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This is definitely one of my favorite books that I have read this year. I loved the characters and the story and the setting. It was such an honest and entertaining book with a ton of heart and a meaningful message. It really dug into the idea of motherhood and finding yourself while being a mom. I loved everything about this one. 5 stars for me.

BrittanyReads Halfway through this right now and loving it!! 2d
Victoriahoperose @BrittanyReads it‘s awesome. I loved it so much. 2d
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City of Girls | Elizabeth Gilbert
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1. Ugh, winter. I live in the Rocky Mountains and I am already done with winter. Favorite thing? Clothes. I love boots and polar fleece.
2. My favorite book of the year City of Girls.
3. New fiction

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Eggs I lived in Minnesota for 29 years- I can relate to the weariness of unending COLD 🥶 Thanks for playing ❣️ 2d
Crazeedi Thanks for tag! 2d
AmyG @Crazeedi 😘 2d
Jee_HookedOnBookz Thank you for the tag, Amy! ❤️ 22h
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The Right Address | Jill Kargman, Carrie Karasyov
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PSA: As I have forgotten to order address labels in my name, everyone who gets a card/letter from me in the next few months will see my husband‘s name on the adress label 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry in advance for any confusion that this might cause. #Litsylove

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks No worries!!! ❤️❤️ 3d
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The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily | David Levithan, Rachel Cohn
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I didn‘t enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Lily was irritating in this one! #holidayread #wintergames #teamnutcracker 21pts

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Perhaps it is my age, that I love to walk, that I love big cities. Or that one of my favorite people is an octogenarian who speaks with such eloquence that I stop and listen to anything she has to say.
...I loved this book!

#DearDecember @Eggs I‘m a day late for #AgingCharacters but this current read also matches today‘s #BlackGoldCovers

marleed @TheEllieMo and @AlwaysBeenALoverOfBooks Might I say this book (and I audio‘d some of it while walking) is mellifluous! 4d
Amiable This was one of my favorites from last year! I loved Lillian. 4d
NeedsMoreBooks Enjoyed this book 4d
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8little_paws Oh what a fun cover! 4d
MargaretPinardAuthor I did too, and I‘m 38 and in Portland OR..,I guess I am a city walking girl but don‘t think that had anything to do with appreciating the tender pathos in this book. 💗 4d
marleed @Amiable I‘ve had this on my shelves for a bit. There‘s something about finally grabbing a TBR book and then giving it a 5-star that makes it extra special. 4d
marleed @8little_paws I find myself just staring at the cover. I think it represents the book well. 4d
marleed @MargaretPinardAuthor You are close to the age of the author! I love how the author wrote a woman 50 years her senior! 4d
marleed @NeedsMoreBooks I‘m going to carry Lillian with me for a long time. 4d
Eggs Love everything about this! Beautiful cover 🖤🧡🖤🧡 4d
TheEllieMo @marleed everything about this looks like my kind of book! 4d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love Eleanor 💙 4d
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The Heiresses: A Novel | Sara Shepard
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Gonna read this next by Sara Shepard. #sarashepard #theheiresses

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