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Nachfolge Christi (1839) | Thomas Von Kempis, Thomas Johannes Gossner
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An 1839 German edition of Imitation of Christ that, from what I can tell, was given to my second great grandfather Hindermann in 1873, when he was around 16.

LeahBergen Cool! 6mo
Seshat Thanks, @LeahBergen @tpixie I wanted to have a picture of the inscription, too, but Litsy only allows one picture. 6mo
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Merry Christmas, Everyone! 🎄🎁 May everyone have a glorious #bookhaul and receive lovely bookish accessories!

BookwormAHN Merry Christmas 🎄 11mo
Ericalambbrown @BookwormAHN Merry Christmas to you as well! 11mo
Mollyanna Merry Christmas 🎄. Nice book haul! 11mo
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AnneCecilie Merry Christmas 🎄 11mo
rubyslippersreads I have that same electric kettle and love it. 😊 11mo
Ericalambbrown @Mollyanna @AnneCecilie Merry Christmas 😊 11mo
Ericalambbrown @rubyslippersreads excellent! I‘ve used it twice today and an really happy with it so far! 😊 Glad to have a good review 11mo
Redwritinghood Merry Christmas!🎄🎁 11mo
Ericalambbrown @Redwritinghood and to you as well! 🎄💕 11mo
Reggie Merry Christmas!!🎄🎁 11mo
Ericalambbrown @Reggie you, too, Reggie! I hope you had a fantastic holiday! 11mo
deadrabbitsbooks Merry Christmas! 🎄 11mo
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This cookbook was so worth the $4 I paid for it, and it's in almost new condition! And it has absolutely beautiful pictures in it! This is Pierino's Bell Peppers, one of our favorite recipes from the cookbook. #ilovetocook

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My most recent Thriftbooks order arrived today, and I am soooo excited about this one! It's in almost brand new condition. You should see the beautiful pictures in this cookbook! Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so this came just in time for me to add some of these recipes to my menu for the week! #ilovetocook

DePaepe This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! 12mo
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Frantically trying to finish this #crochet afghan for my mother-in-law in time for Christmas. Her Grandma made the #grannysquares decades ago. I found the tote stacked with gorgeous grannies about 4 years ago, just sitting there, and told her I would be honored to finish it. Weaving ends, blocking, connecting, having babies, #breastfeeding sore wrists has all occured but I'm almost done!😀 #audiobook #heirloom

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All of these #artbooks deal with antique porcelain from China and Japan, both fiction and non-fiction. #artrelatedbooks

LeahBergen I have the bottom two on my TBR 😬 3y
britt_brooke Nice photo. 📷👌🏻 3y
Tsubame @LeahBergen The Hare with amber eyes is fantastic!! 3y
EvieBee @LeahBergen I've been meaning to get to these for a long time! Probably in my next Japanophile phase. 3y
EvieBee @britt_brooke Thank you! 😚 3y
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Thumbelina | Kathleen Olmstead, Linda Olafsdottir
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Did you know that I create custom bookmarks? You can request your own design and I will make you an heirloom.
That's right....just message me. Taking orders for the holidays now. I also have some left over from my IG sale. I hope everyone has a great week. #custom #thumbelina #heirloom #bookmark #bookmarks

DeborahSmall Do you post to Ireland? Where can I get details to order if you do? 💖 3y
the_alternate_ending_library I apologize @DeborahSmall I just saw your post. I have yet to shop international but if your willing to pay the shipping then I'm willing. ❤️ 3y
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DeborahSmall No not on instagram just twitter and FB 3y
the_alternate_ending_library Are you interested in the one pictured? Would you like me to send some of the ones available via email? @DeborahSmall 3y
DeborahSmall Send me pics of the ones you have available, I was thinking Alice in Wonderland and any other fairytale themed ones. My email is, deborahhill1422@yahoo.com 3y
the_alternate_ending_library Will do! I have yet to do Alice ones but if and when I do I will make sure to send you pics. @DeborahSmall 3y
the_alternate_ending_library I emailed you @DeborahSmall thank you for your time. Any questions please let me know. 💞 3y
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