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Finished the audiobook today!

Thank you @Ddzmini for the #ShortStorySwap book!

An epic tale through the Scottish highlands to gain his rightful inheritance!!!

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An interesting take on The Enchantress and a period of time that is missed in the animated tale. Wasn‘t too engaging; I picked it up and set it down again. Easy and quick reading, short chapters.

Thanks, again, to @Ddzmini and the #ShortStorySwap for the book!

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Thanks to @Ddzmini and the #ShortStorySwap, my book travelled safely over the vacation!!!

Love my new Star Wars droid scarf, featuring BB8, gifted to me on my birthday!!!

Ddzmini Your welcome 😋📖 books need safety too 😝 14mo
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Really excited to read this little Black Penguin- just 50 pages! I received this one from @Smarkies for my #shortstoryswap 🖤

#smallbooks #31bookpics @howjessreads Oops, I just realized I messed up the prompt :) I'll do #bigbooks on the 20th!

Skyrimir Love your shelves! 1y
howjessreads No worries, I‘m the one who originally messed up the prompt!! So there were two images floating around. :) 1y
ephemeralwaltz @howjessreads no worries! I just hadn't updated my screenshot! 1y
ephemeralwaltz @Skyrimir thank you!! 😍 1y
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I was visiting friend rather spontaneously, so I could only open the #tolkieniteswap now! Thank you so much @Readergrrl it all looks so amazing!!
When will you be able to open your package? Tracking says it has been delivered on last Monday, I think.


Readergrrl I have just arrived home to CT from Scotland today. Picking up my mail from my neighbor tomorrow!! I will post pics ASAP. So excited!! 1y
Sophoclessweetheart Beautiful!! 1y
jenniferw88 Hi Esther, please can you email me your address as i didn't write it down after the #shortstoryswap? I may or may not have found a little present for you for Christmas. My email address is irene_gulliver@yahoo.co.uk (there's an underscore between irene and gulliver!) 1y
DuckOfDoom @jenniferw88 😮 I feel honored!!! I will send you an email soon :) 1y
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Finally getting around to saying thankyou for my #ShortStorySwap gifts @LeeRHarry I love the choices you made. 2 of them are writers I haven‘t heard of but they sound fantastic. Thanks for your bravery and as I am sure you know, Earl Grey tea is my favourite.

LapReader @CSeydel thanks for organising and being patient with me. 1y
CarolynM I love all three of those books❤️ Hope you will enjoy them. Brilliant choices @LeeRHarry 👏 1y
LeeRHarry You‘re welcome! Hope you enjoy them! 😊 1y
LeeRHarry @CarolynM thanks 😊 1y
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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Bront
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Also included in my #shortstoryswap parcel were these absolutely adorable postcards. I LOVE THEM!!
Thank you again @BookishMe !!

Reviewsbylola So cute! 1y
LeahBergen The Brontë one! 1y
UwannaPublishme 😍👍🏻 1y
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Tanisha_A These are super duper adorable! 1y
Wan.der.love Adorable!! 😍 1y
BookishMe 💖❣️💖 1y
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Ghachar Ghochar | Vivek Shanbhag
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Home from vacation to a wonderful #shortstoryswap parcel from @BookishMe. It's amazing!
Look at all these gorgeous books! I love that you included a mix of authors, some familiar and some new-to-me. I loved the note explaining why you chose the books. And yay for coffee, tea, and snacks!
Thank you! Thank you!

LeahBergen There are some great reads here! 1y
LeahBergen That Malgudi Schooldays has caught my eye. 1y
Tanisha_A Wonderfully curated, @BookishMe! 1y
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BookishMe I am delighted you've finally received them and like the mix of books. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did/ expect to 💞📚💞 oh regarding that nut snack, not sure if it's still ok to consume cos it's been nearly, if not more than a month since I sent it. To play safe, it may be best not to consume it ;)) 1y
BookishMe @Tanisha_A thank you 💗 💗 it was such fun, and a little hard ;p, selecting them. So many wonderful choices to choose from ;p 1y
BookishMe @LeahBergen Ikr! I nearly wanted to keep that and send another Malgudi title ;p but I am getting same (striking) edition for myself. Have you read any of the Malgudi stories or RKN's books? 1y
CSeydel Yay! 1y
merelybookish @LeahBergen I know! I love Puffin classics. It says this one is only sold in the Indian Subcontinent and Singapore. 1y
merelybookish @Tanisha_A Agreed! The Asian titles are particularly fun to get! 1y
merelybookish @BookishMe I love it all! Thank you again. Do nuts go bad? I feel like I need to brave a taste! The packaging is so appealing! 1y
Tanisha_A @BookishMe @merelybookish I want to get to Ghachar Ghochar sometime soon. And that edition of Malgudi Schooldays is super cute, I may get that one too! 😆 1y
erzascarletbookgasm 😍 they look wonderful! 1y
LeahBergen @BookishMe I‘ve heard of the author but never read anything by him! I‘m a sucker for a good school story. 😄 1y
BookishMe Hey, I checked with the stall where I got the nuts. They are good up to months - phew! 😄 😄 1y
BookishMe @LeahBergen have you read this series? Endearingly hilarious 1y
LeahBergen @BookishMe Oh, that sounds good! *stacked* 1y
merelybookish @BookishMe Excellent! 😋 1y
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@ErinSueG and @CSeydel as you can see I received my #shortstoryswap package full of all this awesome short story stuff. Thank you so much it‘s all so great I can‘t wait to get into the books and use the bookmarks and other items you sent thank you again @ErinSueG 🙏 😋📖

ErinSueMreads I'm glad you like it 😘😘 1y
Ddzmini No like loven‘ it 😋😍 @ErinSueG 1y
CSeydel Oh I‘m so glad it arrived!! Thanks for participating 1y
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I really enjoyed this collection of short stories gifted to me by @Zelma for the #shortstoryswap recently. I loved how weird and sometimes disturbing these stories were, revolving around housewives and their often macabre hobbies. This isn‘t a book I had heard of before, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks again Zelma!

emilyhaldi I'm listening to this one audio right now.... Its bizarre! 1y
Zelma I‘m so glad you liked it! 👍 1y
MaggieCarr The neighbor one had me rolling on the floor laughing 1y
CindyE09 @MaggieCarr Haha me too and then that woman was mentioned in a later story! 1y
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