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It‘s about time. SOMEBODY needed to catch that guy. 😬😖 😄

dabbe 😂😂😂 4w
Aimeesue OMG, I pulled a bunch of ancient, yellowed, foxed mass market PBs out of my LFL today. Not sure who thinks anyone is still reading Sidney Sheldon‘s pulp, but they need to stop! 😂 4w
CSeydel Around here, these days, they just clean out the boxes - drive around, take everything and leave them all empty. I think they sell them at the flea market? but who knows. Annoying 4w
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AmyG Hahahahaha! 4w
KadaGul My friend and I regularly fill LFLs and move books around. It blows our mind what people think LFL is. Like we found trash 🚮, books in poor shape(If someone doesn't have courage to pitch their books in dumpster that doesn't mean they live the world to help them do it ) heavy books 📚 (if there is no weight limit doesn't mean you can dump 19th Century encyclopedia) C'Mon People 😔😖😫😵‍💫🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 4w
Gissy Wow! Many things happening in those LFL😳 4w
LeahBergen 😂😂 4w
Amiable @Aimeesue Totally agree! 😄 4w
Amiable @CSeydel That‘s so obnoxious and rude! I know the libraries are “free,” but that‘s basically stealing. 4w
Amiable @KadaGul Right? It sucks when people think of the LFLs as trash receptacles. 😖 4w
Aimeesue @CSeydel @Aimiable LFL raiders are everywhere. Some of them use barcode scanners to determine if a book‘s worth reselling or not. Stewards really have to develop strategies to deter them, like spacing out when you add recent titles and not adding whole series at one time. Not much you can do about the religious tracts and racist political pamphlets, but that last one was solved when that neighbor moved. 😂 4w
KadaGul @Aimeesue My friend's LFL is being used as Pop-Up Used bookstore. I told her & sent her ARCs, bc majority of bookstore won't take it. It's just a shame what's stewards have to do. My friend & I have a box of books 📚 in our car 🚘.I have few LFLs that I visit regular few by the libraries, office, City Hall, grocery 🏬. I have seen few LFLs that found traction bc LFLs was being replenished. It's not just stewards job to replenish but communities. 4w
Aimeesue @KadaGul Community involvement is key! Someone in my neighborhood puts a lot of ARCs in mine as well - definitely appreciated! People seem to have a very hard time disposing of books, no matter how outdated or dilapidated they are. I‘m perfectly comfortable tossing them for those folks! 4w
KadaGul @Aimeesue I do the same w/ tossing people trash 🚮 out. I see LFL and I start organizing it. Books 📚 give us so much love ❤️ and joy 🥹, they should be respected🫡. #Booklover #LFL 4w
Amiable @KadaGul @Aimeesue You guys are awesome! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 What areas do you live in/patrol for LFL? 4w
KadaGul @Amiable i lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years so around North Hills, Cranberry, Evan City. My friend's nephew LFL is in North Hills. Then we went to Columbus, OH and went around. Then I live and moved back recently Barrington, IL. So NW Suburbs of Chicago. 4w
Amiable @KadaGul Nice! My husband grew up in Arlington Heights —is that kind of near you? 4w
KadaGul @Amiable Yes , Arlington Heights is near us. Do you visit Chicagoland? 4w
Aimeesue @Amiable I‘m right outside of DC, in Alexandria VA. We‘re a block away from an elementary school, so I focus on kids‘ books 4w
Amiable @KadaGul My in-laws live in Chicago now—we visit every few years. 4w
Amiable @Aimeesue My youngest son went to College Park —I love the DC area! He lives in Baltimore now, though. 4w
Aimeesue @Amiable We love going to Baltimore! I even made the whole family visit the Poe residence/apartment there! 4w
Amiable @Aimeesue We love Baltimore, too! So many people cringe and say, “But … ‘The Wire‘…” when we tell them our son lives there. It‘s so much more than that TV show from 20 years ago. 🙄 4w
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Finally got my #LFL up and filled!!!

🔨🪚: The Mr. 😁

marleed It‘s beautiful! 4mo
TheBookgeekFrau @marleed Thank you 😊 Though I can only take credit for the idea and the books 😆 4mo
TieDyeDude 😍 Great work! 4mo
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dabbe Lovely! 🤩🤩🤩 4mo
TheBookgeekFrau @TieDyeDude Thanks! 💕 4mo
TheBookgeekFrau @dabbe 🤍🤗❤️ 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love it!! 4mo
bthegood beautiful - 4mo
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Hit the Friends of the Library Fall sale

The shorter stack is for me; the rest are for my #LFL which is on schedule for a November 1 launch 😁

LiteraryinLawrence What a successful book sale! And that‘s so exciting you‘re doing a LFL. 5mo
TheBookgeekFrau @LiteraryinLawrence Huge success!! I'm so excited about my LFL - I have wanted to do one since I moved to my current home 3 1/2 years ago. This weekend is all about getting the post installed which means a lot of digging 😫😅 5mo
bookandbedandtea What a great haul! And yay for starting at LFL! 👏🏻 5mo
TheBookgeekFrau @bookandbedandtea I'm so excited about it, you'd think I was opening a business or something 😂😁 5mo
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Barrington Area Library | Barrington, IL (Library)

Does anyone know where to get ONLY ARC's for sale or for a discount? My friend's LFL is being used as POP UP BOOK-SALE. Where books are being picked up but never replenished. #LFL #ARC.

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Decorated my LFL for Halloween! Also added “Coraline” & other deliciously scary books. Bucket list item completed! 10 points for my list. #Scarathlon #lfl #TeamWhoYaGonnaCall #bucketlist

Melismatic Love it! 5mo
FlynnDewey This is awesome! 5mo
SomedayAlmost Thanks! Being a LFL steward is super fun. There‘s only like 10 people in my neighborhood using it consistently, but it‘s a start… 5mo
bthegood 💕 💕 5mo
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Walkabout | Charles and Elsa Chauvel
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After dinner walk with daughter and granddaughter and I scored at my neighborhood #LFL 👍🏼👍🏼

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Happy Little Free Library Week! Perfect time to visit a new or favorite LFL near you. Enjoying the one we co-steward near us. #lfl

IndoorDame Love that there‘s a little free library week!!! Been meaning to visit the one in my neighborhood, I‘ll have to try and find time in the next few days 😊 10mo
SomedayAlmost @IndoorDame Awesome. If you have the LFl app, you can also see ones in any area that offer banned books. 9mo
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It's obvious there was a decade-long break in the publication of this series, given the technology mentioned, but I do just love the characters and their circumstances. The perfect escape. #womensfiction #contemporaryfiction #boardingschool

KadaGul @kissmehardy I absolutely love ❤️ #JennyColgan. Funny story, my friend got the 📖 from #LFL and after that BOTH of Us started to collect her 📚. 10mo
kissmehardy @KadaGul I love Polly's books and the Scottish bookshop books the best! 10mo
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#TemptingTitles Day 13: #WithHeart - more book haul from the ongoing Big Bad Wolf book sale in Dubai. 📚📚📚

tokorowilliamwallace Nice, I still gotta get to my Deb Colletti volume. I made a haul of 5 books from an #lfl last night---plays, modern classic, historical romance, mystery, and Colson Whitehead. Traded in two nonfiction, Mentors by a celebrity, and a self-help, The Potential Principle. 11mo
TracyReadsBooks My IRL book club read A Heart in a Body in Body in the World and our discussion of it was the single most intense, emotional, personal, rewarding of any book we‘ve read. Everyone loved it, everyone had something to say 11mo
Eggs 💖💕💗 11mo
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Braiding Sweetgrass | Robin Wall Kimmerer
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A beautiful love note to the Earth and all of its beings. Filled with gratitude for what the Earth provides and how humans can be better to reciprocate. 100/10. Recommended reading for absolutely everybody. My copy is full of sticky notes and annotations, so good.

KadaGul @kera_11 My friend has #LFL/#LITTLEFREELIBRARY n as a steward she won 🔟 copies of #BraidingSweetgreat 🥰😍🙏 11mo
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