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A Life Less Throwaway
A Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying for Life | Tara Button
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Now more than ever, we live in a society where we covet new and shiny things. Not only has consumption risen dramatically over the last 60 years, but we are damaging the environment at the same time. That is why buying quality and why Tara Button's Buy Me Once brand has such popular appeal. Tara Button has become a champion of a lifestyle called 'mindful curation' - a way of living in which we carefully choose each object in our lives, making sure we have the best, most classic, most pleasing and longest lasting - kettles, desks, pots & pans, scissors, coats and dresses, instead of surrounding ourselves with throwaway stuff and appliances with built-in obsolescence. Tara advocates a life that celebrates what lasts, what is classic and what really suits a person. There are 10 steps to master mindful curation and each is explained in this book, from understanding and using techniques to freeing yourself from external manipulations. Finding your purpose and priorities and identifying your core tastes and style. Learning how to let go of the superfluous and how to make wise choices going forwards. Mindful curation is a lifestyle choice that will make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled spiritual as well as helping save the planet.
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I liked this but it‘s one of those books I will always have reservations about.
The principal of buying good quality for life is great and our economy should be less throwaway but these sorts of books will always come from a place of extreme privilege.
Some of us literally can‘t afford to buy the quality stuff! With economic inequality abounding it is literally just not within our grasp.

Weaponxgirl As an example she recommends some headphones in her book so I looked them up since I need some new one. Yes Q9 for some that will last 20 years is good value but I simply can‘t afford it! It‘s just not feasible and I would be far too scared to take them out with me. 6mo
Weaponxgirl She does talk about usability but this will often be very different for people on lower incomes. I know many lower income people and I include myself in this for a very long time treat the disposable stuff as if it was the higher quality stuff as it‘s all we can do out of necessity. 6mo
Weaponxgirl I feel I‘m being unfair as it‘s unreasonable to expect a book like this to cover these areas in depth but at the same time it can lead to the sense of worthlessness and need to fill a void in some people that this kind of book is trying to counter. 6mo
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Weaponxgirl Overall if you are the target market with a disposable income that is looking to make more sustainable choices then this would be a good book for you but if you are struggling like hell this could make you feel worse. The sections on how to look for quality are quite useful too. 6mo
Crazeedi Good points, I always knew I should buy quality, but never had money to do so. I think maybe in earlier times things were just better made, so you bought a good item or you did without. We did without 6mo
Weaponxgirl @Crazeedi I agree, some of my most loved and used items are vintage things I‘ve picked up in charity shops that are just so well made. I‘ve always had guilt in the past about those things you can‘t do without but also can‘t get secondhand easily. I always want to buy the most sustainable and ethical option but mostly it was just out of my budget. 6mo
SW-T Have you read this one? I rethought some things after I read it. 6mo
Weaponxgirl @SW-T it‘s another one that‘s been on my radar for a while! It‘s an area I have been interested in for a long time. 6mo
Weaponxgirl @SW-T its something I‘ve felt bad about for a long time too, I‘ve never wanted to be a part of a system that is bad for the environment and abuses other humans. Have you seen this site? https://www.ethicalconsumer.org not sure how useful it is for outside the uk but I was reading this magazine from when I was 16 and a lot of it stuck with me 6mo
SW-T Yes, I‘ve seen it! I look at it sometimes along with https://betterworldshopper.org/ 6mo
Weaponxgirl @SW-T ohh thanks for that one! 6mo
Crazeedi @Weaponxgirl I have done a lot of thrift shopping, and also received hand me down furniture and appliances etc...hard times gives perspective and makes one appreciate the good things. Now I'm just not caught up in stuff anymore, just my books and my peaceful life! 6mo
Weaponxgirl @Crazeedi I‘m pretty much the same, just add my vinyl to that list. 6mo
Crazeedi @Weaponxgirl that's awesome 😉❤ 6mo
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Last purchase before a book buying break - I‘m so excited for this! #sustainablility

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Some interesting ideas.

bookaholic1 I always read, it helps with my chronic pain, that's for sure 11mo
dragondrool Yep. 11mo
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Wish I‘d found this app sooner! Going to document my book list. Book 1: Mindful curation is my new way of life!

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Conscious consumption is my new micro obsession.

Chelsea.Poole Same! 12mo
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