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Not sure if I read this particular one but everyone loves Mary Anne!

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Another fun outing with Nancy Drew. I didn't like it as much as others, but still found it entertaining.
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Librarybelle Agreed! 34m
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I am enjoying rereading the ND canon in correct order, but this one fell kind of flat for me. There were too many times I really had to suspend my disbelief (like how does the other Miss Drew just “happen“ to be at the same college as Ned?), and I think a new ND trope should be added: how many times is Nancy's father called away just when Nancy is in the most danger? Overall, though, a fun, light read and pick.
#NancyDrewBR @Librarybelle

Librarybelle That‘s a good point about Carson Drew! 34m
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Midnight Sun | Stephenie Meyer
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This has been on my book shelf for a few years. A whopping 756 pages!
Twilight was an iconic love story. I loved all the books and the movies. The books only told Bella‘s story but Midnight Sun tells Edward‘s version.
Starting on the first day they meet at school, the reader finds out unknown details about Edwards life, family and how his thoughts work.
It was so easy to immerse myself back into the world of vampires.

Come Find Me | Megan Miranda
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Another farmers market meant another Friends of the Library book sale #BookHaul

Hail, Hail, Camp Timberwood | Ellen Conford, Gail Owens
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From my preteen reading years 😊

#SummerSouls #CampCampfire

bookandbedandtea I love that you have so many of your childhood books. Other than the Nancy Drew books I think I only have 5-10 from earlier years. 6h
jdiehr This just gave me deja vu! I think I may have read this back in the day... 6h
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Perfect 👍🏻 📚 5h
willaful Oh man, I haven't thought of some of these titles in decades! 53m
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Crimson Bound | Rosamund Hodge
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The back of his neck was warm under her fingers as she pulled him into a kiss.
“Yes,” she said. “I‘ll stay. As long as you hold on to me. Yes.”
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Happy #AriMetDanteDay! Just as a reminder to any San Antonio littens, the movie is available to stream on Kanopy via mysapl but if your library uses Kanopy it‘s worth taking a look.

peanutnine I keep meaning to watch this! It's on Hoopla too I believe 5h
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#LittenDetectives : It‘s #NancyDrewBR time!

I posted 5 questions as spoilers. You can find them on my feed, the book‘s feed, or searching for the hashtags.

Did the length of this one seem shorter than the others we‘ve read so far? The pagination was different than the other ebook copies I read. It could be the version issue, but I was just curious.

I‘ll post the graphic for next month‘s book The Sign of the Twisted Candles tomorrow! Thanks!!

Laughterhp Oops! Haven‘t read this one yet but have it from the library. The 15th always sneaks up on me! 9h
Bookwormjillk It did seem shorter! 9h
Librarybelle No worries, @Laughterhp ! I actually have a reminder on my phone so I remember to post questions! 😂 7h
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Sace I have a full set of the physical books. For the most part they are 20 chapters with 174-178 pages, this one included (174 pages). So it didn‘t seem shorter to me. 7h
Librarybelle @Bookwormjillk The ebook edition I read was 10 pages shorter than the others. Weird! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 7h
Librarybelle Good to know, @Sace ! 7h
mrp27 That‘s so funny. For me it felt like this one dragged on! 3h
Librarybelle That is funny, @mrp27 ! To me, it was not as thrilling as some of the others we have read. 35m
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