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Taking a break from reading tonight to bing this! 😍 I discovered the new episodes while searching for The Princess Bride movie. (My daughter asked me what The Princess Bride was!! 😱 #ParentingFail ) I totally plan on rectifying this grievance!

GingerAntics If you can find someone who streams The Princess Bride, let me know. I couldn‘t find it on anything I had (Netflix, Hulu, STARZ, Tubi). I added it to my wish list on VUDU. 13mo
Literary_Siren @GingerAntics I looked through all the same services and couldn‘t find it. I‘m going to buy it on iTunes tomorrow. It‘s only $9.99. 13mo
GingerAntics Oh it‘s cheaper on iTunes. I didn‘t think to look there. Thanks for that. 13mo
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Melissa_J That show is a hit in this house, too. My daughter has been binge watching season five the last few days. 13mo
Literary_Siren @GingerAntics You‘re very welcome! 13mo
Shaneyney Where can you watch this? I love janette oak 13mo
Literary_Siren @Shaneyney Netflix has season 1-5! (edited) 13mo
Shaneyney Is it similar to the “love comes softly “ seriess? 13mo
Literary_Siren @Shaneyney I have no idea. I‘ve never read any of her books and I usually don‘t watch shows like this but I got hooked on the first episode of the first season and now I can‘t get enough! 13mo
Sweetkokoro I have The Princess Bride on dvd and my daughter has watched it plenty of times with me (I made sure she knew what it was) and she finds me crazy for knowing majority of it word for word. And she still doesn‘t seem to understand my love for this movie haha. Hopefully your little one will enjoy it! 12mo
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Unbury Carol: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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What I think vacation mornings will be like: leisurely time spent drinking coffee and reading with my fav people on the planet 🌍 What vacation mornings are actually like: my youngest repeatedly explains to me that he can‘t eat a carrot muffin because it has RAISINS (#parentingfail) and KETCHUP (I‘m finding this one harder to credit but he will not be swayed by logic)

Thousand-Lives Haha this sounds all too familiar! 1y
scripturient Ha, this was exactly my vacation. 🙈😂 #mommysolidarity 1y
jillannjohn Yep been there with the raisins. 🙄 1y
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Caroline2 Yep, sounds like my two! I feel your pain! 🙄 1y
Suelizbeth But raisins is a legitimate reason. I hate raisins. 1y
thebookbutterfly1 Lol raisins are the worst so I know the struggle 1y
Reggie Omg, I used to hate raisins. 🤮story coming up. One time my aunt was taking care of me when I was 3or4 and I threw up raisins. Neither of us knew where they came from. I hadn‘t eaten any that day. Sorry. Anytime someone mentions raisins that‘s what gets remembered. Lol 1y
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Tonight on the Titanic | Mary Pope Osborne
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Finishing up the 7y.o.'s reading homework and summary sheet. Anyone else notice in the Magic Tree House books that these kids are able to successfully sneak out of their house multiple times at different times of the day without their parents ever noticing?? They're like 7 and 8 years old! #parentingfail

Notafraidofwords This is why I find Dora disturbing sometimes. lol. Where are her parents. 3y
BeththeBookDragon My 7 year old has been reading these in class, and YES! Like Max and Ruby... Where are the parents?! 3y
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