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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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MONDAY GOALS (no pupper but I‘ll make due with all the fur left over from dog sitting Dimples 🐶)📚☕️

#read #rest #recharge #repeat

AmyG Sounds wonderful! 7mo
UnidragonFrag Sounds great! I'm jealous! 7mo
PickingBooks So true! I love people but I also need to recharge on my own. 7mo
DGRachel This was totally me yesterday. Usually Bailey hangs out in the living room during the day, but yesterday she curled up on my bed while I read during the afternoon. ❤️ 7mo
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The Gilded Wolves | Roshani Chokshi
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Took some "me days" from work this week to recharge myself. Going to get some cleaning done later but for now, all I want is to chill with a book and some TV.
#selfcare #recharge #metime #alliwanttodoisread #longweekend

ravenlee Enjoy your time to yourself! Hope your batteries get a good spark. 7mo
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All Systems Red | Martha Wells
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It‘s probably bad that I‘m identifying strongly with Murderbot, isn‘t it? #recharge #introvertsunite #butseparately 😋

The Choosing | Rachelle Dekker
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Wonderful day at Gariepdam Nature Reserve. Was able to finish "The Choosing" & start on "Sense & Sensibility".
#awesomeview #sun #recharge #readingwithfriends

Sweet Nothings | T. Neilson
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An impromptu vacation day to do nothing is pretty dang awesome. #recharge

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Yay for Sunday! Chores done and time to begin a new book. Hope it's a good one. 🤞
#potterspicks #feetup #relax #recharge

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Just got back from a wedding. Now time to people detox.
#introvert #recharge

Liatrek Lol! Love it people detox 😊 I normally need about 24 hours of solitude after people overload🙉 3y
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How to Sit | Thich Nhat Hanh
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Perfect long weekend spot to #sit #reflect #restore #recharge

Burn Baby Burn | Meg Medina
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In a Litsian world full of book worms I'm almost afraid to confess that I had to take a break from reading altogether. But then I also realized (or hoped) that we have all gotten burned out from reading once in a blue moon. I went on vacation and didn't open a book for almost a week and a half and it's been great to full recharge. But now I'm ready to dive back in. #books #vacation #recharge

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Mommy needs a time out!

One kid has been all over me, literally hanging off the boob almost all day (and last night). Other kid will not listen to a thing I say which had led to tears from both of us. I am so done I even kicked my cat out of the room. I cannot handle being touched or noise anymore.

Being an introvert and a parent is one of my biggest challenges. They don't work well together...

#Introvert #Mommy #TimeOut #recharge #selfcare

brendanmleonard What do you think of these Fringe books? I'm a fan of Christa Faust's books that aren't tie ins and have been curious about them! 3y
britt_brooke I feel you on the introvert-parenting thing. I was definitely not prepared for how much talking was required! 😳😁 Hope tomorrow is better! 3y
haileybean I'm with you in the introvert parenting. My son is very extroverted and talkative, and I'm not. I'm exhausted by the time his dad comes home. 3y
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LiteraryinLititz Oh, I feel you! Hope you can have a little quiet time with a book to recenter. 3y
QuoteQueen @brendanmleonard this is the first I've read of the Fringe novels and it has me feeling kinda "meh" to be honest. Not bad writing, it's just not my genre so far. More catch-the-killer & less scifi/fringe feel. (Not enough drug use for something with Walter in it...yet!). ? I'm only halfway through so it's picking up. There have been some typos that annoy me though that an editor should have caught. ? 3y
QuoteQueen @britt_brooke @haileyhugsbooks it's the talking, touching, in my face constantly on top of feeling like I'm talking to a wall and being the ONLY one they come to when they need something or being the only one that does 90% of the childcare (my hubs has a lot of health issues so he's not always able to do it) & it's just gotten too much. Thankfully school starts tomorrow so I can get the break I need, consistently too! 3y
QuoteQueen Thanks @LiteraryinLititz I got a few moments to recharge. Not enough, but good enough to make it to my kids' first day of school. One starts kindergarten & the other preschool(ish...he's 2...almost). So I'll be getting more consistent recharging time. 😊 3y
Gezemice Oh I hope you get. break soon! Been there... you need time for yourself! 3y
QuoteQueen @Gezemice I sure do! I spend so much time taking care of everyone else I've forgotten me! I have plans to take more me time. 3y
BookishMarginalia May the force be with you 3y
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