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Hope you all got to catch the pilot episode tonight! I thought it was fabulous! I am now eagerly awaiting the next episode! I was also pleasantly surprised by the slightly creepy factor 😏 If you have watched it yet make sure that you do! Let me know what you think!

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GingerAntics I‘m going to have to wait until the whole thing is released, so I can binge watch it during the preview period. 1mo
Lidia I did watched it tonight! I‘m a big fan of the books and hope they do them justice. The first chapter was good. I really liked James McCavoy as Lord Asriel. 1mo
emmaturi I really enjoyed it! Good choices in actors for each character! 1mo
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Laughterhp Should I wait until I‘ve read all the books to watch it? I‘ve only just recently read the 1st book and don‘t want to spoil things for me! 1mo
Caroline2 I really enjoyed. I just wish the BBC would put the whole series on iplayer so I could binge the lot!! 😆 1mo
LibrarianRyan I watched 1/2 and fell asleep. I loved what i saw so far. I am going to finish it later tonight. 1mo
SassyBookworm @GingerAntics I definitely understand that I want to see e next episode sooo bad!!! 1mo
SassyBookworm @Lidia yes I thought he played a fabulous Lord Asriel! I need to read the other books since I‘ll I‘ve read was The Golden Compass as a kid so I think a reread is definitely in order! 1mo
SassyBookworm @emmaturi I agree the actors are fabulous! And I loved the cute little guy who plus Roger! 1mo
SassyBookworm @Laughterhp I have only read the first book and it was just a small ways in so I think you‘ll be fine, I plan on rereading book 1 and actually reading the others in the series 1mo
SassyBookworm @Caroline2 Amen to that! I love being able to binge watch stuff bc the anticipation til the next episode is killing me! 1mo
SassyBookworm @LibrarianRyan my oldest wants to watch it so I‘ll get to rewatch it with her! I‘m so excited! 1mo
LibrarianRyan @SassyBookworm Yeah. I love this book. I wonder if they will do a book a season? Even though from the first 30 minutes I saw things that were not in the original book that might be in the Book of dust. But I have not read that yet so I don't quite know. 1mo
GingerAntics It looks really good...and it‘s not like I don‘t know what happens. lol 1mo
SassyBookworm @LibrarianRyan I need to do a reread it‘s been soooo long ago when I read it. A book a season would be good but that means only 3 seasons 😔 1mo
LibrarianRyan @SassyBookworm not if they include the book of dust series. And they could do what GoT did and go past the books. Not that that was the worlds best idea. 1mo
SassyBookworm @LibrarianRyan ohhh I had no clue there was an extra book! I really need to get more in the know 🤦🏼‍♀️ 1mo
LibrarianRyan @SassyBookworm Yes there is a new spin off series. The book of dust starts before Golden Compass, but is mostly about life after the original series (I think I have not read it yet, and the newest book is the Secret Commonwealth. 1mo
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5/5 Stars - I read this book a few years ago and LOVED it. There are a few things that I realize now (having read a bunch of thrillers) that required the reader to make assumptions and the ending wrapped up extremely quickly, but this is still one of my favorites! The characters are dark and twisty and it‘s such a compelling, quick read. I highly recommend both the book and the #hbo series. The finale aired tonight. Did you watch it? #jpbookreview

Cathythoughts I read the book ✅. Have only just started the series on telly. So far it‘s good..... 1y
LibrarianRyan Yes!!!! Such a good show. I actually liked it. I won‘t lie. I hated Gone Girl 1y
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TheAliceEvers Cracking photo!! 😃 1y
huntersmom1977 Omg!! That ending tho!! Got me good 1y
lele1432 I loved this one too! I missed the finale last night so I'll be watching tonight. I'm glad the series stayed so close to the original storyline. 1y
ephemeralwaltz Still haven't watched the finale!!! Hoping to tonight or tomorrow! 1y
Crimson613 There's a TV series?!? :00 also I've been meaning to read this since I first picked up gone girl, glad to know it's a good read 1y
melsimpson Oh wow. I love this book ❤ 1y
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