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The Suicide Motor Club | Christopher Buehlman
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Here's to my favorite part of #scarathlon -the bingos! My heartfelt thanks to everyone who fed my addiction... Er... Put together a board:
#Bookspinbingo @TheAromaofBooks
#littenlisten @aperfectmjk
#naturalitsy @AllDebooks
#afterdarkbingo and #bodycountbingo @PuddleJumper
#ispybingo @Clwojick and @TheAromaofBooks
#Falling4Books @Read4life
#litsyatoz (I forget! Sorry!!)
#cozymysterybingo @AnnR
I'm raising a pumpkin beer to you! 🎃🖤🥰

Larkken Tagged book provided the most bingos - but is otherwise a low pick. it really leans into the gore and there's some weird sex stuff that was a turn off and the end was oddly cut off? Anyway, not my fav. vampire book of the mouth, lol 🧛‍♀️ 8mo
AnnR 🎃👍🍁 8mo
AllDebooks Well done 👏 I love a bingo board too 😊 8mo
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TheAromaofBooks I LOVE bingos!!! I am totally here for all the bingo boards 😂 I'm already crafting some for #WinterGames as well because I have a problem!!! LOL 8mo
Larkken @TheAromaofBooks I can‘t wait!!! 8mo
Clwojick Me too!! I can‘t wait for all the WinterGames boards! 8mo
Read4life 🍁👻🎃 8mo
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My #Scarathlon Bingos came to 1261 points for Team #SpookyGhostClub 👻🖤👻

I had 2 complete blackout boards #AfterDarkBingo & #CozyMysteryBingo & a total of 51 bingo lines across the other 6: #AdultBookBingo #LittenListenBingo #WitchathonBingo BodyCountBingo #Falling4Books #AtoZReadathonBingo

I‘m not sure who all the bingo hosts are, so if I missed tagging you, just let me know.

Texreader Impressive!! 8mo
AnnR Way to go & thanks for participating. 🎃🙂📚👏 8mo
Read4life 🍁👻🎃 Thank you for participating in #Falling4Books 8mo
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Pumpkinheads | Rainbow Rowell
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5/5 ⭐️ A reread, but just as cute as the first time! 🧡
#scarathlon #BatBrigade

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Blood Scion | Deborah Falaye
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3.75/5 ⭐️ While I thought the ending was good, the majority of the book lacked the magic and power I thought this book would have. Check CW because this is based on child soldiers in Nigeria and it is very dark and grim #FoodandLit Nigeria 🇳🇬

#scarathlon #BatBrigade

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Untitled | Untitled
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AUTUMN CHILLS | Agatha Christie
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Second Half #Scarathlon points: 27,335!!! #SpookyGhostClub @Clwojick

Some great reads during this past week-ish. Knocked off several books from my #Roll100 list - I'm not going to get all 100 read by the end of the year, but I am hoping to focus on that list for November and get a BUNCH checked off!! Lock Every Door was my first Sager, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more. The Queen's Nose is one of my all-time favorites and was a ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) delightful reread. I was also excited to read Will Henry's latest collection of Wallace the Brave comics - I really love those!!

Thanks to all the challenge and readathon hosts - I've had a great time reading and tracking this month!!

#FangtasticReadathon @Catsandbooks
#20in4 @Andrew65
#FinalStretchReadathon @LiseWorks @StayCurious
#Rushathon @Andrew65 @DieAReader @GHAB14ROSES
#31by31 @Catsandbooks
#Spookoween @TheSpineView
Andrew65 A brilliant total, well done 👏👏👏 8mo
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Clwojick His books are a little hit or miss for me (3* or 5*), but this is definitely my favourite. 8mo
Librarybelle Hooray!!! 8mo
TheSpineView Great job! 8mo
AnnR Yay!!! 🎃👻📚 8mo
Catsandbooks Yay! 👏🏼 🧡🖤 8mo
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 8mo
DebinHawaii Woot! Awesome job! 👻🖤👻 8mo
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Bingo! | Rosemary Wells
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Tallying up all my bingos today. Thanks to the hosts for some fun prompts! 🎃👻🐈‍⬛
#AfterDarkBingo #BodyCountBingo @PuddleJumper
#Witchathon @TEArificbooks
#LittenListen @aperfectmjk

PuddleJumper 💙 💙 8mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#Scarathlon Bingo cards.

No full houses but quite a few lines:
#BodyCountBingo - 4 lines
#AfterDarkBingo - 2 lines
#BookishFirst - 2 lines
#ThrillerBookBingo - 2 lines
#OctoberBookwormBingo - 3 lines
#Spooktober - 1 line
#ISpy - 1 line
#BookishBingo - 2 lines
#HalloweenReadathon - 2 lines

380 points @StayCurious #TeamCreepinItReal


PuddleJumper Amazing! 8mo
StayCurious great job! 8mo
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Well now that I see it as a collective group it seems I went overboard on the bingos... 😅 #BatBrigade #Scarathlon

Texreader Loving that #scarathlonatozbingo card!! 8mo
LaraS @Texreader it's my first time attempting anything A to Z...and I gotta say it was probably the one I had the hardest time planning! 😅 Still had lots of fun doing it and snagged some points for our team though, so thanks for hosting! 😁 🌟 #BatBrigadeTeamMatesFTW 8mo
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Read4life 🥳🍁👻🎃 8mo
Texreader @LaraS It is so hard and I think that‘s why I do the yearly atoz and the ScarathlonAtoZ. It takes a lot of planning ahead! I‘m impressed you did really well with it. In October I “cheat” a bit by reading kids books, but of course that‘s a welcome practice for Scarathlon and all year. But I don‘t usually count kids books for my yearly atoz challenge. 8mo
Catsandbooks Awesome job! 👏🏼👏🏼 8mo
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Scarathlon | Litsy
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Read4life Wonderful 🍁👻🎃 8mo
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