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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
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My current read is by a #latinxauthor and I can't get over the prettiness of this book! 😍 The cover is gorgeous and the detailing is so nice; there's even this cool sugar skull pressed into the front cover! #feistyfeb #restingwitchface

8leagueboot That hashtag 👌🔮 3y
Zelma I love the indentation on the cover. Very cool! 3y
courtneybee I just got this book, but I hadn't checked out the cover under the jacket yet. so cool! 3y
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BibliophileMomma I really enjoyed this book! 3y
bookwrm526 I read the ebook so I didn't know about the indentation!! 3y
Merethebookgal @Tiffness83 I'm liking it so far! 3y
Merethebookgal @bookwrm526 That is one downside of ebooks, but they are so much more portable! 3y
Merethebookgal @Zelma @courtneybee It's really cool! Whoever designed this book did a great job! 3y
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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
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This is what I'm #currentlyreading and Córdova just used the term "resting witch face," which may be my new favorite term ? #riotgram #restingwitchface #roguebookbingo

Elisa 😄😄👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 3y
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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
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#ElDiaDeLosMuertos is the PERFECT day to be reading #ZoraodaCordova's #LabyrinthLost. Working on my #restingwitchface whole reading. #ownvoices #spookyya #ya #LitsyFeature

read_diverse_books Gorgeous pic! And I appreciate the candy too. 😋 3y
Yawednesdays @read_diverse_books thank you! I'm still appreciating the candy 😉 3y
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Sitting outside (!!) with a pumpkin spice latte getting my #RestingWitchFace on tonight because it's BEAUTIFUL here—70° and low humidity. Perfect reading weather even at night. ????

These books have been on my TBR forever. I told myself I'd read them once the last book in the trilogy came out, but I still haven't touched them. ? I am fixing that tonight. I've heard so many wonderful things about them. ?✨

#booksnbucks #giveascarybook

AshleyS They're really good. I still have to read the third one, but can't really remember what happened in the first two. A reread may be in my future. 3y
brilliantglow I really enjoyed this series! 3y
frankincense_and_sensibility Yessssssss I can't wait to hear what you think! 3y
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BethFishReads Really liked these books. Great in audio too 3y
sprainedbrain Love that book! I still need to read the third one. 😍 3y
TaylorMay Ooh it was nice here today too! Same exact story with these books. Maybe this will be my Halloween read... 🎃 3y
BibliOphelia Loved this series - flew through from beginning to end like a madwoman. Can't wait for more from her! 3y
Minispok I really loved this series! 3y
wildfireheart Some of my absolute favourite books! 3y
NovelGirl82 I've been saying the same thing since I bought the last one, but I haven't ready them yet. 3y
BookWarriorPrincess93 It's a great read so far😎. Im on the first book😊. 3y
BookishFeminist @BookWormPrincess93 Glad you're enjoying it! How far are you into it? 3y
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I've got #RestingWitchFace this weekend (👀 and every weekend tbh). Ain't no party like a #WitchLit party. 💀🎃🍁🍂


SuperPunkNinja 😆😆😆 3y
LauraBeth Once I interviewed a young woman and at the end of it she said, "I know I probably seem unenthusiastic but I just have resting b face." So I hired her ? 3y
Jess_Read_This So much 💕 for this stack of #witchlit! @LauraBeth That is an awesome story! I love her candor! 3y
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BookishFeminist @LauraBeth That's awesome!! Good for you/her. Us ladies with resting b face don't get a lot of love when interacting with others sometimes! 3y
BookishFeminist @Jess_Read_This 💜💚💜💚 love witch lit!! 3y
thelizflynn 😍😍😍 sooo many!! 3y
Shortstack You're not the only one with #restingwitchface 3y
Sue Nice stack!! 3y
DeborahSmall I have a pretty constant #restingbitchface, when I first met my husband he nicknamed me just 'face' for short. My facial expressions have a mind of their own... 3y
BethM I loooove the All Souls Trilogy! 3y
beaniebankbeth @BookishFeminist that sign looks familiar. 🤔😉 3y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Great photo!! 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Lots of fantastical reads in that stack! 🎃🎃👻👻😈😈🕸🕸 3y
moranadatter Witch lit is best lit 😍 3y
LeahsBookNest Love this!!! 3y
ferskner This is gorgeous! 3y
EnidBiteEm @LauraBeth @BookishFeminist @DeborahSmall Ha! If one more person asks me what is wrong when I am thinking perfectly happy book thoughts ... 😬😠 3y
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Hardest decision I've ever made.

•April Ludgate—she's sarcastic, introverted, & loves creepy stuff but also loyal, secretly sentimental, & into animals. 🙎🏻
•Prof McGonagall—she is #restingwitchface perfection & won't take your shit. 💀
•Will Graham from Hannibal—his intuition needs to take a chill pill sometimes, he's introverted, figures people out for a living, & also he collects dogs like it's ndb. 🐕


BookishFeminist Runners up: Wednesday Addams (but 🙅🏻 spiders), Danaerys Targaryen & Margaery Tyrell (strong & into social justice but too power hungry for me, I'm competitive but don't want a literal army lol), Atticus Finch from TKAMB (NOT from GSAW), Hannah from Rat Queens 3y
Alfoster Who doesn't love Atticus Finch?? 3y
BookishFeminist @Alfoster Right?! Love him. 3y
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alohabetty I chose Ollena Tyrell as one of my three when I did this on another site. Who can resist The Queen of Thorns? I love her so much. 🌹 3y
Onceuponatime Good ones! This challenge is too hard for me, I've been thinking about mine for days. 🤔 I like yours though. 👊🏼 3y
katedensen I *almost* put April Ludgate on my list! She's definitely a close fourth. 3y
princessapr I chose April, Daria, and the Hulk. 3y
chaoticgoodhufflepuff All the love for Professor McGonagall! 3y
Imagineannie Nice! 3y
BookishFeminist @alohabetty Love Ollena Tyrell! I could've put her too TBH. So calculating. 3y
BookishFeminist @Onceuponatime Thanks!! Yea this took forever for me to think of and I ultimately went with the most realistic choices since the GOT characters I am very similar to don't have my life goals lol. It's so hard! 3y
BookishFeminist @katedfisher You picked great ones! I keep having people tell me I am April so I had to include her 💀 3y
BookishFeminist @princessapr the hulk! 😂😂 I almost picked she-hulk 3y
BookishFeminist @krysannethemums Yes she's amazing! She doesn't get enough love but she's so badass! 3y
katedensen @BookishFeminist Aw thanks! I once jokingly asked my former work husband which television character I was most like. After my indignant sputtering at his response of Hannah Horvath, he said he was joking and that I was most like April, "but in the later seasons when she worked hard and started giving a shit." ? 3y
BookishFeminist @katedfisher Hannah Horvath?! 😂😂 I used to have people tell me I was April before I even started watching the show so I am just taking it as a sign. I think it means I have reached peak fascination with all things morbid and introverted lmao 3y
katedensen @BookishFeminist I think he just said it to piss me off and because he is mostly unfamiliar with NYC and thought everyone our age in NYC must be like the fictionalized Lena Dunham. 3y
BookishFeminist @katedfisher 😒😒 obviously! (Not) Couldn't be further from the truth! I couldn't relate to that show at all. 😳 Glad it was meant as a joke at least! 3y
LauraBrook These are all awesome! April Ludgate-Dwyer rules! 3y
Larkken Nice! I had to prof McGonagall myself, too 😅 3y
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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
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Here's my #restingwitchface with this wonderful, magical book!

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