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Look what came in my mail today!!! I was SUPER EXCITED!!! My oldest daughter has already tried to steal the socks 🤣! I absolutely LOVE my new coffee cup & the candle smells A-MAZING!!! Plus @ruthemmielang donated a tree in my name!!! How cool is that!?! We are #WildlifeWarriors at my house!!! Plus I can‘t wait to read my signed copy!!! Best mail EVER!!! #BeastsBoxGiveaway #AdventureAwaits #lovethis

DebinHawaii Congratulations! 🎉What a great prize! 👍👍😀 2y
AmyG That‘s just lovely. Enjoy! 2y
Suelizbeth The book cover!! 😻😻 2y
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ruthemmielang Yay!!! 😄✨Glad your daughter likes the socks 😂 2y
BilboBookends This box is AMAZING!!! Can‘t wait to get my hands on this read! 2y
SassyBookworm @ruthemmielang not only the socks! After I posted this she was trying to take everything! Everything is just so wonderful thank you again so very much!!! We plan to use the candle when we host our first Thanksgiving at our home! 2y
ruthemmielang You‘re welcome! Glad you like it 😊✨ 2y
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Thanks to everyone on Instagram and Litsy for sharing your beasts with me in the #BeastsBoxGiveaway and congratulations to the winners! (picked by random drawing)🐺💙 It was beautiful to see so many people sharing their love of animals with each other, and in this way, you guys truly embodied the spirit of the book itself.
Winners, please email your address to campfirereads@gmail.com and I‘ll get your box in the mail ASAP!

shendrix413 Yay!! Thank you so much! 2y
ruthemmielang @shendrix413 You‘re welcome! Thanks for playing 😊 2y
SassyBookworm Thank you sooooo much!!! I am super excited!!! This has made my day!!! 2y
ruthemmielang @Chrysta23 Thanks for playing! 😊💙🐺 2y
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Bel Canto | Ann Patchett
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It was all fine and dandy until I brought out the book. Then I got that "must you?" look. What's a mother to do???‍♀️
#catsoflitsy #beastsboxgiveaway

Tanzy13 🐱 2y
DebinHawaii That is quite the look! 🤣🐱❤️ 2y
TricksyTails 😻♥️ So shiny and gorgeous! 2y
Dolly @DebinHawaii for creatures that don't talk, their eyes speak volumes. @TricksyTails It's all in the angle of the light. Sometimes I look at her and think OMG look at all the dirt, dandruff dust in that fur! 2y
TricksyTails 😹😹😹😹 2y
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This is Sneakers, a former beauty queen and current volunteer at my library's "Read With Me" program. She and her handler, Bonnie have been volunteering at the library for 10 years, providing children with nonjudgmental ears to listen to the countless stories they read.
#BeastsBoxGiveaway @ruthemmielang

AlaMich I think those programs are awesome!! 🐶 2y
BookMaven407 💜🐶 2y
hermyknee Wonderful!!! 2y
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Tanzy13 🐶 2y
MarriedtoMrT 😍 2y
AmyG Awwwww 2y
Leftcoastzen That‘s wonderful! 2y
hgrimes Too sweet. I used to read books to my guinea pig, Squeaky. 2y
ruthemmielang So cute! Sneakers is a great name, too 2y
Bookzombie That‘s so sweet! 2y
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My little beast. 💚
Thank you for the chance. :)

MaleficentBookDragon Great face! 😻 2y
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My adorable little beast, Dallas ❤️ Thank you for the giveaway @ruthemmielang 📚📚📚 #beastsboxgiveaway

BookBabe 😍 what a little cutie! ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
CouronneDhiver Aw❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Leftcoastzen Ohhhh ,So Cute! 2y
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dragondrool Dallas still gets my ugly sweater vote. 2y
Bookworm83 @dragondrool He was super cute in his ugly sweater! 2y
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Great looking prize pack with Blackadder reference, couldn't resist! So here's my favorite beast, Miss Coraline. #beastsboxgiveaway @ruthemmielang #catsoflitsy #petsoflitsy

tammysue She's a pretty girl 2y
Betty Beautiful coloring 2y
kalinichta @Betty Thank you. I've always felt she was unique. 2y
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Here‘s my beast, Brando!! He‘s a character! #BeastsBoxGiveaway

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Here‘s my favorite beast practicing his paw work. #BeastsBoxGiveaway

Tanzy13 🐱 2y
Zelma 😻 I love when they cross their paws. 2y
umbrellagirl Fantastic beasts and where to find them 🙂 2y
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Here‘s another “beast” I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago! He looks just like how I imagined the wolves in Weylyn‘s pack 😊💙🐺 Tag your beast with #BeastsBoxGiveaway and be entered into a drawing to win a BEASTS gift box! (Sorry, U.S. only) Go to www.campfirereads.com for a list of prizes

NovelGirl82 Gorgeous!! I love wolves!! 2y
TricksyTails 😍♥️😍♥️ Beautiful!! I volunteered at a wolf sanctuary and it was the best experience EVER. Amazing animals. 2y
kamoorephoto What a beauty!! 🐺🐺💕💕 2y
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azulaco Gorgeous! 2y
Tanzy13 🐶 2y
mjdowens What a beauty! I love those long legs. 🐺 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 So awesome! Wolves are beautiful animals. In my culture they are thought of as Gods. My uncle hunted but would never shoot a wolf. Sacred animals 2y
ruthemmielang @TricksyTails You‘re did??!!! Oh man, that sounds awesome! 2y
ReadingRover Wolves are so cool!!! 2y
ruthemmielang @ForeverNerdy Cool! What culture? 2y
JenReadsAlot Beautiful animal! 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 @ruthemmielang ❄️ Inuit ❄️ my fathers side of my family 2y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Beautiful being❤️ 2y
ruthemmielang @ForeverNerdy Wow! That‘s awesome! 2y
MaleficentBookDragon Beautiful!😍 2y
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