baby story at the end that the baby was Johnny so he never really existed? Which possibly puts me in the camp that the mother invented it all? But i really have no idea...and there is probably SO much I didn‘t “get”! 13mo
whippoorwill815 This is a really random thing I liked in the book- I did for some reason enjoy the use of Ground Air Emergency code symbols for some of the footnotes- there is a key in one of the collages at the back for the symbols and I (inexplicably) thought it was fun to see if the symbol used correlated to the situation when that footnote appeared (they seemed to for the most part). I‘m probably weird 😂 13mo
Leniverse @whippoorwill815 I did that too. 😂 But I couldn‘t work out any reason why those particular notes would use the code symbols. And I see what you mean about the baby! Although that makes everything even more insane. 😬 13mo
Leniverse @amb There‘s no Minotaur in the House, no. But the Minotaur and maze symbolism is treated extensively by Zampano, but has then been erased or crossed out, like he was trying to get rid of all mention of it. And since one of the theories about Minos and the Minotaur is that it was actually his deformed son that he was hiding, I guess this all ties in with the baby again! 13mo
mcipher @Leniverse @whippoorwill815 Maybe I‘m just ditzy... but I don‘t remember a baby?! Now I need to go back and look and I don‘t know if I want to... 😆 But the Johnny as a baby who died and his mom wrote it all... that‘s a rabbit hole that would fit the book. 13mo
mcipher @Leniverse @amb Wasn‘t the growling the Minotaur? Though Johnny as a deformed baby hidden in the maze of the book kind of works... Maybe Zampano/mom decided it was getting too close to the truth and cut out that stuff. Or... you guys, I don‘t know. This book was so far over my head. 😬😆 13mo
mcipher @Leniverse I‘m glad the poems didn‘t work for you either. I felt sure I just wasn‘t reading them with enough attention. 13mo
mcipher @amb I didn‘t get anything from the pelican poems. But I read them fast and didn‘t pay a lot of attention, so I could have missed a lot. 13mo
mcipher @whippoorwill815 @Leniverse I didn‘t even catch on the emergency signals in the collage! You know the one random thing that gets me? I can‘t stop thinking about the name of the mental hospital. It feels like it means something and it‘s just beyond my grasp. It‘s too weird not to be a clue of some sort. 13mo
whippoorwill815 @mcipher it‘s a random story that Johnny tells (in his footnotes) at the very end of his narrative. I remember just sitting there like “wtf?!!” when I read it! And I think the Internet informed me the symbols in the footnotes were emergency codes but I stumbled upon the key in the collage when flipping through the appendices at some other point and that thrilled me more than it should have 😜 13mo
mrsh62010 @mcipher @sprainedbrain ok sounds good!! 13mo
Leniverse @mcipher @amb The roaring is reminiscent of a Minotaur, yes. But it‘s the sound the House makes when it changes shape. Johnny first remembers the roaring his father did when he caught the mother trying to strangle J. Then he says this is a fake memory and the roaring is actually the mother screaming when she has to go to the asylum. But if absolutely everything is fake, then I guess the roar could be the humming of the life support machines? 13mo
Leniverse I googled a bit, and in the forums people are searching for anagrams in the name Whalestoe. I agree that the name is too weird. Could be code, could be a red herring, could be a hint that the institution is fake. 😜 I just don't know. 13mo
Addison_Reads @whippoorwill815 I had to go back and check out the emergency signals after you said it. I totally missed that. @Leniverse @Ann @mcipher I kept trying to make a connection with the name of the institution, but came up empty-handed. He did publish the letters separately in a novella called the Whalestoe Letters, so I keep thinking there's more there. I'm in the camp of the story being all made up by the Mom and her being the only "real" person. 13mo
Addison_Reads Great discussion everyone. You've given me more to think about, and I didn't think that was possible with this book. 13mo
mcipher @Addison_Reads @whippoorwill815 @Leniverse @amb @ju.ca.no feel like I need to re-read this now. Or go down the obsessive fan forum rabbit hole (I did that with The Raw Shark Texts, which I highly recommend if you liked this!!). Either way, I agree - so many interesting points you guys brought up, and it makes the book SO much richer! 💚 13mo
mcipher Also - yeah, lots of anagrams. I feel like there‘s more to figure out about Whalestoe. I mean, whales don‘t even have feet!! And the rumbling of machines @Leniverse -I like that for the baby theory. 13mo
ju.ca.no @mcipher I‘ve considered going down the fan forum rabbit hole, but it might be going down too deep😂 I think I might end up being even more confused😂 13mo
mcipher @ju.ca.no Definitely a concern with this (so confusing) book.... 😉 13mo
ju.ca.no @mcipher I guess you could really get lost in those forums😅 (like in the house😂) 13mo
AnansiGirl I may have missed the deadline, but one way or another I‘m determined to finish this crazy book. 🤪 13mo
mcipher @AnansiGirl Better late than never, right? A lot of people didn‘t finish in time - it was a tough read. 13mo
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I just found the author‘s sister inserted into the book. 😂