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Carry On | Rainbow Rowell
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Banned Books, Summer Romance, Books Featuring Gardens, St Mary's, Rereads before New Releases, and Austen in August Carry Overs. 📚
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Untitled | Unknown
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OK, so yeah, I read a lot of graphic novels during September and did two rereads but I had fun. I'm still behind on my 2019 reading challenge but with 3 months to go and 49 books to go to reach my target, I should be fine 😊
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Arrow's Hell | Chantal Fernando
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hanging out with bikers🤨#MC🏍#ebook#weekend

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A chill, a hint of something slightly sinister.
I am loving this book.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love it too 💚💚💚 3mo
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Vagabundo | Steven-John Tait
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Join the 765 people requesting Vagabundo. Just over two weeks left. #giveaway #september #literaryfiction #generalfiction #realism #goodreads

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Think I am going to enjoy this book if the author‘s dedication( to her soon to be new born daughter) is any indication:
For Lilah
Smash the patriarchy, sweetheart
#botmbuddyread #September

LoverofLit I loved this book so much more than I ever expected to! 💚 3mo
Crazeedi I totally enjoyed this story 3mo
Lovesbooks87 Loved Evelyn!!!! 💚💚💚 3mo
rather_be_reading i agree! 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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I have an actual day off this week! I got most of the housework done this morning, so while I wait on the laundry I'm going to work on my September book journal spread!

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Mitch Love your organisation 👏🏼❤️👏🏼 3mo
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rabbitprincess Ooh, I spy All That Remains! My library ordered it, so I am waiting patiently for my hold to arrive 😁 3mo
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My #September stack is full of books set in New York! I‘ll be traveling there in October for New York Comic Con, so I figured I‘d set the mood. 🏙🍎

These are only the books from my shelf - I‘m sure I‘ll get to some other e-books and audiobooks too!

MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Enjoy your visit! 3mo
laur89 @MrBook Thanks!!! I‘m in planning mode now 🤓 any recommendations of must go places?! 3mo
MrBook Do you have time for this conversation? 😂👏🏻🙌🏻 Who all is coming? How long are you going and do you already have a schedule somewhat filled up? What dates will you be in the City? Any particular kinds of things you want to do, like bookstores or particular restaurants or art galleries, for example? (edited) 3mo
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laur89 @MrBook I always have time to talk travel! 😁 Going with a group of friends the first week of October. We made a list of tourist attractions to visit, but there‘s totally still room in our schedule! We‘re all huge foodies, most in the group also like beer. I definitely want to see some bookstores... I‘m sure we‘ll also be hunting for some movie/gaming geek/nerd spots as well! Overall though... open to any NY hot spots 📍🗺 3mo
MrBook Nice! Okay, let‘s seee... Food: Italian, have to have Italian in Little Italy, and be sure to stop by Ferrara‘s. I love The Meatball Shop—they have locations across Manhattan. Breakfast or brunch at Tea & Sympathy for authentic British cuisine. Vietnamese and Thai, can‘t beat Saigon Market, which happens to be a block or two away from The Strand. Best milk & 🍪 shop is a tie between Schmackery‘s and Ben‘s Cookies, which is 2 doors down from... (edited) 3mo
MrBook The Strand. French cuisine, I like Le Rivage and Chez Josephine, the latter is a tribute to Josephine Baker and has a pianist but is pricey. For crepes, The Creperie and Le Grainne Cafe. Sergimmo Salumeria has amazing sandwiches, but is cash only. If you‘re looking for an AMAZing time for dinner, my all-time favorite is Swing 46–think old-fashioned lounge behind a curtain, swing music with free lessons, and awesome food. Very 20s/30s-esque. 3mo
MrBook I took @RaimeyGallant to Good Enough To Eat, which always has lines out the door for their breakfast and brunch, get there early, and she loved it! A block away is Book Culture, which may be going out of business soon 😩. I‘ve gone there to see @EloisaJames for her book party. It‘s also right by the Museum of Natural History. 3mo
laur89 🤩 Such generous commentary!! You got me at milk and cookies. Making a note of ALL of this to share with my group! I already see a few that I feel positive are going to make it on the have to visit list 😁😁😁 Thanks @MrBook ! 3mo
MrBook Drinks: Fraunces Tavern, where the history is just unreal. The White Horse Tavern, the old Dylan Thomas haunt. The Algonquin, where the Algonquin Round Table started meeting 100 years ago this year (they might have anniversary specials if you ask). The NOMAD Hotel, which has a book bar from a French chateau transported piece-by-piece. McSorley‘s Ale House is one of the oldest, and you‘ll find things there from the 1800s—went there for my 21st bday 3mo
MrBook Yaaay! Glad I could help 😁! 3mo
laur89 OMG and there‘s more! Litsy just refreshed the rest of the comments. I‘m totally spending Labor Day weekend looking into everything you suggested! @MrBook 3mo
MrBook Don‘t forget that there are rooftop bars across the city, and they‘re great. If you‘ve never had authentic diner food (meaning outside of NYC or NJ 😆), the Westway Diner is very good, and I took folks there after BookExpo and BookCon. Bagels: Murray‘s. Pizza: Patsy‘s (or 2 Bros. for $1 slices to go). (edited) 3mo
MrBook Geeky stuff: St. Mark‘s Comics and Forbidden Planet (near The Strand). Bookstores: The Mysterious Bookshop is all mystery and thriller books, most of the back wall is just Sherlock Holmes. It‘s run by the legendary anthologist Otto Penzler, and he‘s usually there helping customers. McNally-Jackson is good, and also has a stationery-only shop between it and Little Italy. (edited) 3mo
MrBook I like the Amazon Bookstore in the Time-Warner Building at Columbus Circle. The Circle is the exact center of what‘s called the New York Metro Area, btw—traditionally, the NYMA was the whole area within a 25, I think, mile radius. 3mo
MrBook Many of the important art galleries are now in the W24th-25th Street area of Chelsea, although a major one is the Salmagundi Club, which is housed in the last remaining brownstone on 5th Ave. They just redid their 3rd floor and the library is gorgeous. I belong to a book club that met there regularly and still does sometimes. (edited) 3mo
MrBook And there is Edgar‘s Cafe, which is Poe-esque. Yeah, lots to see and do. Want to know more, let me know. ☺️ @Kaylamburson @mrozzz and @ScientistSam are three beyond-fantastic Littens who can offer more too! 3mo
laur89 Ok, I have an idea for you. Write and sell your very own guide to NYC. Title it something like “To Be (Book)ed: @MrBook ‘s Guide to NYC”. I promise I‘ll be your first buyer!! 😂 My list just about doubled 😃 Thanks so much! 3mo
Kaylamburson I agree with @laur89 that you need your own guide, @mrbook!! And I had no idea Book Culture may be going under...what's happening? Also very touristy but fun and geeky is The Nintendo Store, Lego Store, and Microsoft, all in (or walkable from) Rockefeller Center. 3mo
RaimeyGallant @laur89 All of @MrBook 's food recs are the best. We had such an amazing day! 3mo
MrBook @laur89 Whatever I can do to help 🤗! @Kaylamburson At least their UWS Columbus Ave location Amy be closing due to lack of enough business compared to increasing operation costs 😔. What a great store too. They‘ve got a bunch of fundraising efforts going on. https://www.columbiaspectator.com/news/2019/07/01/book-culture-owner-says-stores... 3mo
ScientistSam @mrbook gave so many great suggestions! There's also Midtown Comics near Times Square. If you want an unusual museum, there's the Morgan Library museum and the Tenement Museum. 3mo
laur89 @Kaylamburson @RaimeyGallant @ScientistSam Good to know!! Totally going to look at the comic book stores while we‘re there! More places to see = more walking around = more fuel needed... can‘t wait for all the good eats! 3mo
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Hex | Thomas Olde Heuvelt
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#September #readingplan
I will finish up Hex for the #lmpbc. The book will be in the mail on Tuesday @Kaylamburson and sorry it‘s a few days late. My brain didn‘t want to focus this past week.
So far, Color Therapy is pretty interesting.
I‘m super excited for the #LOTR read with @TheReadingMermaid as it‘s my first time reading the books.

Kaylamburson Wait, @Stacypatrice just sent me Brother. Are you sure Hex is going to me next, @jb72 ? Slade House is heading to @Hestapleton Tuesday. 3mo
Kaylamburson Ahh, looking into this I think there was some confusion. Brother was supposed to go to Jen and Hex then to me. To solve this, could Jen send Hex to Hannah and I can send Slade House to Stacy? Then that would mean I'll have Brother. Stacy, did you already mail Lovely Wife? If not that could go to Jen. If so, I can just send Brother over to Jen so we are back in order? @Stacypatrice @jb72 @Hestapleton 3mo
Hestapleton @kaylamburson @Stacypatrice @jb72 I have MY LOVELY WIFE and was going to mail it to Stacy after Labor Day. Should I still send it to her? Y‘all just let me know. :) (edited) 3mo
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jb72 @Hestapleton @Kaylamburson @Stacypatrice Whatever works for me as I won‘t be getting it in the mail until Tuesday. 3mo
Stacypatrice @Kaylamburson - Did I miss up our order?! 🤦🏻‍♀️. @jb72 @Hestapleton 3mo
Hestapleton @Stacypatrice @kaylamburson @jb72 I‘m about to go to a movie, but tonight, I‘ll sit down and see if I can work out a way to keep us on track. I‘ll send an email. 🙂 3mo
Kaylamburson Thanks so much for looking into this @Hestapleton ! 3mo
Hestapleton @Stacypatrice @Kaylamburson @jb72 I just sent an email! It‘s a bit complicated, but we can do it! Let me know if you didn‘t get the email. 3mo
jb72 @Hestapleton I did not get an email. I checked my junk folder too. Nothing yet. 3mo
Hestapleton @jb72 is the jljaded email address correct? 3mo
Kaylamburson Thank you for solving this @Hestapleton !!! I really appreciate you figuring it out! @Stacypatrice I will get Slade House out to you on Tuesday!! 3mo
Stacypatrice @Hestapleton - You‘re amazing. @Kaylamburson - Awesome. Our mail here will probably be delayed for a few days due to the hurricane so all good 🌊 3mo
jb72 @Hestapleton Yes. I just sent you an email from it along with an additional email address if it doesn‘t work. 3mo
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