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Reading is my sustinance.😋
No One Can Know: A Novel | Kate Alice Marshall

This is a good book. Three sisters dealing with a horrible past, forcibly coming together to piece it all together. I had guessed who the killer was early on BUT I changed it so many times because the book makes you change it over and over and over. I doubted myself. Two thrillers in a row, thrillers are on pause for me, for a while. 🥴

The Quiet Tenant | Clemence Michallon

All I can say is INTENSE! Didn‘t, wouldn‘t, couldn‘t put the book down. From the perspective of three women in a serial killer‘s life. Wow! 🤯 My anxiety was super high. I need to read something more mellow for the next round after this one 😅

Origin | Dan Brown

Where are we from? Where are we going? This book delves into those questions and more. This book is fiction but all the science and mentions of religion and religious groups are all facts. Awesomely put together, Dan Brown took a new, interesting and almost believable route to answering those questions. Without giving anything away, It kind of has this iRobot feel to it, for those of you who have seen that movie but way more awesome! FedEx??

Cinfhen FEDEX was cool!!! 5y
rretzler I‘ve had this on my TBR for a couple of years. I‘m finally going to read it this year 5y
LA1 @rretzler I think you‘ll like it ☺️ 5y
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This book was very slow and seriously dragged out, BUT for me and I can only say (for me), it was somewhat worth it. This is only the first book, as I have read the whole series (4 books long), and it can get very boring reading something so slow and dragged out to get to the good stuff but like I said it‘s somewhat worth it 😊 Speaking on book one only (no spoilers), it starts kind of Twilight-ish but that goes away😊

RaimeyGallant Interesting... 5y
LA1 I know right 😊 5y
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I LOVED this book and have read it many many times over. I don‘t want to spoil it for anyone but it is an awesome read. Amazing short stories that had me searching for the full stories.

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