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A Taste of Honey | Kai Ashante Wilson
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I loved this book! It's a fantasy novella with a gorgeous m/m romance and a definite Nebula Award contender. I'm hosting a #giveaway on my blog if you want to try your luck!

Giveaway: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-1cF

#Litsygram #lgbt #sff #fantasy #readingoutside #Litsyfeature

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The Mothers: A Novel | Brit Bennett
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I remember when this book came out and tons of people on Litsy were stacking it and choosing it for Book Of The Month. My review is FINALLY up 😅 I personally loved it, though some people expressed disappointment. I loved the characters and all their drama. 😌 I hope this book is only the start of Brit Bennett's long literary career.

#diversebooks #literaryfiction #hardcovers #reading #Litsygram

Full review: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-11H

Theresa Beautiful photo! 3y
Chachic How cool is that bookish tote bag that matches the cover. 3y
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Girl Out of Water | Laura Silverman
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Have you heard about Girl Out Of Water by Laura Silverman? I got an ARC last week and am going to be reading it with a few other people on Twitter and sharing thoughts & impressions using the #GOOW hashtag. If you happen to have an ARC, you should join us!

#ya #yafantasy #Litsygram #Litsyfeature #readingoutside

Chachic What a lovely outdoorsy book shot! 3y
Nafiza Naz upping his book photag game. So jealous. 3y
Librariana I was so glad to learn about this book from Janani @theshrinkette 😊 and now to see you recommend it as well gives me all the feels! 😄 I was so very disappointed when I learned what people were doing to her Goodreads ratings. Outrageous and absolutely unacceptable! I added it to my TBR immediately and can't wait to purchase it! 3y
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Swing Time | Zadie Smith
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moranadatter ❤️💗💛💚💙💜 3y
Mc_cart_ny So pretty! 3y
Aquedita Thank you, it did cheer me up after an exhausting weekend :) 3y
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BooksForEmpathy I love this!! Thanks for sharing! 3y
kspenmoll Love color!📚📚 3y
britt_brooke Beautiful! 3y
britt_brooke Lovely!! 3y
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It had been too long since I put up a review on Litsy. And I didn't even notice, so here's a second review back to back! The Education Of Margot Sanchez comes out on 2/21/2017. I loved it! 4.5/5

Full review on my blog: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-10A

#ya #yacontemporary #diversereads #diversebooks #Litsygram

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5/5 because it made me cry and I love the characters and don't mind fluffy romance. 😍😍
Will try to write a full review this weekend.

#diversebooks #Ya #yacontemporary #Litsygram #reading

Nafiza This is next on my list. I'm loving Margot Sanchez so much. 3y
Natalia I need to read it this spring🙏🏻🌸 3y
read_diverse_books @Natalia it's a perfect spring read. Do it! 3y
Librariana Everything Everything and this are both on my "Must Read" list for this year! ? 3y
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The Reader | Traci Chee
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Are you participating in #DiverseAThon? You bet I am! Lol I'm currently reading The Reader and am digging so far. I love Fantasy worlds 😍.

#diversebooks #diversereads #sff #fantasy #YA #Litsygram #Litsyfeature

rachelm Cannot wait to get my hands on 3y
BookNerdBritt I'm so eager to read (edited) 3y
read_diverse_books @rachelm If I don't get to THUG for this readathon, it'll be the next book I read immediately after! 3y
read_diverse_books @BookNerdBritt I'm so lucky to have it a little early. 😊 3y
Shay I have been listening to The Reader on audio but there are a lot of people to keep track of! 3y
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Look at the pretty book. 😍😍😍 Are you planning to read History Is All You Left Me? I wanted to start it today, but I have a blog post to finish. A very time-consuming blog post. 😥 sigh.

#Litsygram #diversebooks #lgbtya #Litsyfeature

LeahBergen And what a lovely bookmark. 😍 3y
read_diverse_books @LeahBergen Thanks! There's an owl at the other end. 😍 3y
kiminreverse I want to read this one! My library pile is pretty big, so maybe next month. 3y
Librariana This was an early Valentine's Day present from my husband and I'm so looking forward to reading it! 3y
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Certain Dark Things: A Novel | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
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Are you planning to participate in #DiverseAThon? It's a week-long readathon (Jan. 22nd - 29th) that was started by Booktubers but takes place all over social media. Just head on over to Twitter and check out the @Diverseathon account to learn more info.
I also made an announcement post to encourage people to sign up. The book in this pic is a book on my diverseathon TBR!

Full post on my blog: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-1aF

##diversebooks #Litsygram

Weaponxgirl Sounds great! I'm not on Twitter though so will be joining you in spirit on here and planning my #24in48 reading list on diverse books for the majority. Just got a few others to finish up around the same time 3y
read_diverse_books @Weaponxgirl That's perfect! I've done #24in48 before and it's lots of fun. 3y
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Difficult Women | Roxane Gay
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January's @mylitbox package was so good! I was already planning to buy Difficult Women, so seeing it in this month's box was exciting. I also love my new Frida Kahlo bookmark! And the candle is bourbon scented! If you want to subscribe, just go to Mylitbox.com and use my promo code RDB10 for 10% off your first month's subscription.
For the full unboxing post, go to Readdiversebooks.com

#diversebooks #Litsygram #tbr #LitsyFeature #shortstories

WOCreads 😍😍😍 Whoa love everything about this! Need to get my hands on this book as well. 3y
AThousandLives87 Dude. That bookmark! Ftw!!! 3y
HippieChickHomeschool Is there a way to get this month's bookmark? I NEED that in my life. 3y
GatheringBooks i so want to register for this - but i dont think they ship internationally. boohoo. 3y
read_diverse_books @GatheringBooks Yeah, they don't ;( Maybe they will one day, if it keeps growing. 3y
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This was my Book Of The Month pick for January! Did you like this month's selections? What did you get?

#diversebooks #Litsygram #shortstories #literaryfiction

erzascarletbookgasm Looking forward to your review on this. 😊 3y
KatG I picked this one too. Haven't started it yet. I read Eileen so I'm a little scared to read this collection... 3y
mickeysirena I picked that one too. It's the one that interested me the most. 3y
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Aquedita So lookig forward to that one :O Will snatch it the second it's available at my local bookstore for sure. 3y
read_diverse_books @KatG oh no! Why are you scared? Was Eileen not good or disturbing 3y
read_diverse_books @mickeysirena Same! I wasn't very impressed by any of the others. 😆 3y
read_diverse_books @Aquedita That's great! Hope you can find it soon 3y
KatG @read_diverse_books oh I guess I was being too dramatic - I'm not really scared - Eileen was pretty creepy but I liked it enough to choose to order this one as my BOTM 😂 3y
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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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I got some amazing #bookmail this weekend! 😱
Surely you've heard of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas by now. If not, read up on it and add it to your TBR ASAP. This book is going be BIG when it releases. Don't miss out! I also got an ARC of Dear Martin by Nic Stone. Keep it an eye on both books. 👌

#diversebooks #Litsygram #tbr #YA #diversereads

8little_paws Oohh lucky you!! 3y
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Hi, Litsy! Sorry about the blurry picture! It looks way better on my blog. 😅I wanted to share my #ReadDiverse2017 reading & reviewing project for 2017 in case you don't follow my blog or my Twitter. The focus of the project is reviewing diverse books and blogging about them in general! If you don't have a blog or Tumblr, Goodreads reviews are OK as well!

Read full post here: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-16d

#diversebooks #Litsygram

whatthelog Omg Naz I love this idea ❤❤ 3y
LeanneAslin Fab idea! I'm not an established blogger, but I'm hoping to do more this year - can I get involved? 3y
TheNextBook I already do this so I am definitely in! 3y
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rachelm This is awesome! 3y
read_diverse_books @LeanneAslin all bloggers are welcome! Just link up your reviews on my blog and you're set. 3y
read_diverse_books @TheNextBook Thanks for joining. 😊 3y
rachellayown Very cool! 3y
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Inexplicable Logic of My Life | Benjamin Alire Saenz
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I keep saying how lucky I am with giveaways and I'm not kidding 😭 Look what I won earlier this month!
Do you love Benjamin Alire Sáenz as much as I do? I want to own all his books one day. Slowly making that happen!

#diversebooks #Litsygram #tbr #LitsyFeature #YA #LGBT

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It's Christmas snow! I haven't seen it in years. ❄️😊❄️
My home is in Texas, but I'm in New Mexico this weekend. It's nice to be away for a while, get a change of scenery, and see actual snow! I haven't had much time to read, but brought a few graphic novels just in case. Happy Holidays!

#diversebooks #Litsygram #reading #graphicnovels

silentrequiem Where in New Mexico? 3y
BiblioNyan I love this pic so much. 😊 Merry Christmas, Nas!! 🎄🎄 3y
BiblioNyan Naz* Woot autocorrect. 😑🙃 3y
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Dragon Happy Holidays!🎉 3y
Bookish.Heart A white Christmas! Lucky you! It's sunny today here in WA! It just seems wrong somehow. Hope you're having a great day! 3y
read_diverse_books @silentrequiem I'm in Ruidoso! There's lots of hills and mountains. Love it here 🌄 3y
read_diverse_books @Bibli0.Nyan Thanks, Neha. 😊 Merry Christmas! 3y
read_diverse_books @Bookish.Heart Yes, it's been a lovely day so far. 😊 Merry Christmas! 🌲❄️💖 3y
silentrequiem @read_diverse_books Have fun! I'm in Albuquerque so not much snow. 3y
whatthelog Omg I am so jealous of the snow!! It looks beautiful! 3y
Faibka Nice! I'm in El Paso, no snow, bright sunny day 3y
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Do you like #shortstories and SFF? Then stack this book and add it on Goodreads! It will be out early next year, but I preordered it in September and my copy was shipped earlier than I expected. Very excited to read it. It has stories by fantastic authors such as Junot Diaz, Ana Castillo, Daniel Jose Older and tons others! Keep this one on your radar for sure. 👍

#diversebooks #Litsygram #tbr #LitsyFeature #diversereads #SFF

rubyslippersreads That cover! 😍😍😍 3y
RanaElizabeth Pre-ordered! I don't like traditional short stories but have discovered recently that I love SFF short stories. Plus, anthologies are great places for new writers to get started so I love supporting them. 3y
Bibliogeekery Sounds great! 3y
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DrexEdit It's like someone went right into my mind to see what I would like! Definitely checking this one out! 😊 3y
read_diverse_books @RanaElizabeth You are THE BEST! I like short stories of all kinds, but SFF short fiction is definitely my favorite. 😁 3y
read_diverse_books @DrexEdit You have amazing taste in books, then! 3y
RanaElizabeth @read_diverse_books Have you read Alyssa Wong's stuff? 3y
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Because of the Sun | Jenny Torres Sanchez
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This beauty came in the mail last week! It was sent to me by the founderof Latinosinkidlit.com because I will be collaborating with them to write reviews on their website occasionally. Very honored to have this opportunity!
I don't know much about this book, except that it's set in New Mexico & the protagonist likes Albert Camus's The Stranger. I have connections to both! So I'm about to start reading. 😁
#diversebooks #Litsygram #tbr

TheNextBook Well thats an amazing opportunity! Congrats! 3y
DeborahSmall @courtney just read this post and thought of you 💕 3y
BookNerdBritt I love the cover! 3y
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Aquedita Sounds loke a cool new opportunity, congrats & good luck! :) 3y
courtney @DeborahSmall ☺️☺️ stacked! This sounds fantastic! 💓 thank you for tagging me! 3y
read_diverse_books @TheNextBook Thanks so much! Yes, I'm lucky they reached out to me. 😊 3y
read_diverse_books @BookNerdBritt Me too! The colors & style are so good. 3y
read_diverse_books @courtney The book will be out soon! Do keep an eye on it. 😁 3y
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Are you looking for a short story collection to finally get into reading short fiction? Deceit And Other Possibilities is great start! The stories are loosely connected & are about deception, displacement, and immigrant experiences - they're all drastically different from one another too! I enjoyed the variety of characters & experiences presented in the stories. Highly recommended!

Full review: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-10m

#diversebooks #Litsygram

SuperPunkNinja Sounds great! 3y
read_diverse_books @McShelfington It really is. 😊👌 3y
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Swing Time | Zadie Smith
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I know Litsy has a lots of members who subscribe to Book Of The Month, but if you're not & are looking to try out book subscription services, please consider @mylitbox! They'll send fantastic monthly packages that highlight writers of color. Just go to Mylitbox.com to sign up.
If you do, you can use my promo code RDB10 for 10% off your first month's subscription.

Full unboxing post: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-14

#diversebooks #LitsyFeature #Litsygram

RanaElizabeth I second and third this! I loved my first box dearly. 3y
LeahBergen Oooo, this looks fantastic! 3y
read_diverse_books @RanaElizabeth Ahh, thanks so much for signing up. 😇 Happy to hear you loved your first box too. 3y
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Dark Things | Sukanya Venkatraghavan
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The #bookmail never ends!
This is the last review request I accepted for 2016. I don't plan to accept any more for several months. Haha. However, I may request books from publishers myself. There's a difference. 😉
Anyway, I love dark fantasy so this one sounds up my alley.

#diversebooks #Litsygram #reading #tbr

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Hammers on Bone | Cassandra Khaw
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I'm not a big fan of Litsy's ratings. The "So-so" rating is equivalent to a 3/5 stars for me. But "so-so" makes it sound like I didn't enjoy it! Anyway, I quite enjoyed Hammers On Bone. It's creepy & Imaginative and a little shocking at the end. It's a great winter read. This is a Lovecraftian take on a detective story. So expect ancient ones and tentacles. ?

Full review: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-Uj

#books #Litsygram #novella #SFF #horror

Crinoline_Laphroaig I like the So-So rating. I use it for books that I liked but didn't love. The ones that I enjoyed but didn't touch my soul. #imho 3y
CherylDeFranceschi Yay for tentacles! 🐙 3y
BekahB Ooohhhh I like Lovecraftian stories that bring in the elder gods. I'll definitely pick this one up. 🐙😄 3y
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read_diverse_books @missnavigation That's basically what 3/5 stars means to me. I guess I'll warm up to So So eventually. Haha 3y
read_diverse_books @BekahB Glad to hear it! How you like it. 🐙😊 3y
ReadingEnvy I do the same, 4-5 stars is pick, 3 is so-so, 2 is pan, 1 can be either pan or bail depending on if I stuck with it. 3y
JDHawkins This sounds so interesting! 3y
CrowCAH @read_diverse_books the cover art on this book is so cool; great use of negative space! 3y
read_diverse_books @CrowCAH I didn't appreciate this enough until you pointed it out! 👌 3y
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The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf | Ambelin Kwaymullina
post image

I've been on a book photography slump recently, so I haven't been active on Litsy & Instagram. 😔 It's also been raining for days, which makes taking pictures difficult.
But I've read 2 books already this month, a novel & a novella. My next read is The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf for the Diverse Sci-Fantasy Book Club I lead on Twitter. If you're doing #DiversityDecBingo, this book fits the Indigenous MC category.
#diversebooks #diversereads

moranadatter This one's on my TBR. Can't wait to hear what you think of it! 3y
rachellayown I've been on a bit of a Litsy/ photography slump too! Not sure why 3y
read_diverse_books @rachellayown It's just so hard to keep up with all these social media apps. Haha. Twitter takes priority for me. I'll use Instagram and Litsy when I don't feel burn out. 3y
read_diverse_books @kmdartist I haven't had much time to read. Will make some progress on the book today! 3y
rachellayown Yeah, sometimes I think I need to cut something out between all the different social media apps I have. Picking one favorite to focus on seems like a good plan. 3y
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A Taste of Honey | Kai Ashante Wilson
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I got some awesome #bookmail today. I love scifi and fantasy most out of any genre, so I'm super lucky to receive these two novellas from Tor.
What's the latest book mail you've received, either from a publisher or books you've bought yourself?

#diversebooks #books #reading #LGBT #fantasy

LeahBergen My #SecretSantaGoesPostal that arrived yesterday! ❤️ 3y
Moray_Reads I have a monthly subscription to Pushkin Press and just received Odessa Stories by Isaac Babel. I love European fiction ❤ 3y
Chachic I love SFF too and Taste of Honey looks interesting.🤔 3y
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Dvmheather I got Hidden Figures today 3y
read_diverse_books @Moray_Reads I haven't heard of that Press! Hope you enjoy it. :) 3y
read_diverse_books @Dvmheather Oh, that's the book that's getting a movie adaptation with Taraji P Henson!? Looks good. 😊 3y
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Gabi, a Girl in Pieces | Isabel Quintero
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I totally forgot to promote this on Litsy, but over on Twitter, I'm leading a readalong for Gabi, A Girl In Pieces from Dec. 1st-15th with a Twitter chat at 8PM EST on the 15th. I'm announcing the giveaway details tomorrow! We will be sharing our impressions & favorite quotes under the #GabiReadalong hashtag on Twitter & if you want to participate, you can use the hashtag on Litsy too! My Twitter handle is @_diversebooks

#BookClub #Readalong

kristenlcoates Oohhh I JUST picked this up from the library! So excited! 3y
LindsayReads Love this book so hard! I'll try to drop in! 3y
read_diverse_books @lindsayreads Awesome! If anything, you can share some of your favorite quotes on the hashtag. 😃 3y
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read_diverse_books @kristenlcoates Yay! Hope you can join us. 😁 3y
Chachic I have this in my TBR pil! 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic great! Hope you will read along with us on Litsy or Twitter! 3y
Chachic @read_diverse_books Not making any promises but I'll try! 😂 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic It's all good. Definitely no pressure. 👍 3y
sparklemotion This sounds awesome! I'll try to join but I'm going through a stupid reading slump >. 3y
klwestenberg Loved this one! 3y
read_diverse_books @sparklemotion oh no! Hope you shake loose of it soon. 💔📚 3y
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Say hello to this cute little guy! He's lived in a decorative flower vase I've had for years but I finally plucked him out of there and set him free!
What should I name him? Or is it a she?
I'm thinking Coco or... Kiwi. 😄😋

#Litsygram #books #reading #booknerd #bookblogger

BookishMarginalia I vote Coco 👍🏼 3y
read_diverse_books @BookishMarginalia I'm leaning towards Coco too. 😁 3y
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I won this gorgeous little editon of one of my childhood favorites and it came in the mail yesterday!
Do you have any luck with giveaways? What's the last one you won?

#Litsygram #books #reading #booknerd #giveaway

LeahBergen I just won one from @WilliamMorrow today!! 😮 3y
Alfoster Me too! Under the Influence. So excited!😍😂 3y
BiblioNyan That is a gorgeous cover. 💕 3y
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Merethebookgal That's a beautiful edition! I feel like I never win anything, but recently I did win the first 3 books in the Jackaby series (hardcovers, too!) so that's made up for it a bit 😁 3y
kspenmoll No luck but will keep trying! Lovely edition! 3y
MarticaMustRead Gorgeous!!💓 3y
DHill Nobody's Son by Mark Slouka. Haven't read it yet but was so excited when, unannounced, there it was in the mailbox. 3y
erzascarletbookgasm That is beautiful! 😍I collect Alice in Wonderland in different editions. 3y
Chachic I've won a few giveaways over the years and it always feels like a treat whenever that happens! 😄 3y
read_diverse_books @LeahBergen Awesome. Congrats! 3y
read_diverse_books @Merethebookgal Nice! This one is a softcover and I must confess I was a little disappointed it wasn't a hardcover. 😅 3y
read_diverse_books @kspenmoll Yes, enter as many as you can and you will get lucky eventually! 3y
read_diverse_books @DHill It's such a great feeling, isn't it? Especially when they surprise you! 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic Keep doing more and you'll win them more frequently! Maybe lol. There's tons on Twitter. 3y
read_diverse_books @erzascarletbookgasm That's such a great idea. I only have this one and an ebook. I don't know what happened to my original copy. 3y
Chachic The ones on Twitter are usually US only.😭 3y
mhillis Beautiful!! 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic That's true. 😞 I'm doing an international one that's over in two days! 3y
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Under the Udala Trees | Chinelo Okparanta
post image

I didn't get many books signed before I started blogging in 2016, but this copy of Under The Udala Trees is one of the few exceptions! I met Chinelo Okparanta at the Texas Book Festival last year and she was so wonderful, smart, and kind. The time I got this book signed & went to the book festival was when I was seriously considering blogging. Glad I went through with it!
#diversebooks #diversereads #literaryfiction #Litsygram

LeahBergen Nice!! 💗💗 3y
Alfoster Cool!!👏👏 3y
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Signal to Noise | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
post image

Sorry I've been M.I.A., Littens! This usually happens during holiday weekends, but I'm back home to my normal routine and will continue to post regularly again.

Anyway, I'm back with an audiobook giveaway! Visit my blog to enter a giveaway of Signal To Noise, a critically acclaimed novel about teens casting spells using vinyl records.


Click here: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-11M

#diversebooks #Litsygram #audiobooks

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Swing Time | Zadie Smith
post image

I love all the pretty hardcovers I've accumulated over the last several months. Very soon I'll be able to rearrange my #diversebooks collection into rainbow shelves! But I'm trying very hard not to buy more books JUST because I want to have rainbow shelves. 😂

#bookwormproblems #diversereads #hardcovers #literaryfiction #Litsygram #LitsyFeature

LeahBergen Beautiful!! 😍 3y
britt_brooke Stunning!! 3y
Bookish.Heart Beautiful pic! 😁 3y
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UwannaPublishme 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
dastevensish This photo...*swoon* 3y
read_diverse_books @LeahBergen @britt_brooke @Bookish.Heart Thank you all! 💞📚💞 3y
Chachic Rainbow shelves are a good enough reason to buy books!😅 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic Lol I think so too, Idk why I try to pretend otherwise. 😆 3y
Chachic Yeah, just give in! Hahaha 3y
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Reputations | Juan Gabriel Vsquez
post image

This book had so much promise and I really enjoyed the first half. But then suddenly a new character enters the story and sexual assault is used as a plot device, which I found problematic because the victim's struggle with it was not centered. It was the male protagonist's reaction to it that was the focus!

For a detailed explanation, read my full review: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-VA

#diversebooks #diversereads #literaryfiction #Litsygram #reading

silentrequiem Ugh. I hate that. 3y
8little_paws Yuck. On my to NOT read lost now 😤 3y
kristenlcoates Fabulous photo and review; gonna bypass this one. 3y
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Notafraidofwords Ugh. Bypass. 3y
dastevensish Lovely photo. Thanks for the heads up! 3y
Kristy_K Great review! 3y
kspenmoll Thx for review! 3y
read_diverse_books @silentrequiem @8little_paws @kristenlcoates Haha,glad I could help decide what books not to read! 😄 3y
read_diverse_books @kspenmoll @Kristy_K @dastevensish Thanks for reading! I had to be honest and I just can't recommend this book. 3y
AEBowenPhD Thank you for this review! I felt so icky about the way that whole character was handled. 3y
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A Little Life: A Novel | Hanya Yanagihara
post image

This is my first #SignedSundays entry!
@theshrinkette and I are reading A Little Life for 150 pages every weekend until we finish it because we want to finally get this book off our TBRs. I'm loving it so far!
I got this edition signed back in March, and since I started reading it this weekend, I noticed that it's missing 16 pages! 😱 Thankfully, the book is so huge that I didn't miss much. But it still sucks. 😡

#diversebooks #Litsygram #reading

BookishMarginalia Misprints and missing pages are the worst! 3y
sprainedbrain Oh that's always so frustrating! 3y
MicheleinPhilly My copy of Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore has 25 pages missing. Instead there are 25 pages of a book called How to Sparkle in there instead. 3y
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LeahBergen Oh no!! 3y
read_diverse_books @BookishMarginalia Tell me about it! This has never happened to me. 😡 3y
read_diverse_books @LeahBergen @sprainedbrain I tweeted at the publisher about the missing pages, but they're ignoring me. 😢 3y
read_diverse_books @MicheleinPhilly That's the most bizarre thing I've heard. Hah, it's almost funny how wrong they got it. 🙈 3y
BookishMarginalia @MicheleinPhilly "How to Sparkle"? Conspiracy! ? 3y
MicheleinPhilly @BookishMarginalia I was so thoroughly confused. I thought it was a puzzle I had to solve. 2 pages in I looked at the top of the page and thought, "WTF?" I also tweeted at the publisher @read_diverse_books but they ignored me too. ? The author thought it was pretty cool though. ☺️ 3y
theshrinkette I'm loving it so much too! I can't seem to put it down. 3y
rachellayown I have a book that was somehow bound in a way that made the pages get out of order. So frustrating! 3y
read_diverse_books @theshrinkette Lol, you can keep reading as much as you want. I'm sure you can finish much quicker than I can. 3y
read_diverse_books @rachellayown Aaah, that would be awful! I don't know if that's worse than missing pages. It'd depend on how many pages were out of order. 3y
rachellayown Only a couple, so I'd say missing pages is worse! 3y
MrBook Great pic! 3y
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Mongrels: A Novel | Stephen Graham Jones
post image

I had quite a few books with #onewordtitles!
Homegoing and Shelter were both fantastic and Mongrels is on my #TBR. It's a werewolf story written by a Native American author and I've only heard positive things about it!

#photoadaynov16 #diversebooks #books #reading #Litsygram #literaryfiction

BarbaraTheBibliophage @SGJ is on Litsy too! 📚📚📚 3y
reneelyons Can't wait to read Mongrels and Shelter is coming up very soon for me! 3y
read_diverse_books @BarbaraTheBibliophage Omg, I didn't know. 😱 Thanks! 3y
read_diverse_books @reneelyons Glad to see these books are in your radar. Loving your taste in books. 😁 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage You're welcome! 📚📚📚 3y
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Certain Dark Things: A Novel | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
post image

2 days late but here's my attempt at a #BookPyramid for #photoadaynov16! Yes, it's a pyramid of #diversebooks. 😃

#Litsygram #book #bookstack #reading

LeahBergen Very nice!!! 👏🏻👏🏻 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Love your shelves in the background 3y
readordierachel Lovely! 3y
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read_diverse_books @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks! I have two more that are almost full. I'll need a new one soon at the rate I'm buying books. Haha 3y
Chachic I have the Star-Touched Queen in my wishlist, I heard the author is Filipino-Indian.👌 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic Oh, I actually didn't know her ethnicity! Very cool. 3y
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post image

This is the best I could do for #headlesscovers! #photoadaynov16
I couldn't find a single one that had the full head missing. 😂 Some of you had better luck. Maybe I have an aversion to headless torsos, so I don't buy those books. 😳
#diversebooks #books #reading #litsy #literaryfiction #Litsygram

read_diverse_books I see some people are getting real creative with this promt. Damn, why can't be creative. 😳 3y
LeahBergen Forehead-less! 😂😂 3y
Loretta I do notice that these types of covers are nearly always women. With the focus on it today, it's kind of been pissing me off. 😡 3y
See All 9 Comments
LindsayReads @Loretta Same here. Women and POC. It's getting really depressing. 3y
read_diverse_books @Loretta You're so right! And in some of them because there is no face, the focus shorts to the woman's body. 😟 3y
read_diverse_books @lindsayreads I can't unsee this now. 😡 3y
Loretta @lindsayreads and @read_diverse_books: Yep, and even if the body isn't sexualized, it's still objectified in the basic way that you sort of forget that it's a person. 3y
LindsayReads @Loretta @read_diverse_books Yeah. I wish the attention given to children's books on these matters of representation carried over to the adult publishing world with the same urgency. It totally applies across the board. 3y
RealLifeReading The two half faces sure look similar! 3y
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Flexible Wings | Veda Stamps
post image

#ChildProtagonists for #photoadaynov16
Flexible Wings is a heartwarming Middle Grade book about a biracial girl, Summer, whose parents are both in the military. This means she moves every couple of years, so the story takes place during a summer in which she tries to make new friends while navigating the social dynamics of her local swim team. Get this one for the young one in your life!

Full review: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-5V


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Swing Time | Zadie Smith
post image

I always forget to choose the early shipping option for Book Of The Month, so my copy of Swing Time came in a couple of days ago. I'm pretty excited to read it! Zadie Smith will be in my city on January 10th, so you bet I'll be there to meet her. I'm terrible about reading books I just bought, but this one's a priority!
Have you read Swing Time? What did you think?

#Litsygram #literaryfiction #diversebooks #reading #books #hardcovers #newreleases

britt_brooke Beautiful photo! 📷💕 3y
MicheleinPhilly I still have to read NW. 😬 3y
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charl08 It's great. Plenty there to discuss. What will you ask her at the book signing? 3y
rachellayown I love the photo! And I just got notice that my copy was sent today. I'm really looking forward to reading this one! 3y
read_diverse_books @charl08 My goodness, I should probably think of something to ask, shouldn't I? Hope I don't end up sounding like a blubbering idiot! I get so awkward during signings. 🙈 3y
read_diverse_books @rachellayown Thanks! Did you also get it from Book of The Month? I'm a little intimidated by the length because I've read a lot of short books recently, but I'm ready to dive in regardless! 3y
keelymorgan This was my pick and I cannot wait!!!! 3y
Aquedita So jelly you get to meet her :O Got an ARC on my Kindle. Pls let's talk about this book once you're done! 3y
Kathrin I read White Teeth by her and wasn't really wowed, but I still want to read this one... 3y
read_diverse_books @Aquedita Yes, let's talk. I'll probably start it in December. 😃 3y
read_diverse_books @Kathrin Perhaps wait for more reviews? I'll definitely be reviewing it on my blog and on Litsy! 3y
read_diverse_books @keelymorgan Love your excitement. Pass it on! Haha 😄 3y
rachellayown No, I usually always pick the Book of the Month by a diverse writer (and am always deeply annoyed when there isn't such an option). But I'd already ordered this one through a local bookstore in Chicago because the purchase is my ticket to go see her in a couple of weeks. (!) Good luck with the length! 3y
oonaghmoon I've not read any Zadie Smith yet. Is there any one you would recommend as a starting point? 3y
read_diverse_books @oonaghmoon I say start with On Beauty or NW. Hope you like her work! 3y
half_book_and_co Busy reading this and loving it so far. 3y
read_diverse_books @half_book_and_co Glad to hear it! Oh, and I'm also glad I found you on Litsy! Idk why I wasn't following before. 🙈 3y
Lupita.Reads Finished it last week and found it really compelling. I love Zadie 😍😍 3y
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Half of a Yellow Sun | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
post image

#orangecovers for #photoadaynov16
Also, a book review because I have forgotten that I can review books in Litsy as well!
Half of a Yellow Sun is one of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's best books. It's perhaps even more ambitious than Americanah and I cannot choose between them. It's set during the Nigerian civil war, which not many people know about. So read it & educate yourself!

#diversebooks #books #reading #Litsygram #literaryfiction

rachelm Sounds awesome! 3y
RachelO Love your sunny pic! 3y
Faibka Great review and beautiful picture! 3y
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LauraBeth Beautiful pic 😀 3y
rachellayown I loved this book. (And have loved everything I've read by her. She's one of my very favorite writers!) 3y
JDHawkins I loved this book! So moving. 3y
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post image

I've been looking for Volume 2 in stores forever but it was always sold out. I loved the intro Volume and can't wait to read more! Do you love Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel as well? Let me know how many issues or volumes you've read.
Oh, and do you like my new Rey #bookmark? 😊

#comics #graphicnovels #Litsygram #reading

Peterdamien Kamala's my favorite superhero, in ages. I've not been enthusiastic about a particular hero since I was a teen, but she's perfect and amazing. Volume one is just the best. 3y
RealLifeReading Love her! 3y
feminismandyoga I love her! She's a hero and a fangirl. 3y
See All 15 Comments
readordierachel Love Kamala Khan! I've read through Volume 4 of Ms. Marvel, and they're all fantastic. 3y
rachellayown Yes! Love her! 💚💛💜 3y
Chachic I have both Vol. 1 and 2 but haven't read them yet! Maybe I should have stocked up on the next volumes too, so I can read them all together.😁 3y
read_diverse_books @Peterdamien That makes me so happy to hear it! 😄 I'm not big on super heroes but Kamala Khan won me over. 3y
read_diverse_books @ReadOrDieRachel That's great news! I'm glad I started reading at this point because I have lots of story to get through. 😊 3y
read_diverse_books @rachellayown @RealLifeReading @StoredFeminism Yay, it's good to see so many fans of her. 😇 3y
read_diverse_books @Chachic Great idea! Get them all, take a day off and read them all in one go. 👍 3y
Chachic @read_diverse_books Ha! If that was only possible. Weekends would be my best bet.😅 3y
Nafiza I just binge read voles 3 to 5. She tells some truths in those. 3y
read_diverse_books @Nafiza Nice. I can handle the truth! 3y
Librariana Volume 4 is on my current TBR and I'm already planning on purchasing volume 5 because... Kamala 😊💚📚💙 3y
read_diverse_books @librariana Yes, Kamala is reason enough to buy all the volumes! 💗 3y
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The Secret History | Donna Tartt
post image

Yes, I'm 1 day behind on #photoadaynov16. ☺️

Finding books #publishedinthe90s was a little tougher than I thought. Every since I started buying & collecting books seriously in 2016, I've noticed most of the ones I own are from the 21st century. It makes sense because I prefer modern & contemporary books to older ones, but there are tons of great books written in the second half of the 20th century. Here are two good ones from the 90s.

MarticaMustRead The Secret History has been on my TBR 4ever! I think it's length intimidates me lol. 🙊 3y
MarticaMustRead *its.....dumb autocorrect! 3y
read_diverse_books @MarticaMustRead Oh, it's sooo worth it. The story will be over before you know it. Please add it to your 2017 TBR! 3y
MarticaMustRead Will do! thanks you for the positive "push"?? 3y
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Coraline | Neil Gaiman
post image

#FavouriteNeilGaiman for #photoadaynov16
Coraline is the book that made me fall in love with Neil Gaiman, then I read Neverwhere and knew this man's writing was special. I also loved The Ocean At The End of The Lane. But I couldn't find the latter two books before leaving for work. Lol! Yes, I take books with me to work so I can take pictures of them. I just took this one outside my office building. It has a nice lawn. 😊

#fantasy #reading #books

TieDyeDude Love his stuff! Trigger Warning was a great collection, and I recommend listening to the audio book version of Neverwhere 3y
Glaiza_echo I hope the American Gods adaptation is good. Coraline still creeps me out. 3y
read_diverse_books @AndrewK106 Audio sounds like a perfect way to reread Neverwhere. I'll definitely try it. 👍 3y
read_diverse_books @Glaiza_echo That's still happening! I had forgotten. Very excited 😃 3y
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post image

So, it's been a stressful last couple of days...
I'm devastated, still recovering from Trump being elected president.. I haven't done any reading until tonight. I read one chapter of this lovely little book and hope to read for the rest of the night. Let's see how far I get. I really need to escape into a book tonight, so I hope Margot Sanchez's story grabs me!

#diversebooks #books #reading #YA #Litsygram #Arc

Alfoster Lovely pic too!😀 3y
read_diverse_books @Alfoster Thanks! It was the first day in a while where the sun was actually out. Hehe 3y
Notafraidofwords I haven't read in two days. I've tried. 3y
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read_diverse_books @Notafraidofwords I'm trying 😔 Hope it gets easier with time. 3y
kspenmoll Tried last night. Wine helped but eadily dis tracted.😟 3y
McFarchie I'm not from the US. I'm a white, middle class, straight, male from Australia. I haven't been to work for two days because of how upset I am. I can't even imagine how you guys must be feeling. I have a lot of friends who are going to suffer because of things like the repealing of Obamacare and the attack on LBGTI rights. Trump might not have brought the hate filled keg to the party, but the fucker sure as hell hammered the tap into it /end rant. 3y
Dvmheather Just picked up my books today too. 3y
shawnmooney @McFarchie 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️ 3y
readordierachel It's been so hard to focus...:( 3y
rachellayown I haven't been able to read either. It's so devastating. 3y
read_diverse_books @kspenmoll I'm having a successful reading night! Hope you're in a better state of mind soon. 💞 3y
read_diverse_books @McFarchie Thank you for the solidarity. I've seen people over the whole world express grief over Trump's election. That's how you know it's bad. 😔 I'll take it one day at a time for now. 3y
read_diverse_books @Dvmheather Glad to hear it have a lovely night. 💖 3y
read_diverse_books @rachellayown Consume stories another way. Find good TV and film, and maybe some comfort food. 💞sending love💞 3y
rachellayown Thanks. I'm watching a movie right now. And comfort food has been essential. Hope you're hanging in there too. 💓💓💓 3y
JacquelynLovesYou With you! We will never let hate win. We'll all stick together. Midterm election in two years and there's still the constitution. 3y
kspenmoll @read_diverse_books i did read some, but fell asleep quickly. Think emotional exhaustion was contributing. Thx for your concern. An example of our bookish caring community. 3y
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Caramba! / Good Grief | Nina Marie Martnez
post image

A book I #ReadInSchool for #photoadaynov16.
I figured most people would feature high school books, so I wanted to highlight a lesser known one I read in college in a contemporary American Lit course, which featured a diverse groups of authors.
I don't recall the plot very well 😅 but I remember it being a fun, fast, and poignant read. Plus, it was cool that every chapter started with a Loteria card!

#diversebooks #diversereads #reading

LeahBergen What a beautiful cover, too. ❤️ 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Interesting cover and a striking backdrop :) 3y
kspenmoll Beautiful ! 3y
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post image

The Sun Is Also A Star is @mylitbox's book of the month for November. My Lit Box doesn't generally feature YA titles, as its focus is Literary Fiction, but I was thrilled to see Nicola Yoon's new National Book Award nominated #YA Contemporary.
Did you read Yoon's debut "Everything, Everything"? Or did you read TSIAAS early? What do you think of her work? I've always wanted to read it but hadn't got around to it!

#diversebooks #books #LitsyFeature

angrylilasian I read Everything Everything and I really liked it! I can't wait to read this one. 3y
rachellayown This one is on my TBR! 3y
read_diverse_books @angrylilasian I hope you get to it this year. Would like to see your pictures of it as well. 3y
read_diverse_books @rachellayown Awesome! Hope you get to it soon. 3y
BookNerdBritt LOVED Everything, Everything and can't wait to read this one! 3y
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post image

Have you heard of @mylitbox? It's a subscription box committed to promoting writers of color & I've been a member since June. Every box has been fantastic! I now have the honor to partner with Mylitbox.com for 3 months to help reach new readers. Here's a peek at the contents of November's box.

If you join, use my promo code RDB10 for 10% off your 1st month's subscription.

Full unboxing post: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-103
#diversebooks #LitsyFeature

read_diverse_books For now, it's US only. 😞 3y
RanaElizabeth I've been looking for a good box, this sounds great! 3y
read_diverse_books @RanaElizabeth It really is! Most of the books are adult literary fiction, but this month had a high profile YA release for the first time. 3y
See All 16 Comments
theshrinkette I WANT THIS BOOK!!!!! 3y
RanaElizabeth @read_diverse_books Apparently I didn't need much convincing...just signed up! Thanks for the push! 3y
saresmoore Very cool! 3y
read_diverse_books @RanaElizabeth Omg, thank you! Hope you used my promo code, but if not, it's ok. :) 3y
read_diverse_books @saresmoore Yes, I hope you consider joining in the future I will have regular unboxing posts! 3y
RanaElizabeth @read_diverse_books Of course I did! 😀 3y
Simona Ooo, I want it very much, selection looks very good and the price is reasonable, but I'm so far from the US...🙁 3y
read_diverse_books @RanaElizabeth Ugh, I kept making typos. 🙈 I just meant thanks so much!! 💃 3y
RanaElizabeth @read_diverse_books Typos drive me nuts on here, that there isn't an edit function on comments, just delete. 3y
silentrequiem Oooh yes. I cancelled the previous two boxes I subscribed to because almost every book was by a white woman. Yes, they were good but can I have something different now? Will DEF look into this one! 3y
read_diverse_books @silentrequiem Awesome! You will love the variety of voices My Lit Box offers. Hope you join in December and don't forget to use my promo code RDB10 if you do. 😇 3y
read_diverse_books @silentrequiem Omg, thank you! 🙏 3y
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Something in Between | Melissa de la Cruz
post image

Here's my full Texas Book Festival haul! I kept it down to 5 books, so I'm very proud of myself. It's hard to go to a book festival and not buy a few books, but after my huge October haul, I was a bit hesitant because I already have so many. Right now, I'm set for the next 3-6 months. I do NOT need new books. 😂 No more hauls for me, I promise.

#diversebooks #books #reading #LGBT #YA #bookhaul #tbr #bookphotos

hwheaties I LOVE Something In Between! 3y
read_diverse_books @hwheaties I'm so glad!! I read a very critical review on Goodreads about this book, which upset me and made me want to buy and read this book lol. 3y
Theresa If you figure out how to stick to the no more book hauls commitment, please share your secret. I tell myself the same thing every time I bring home a new haul. 😂😆 3y
See All 10 Comments
read_diverse_books @Theresa I really shouldn't make any promises. Lol 😞 3y
Bookish.Heart I told myself no book hauls in November but I've already broken that lol If you figure out how to stick to it let us know!! 😜 3y
read_diverse_books @Bookish.Heart OK, I will try to make it to December and will return with an update! 3y
RealLifeReading Woohoo! 3y
Sapphire The Texas book festival is on my wish list for 2017. I enjoyed Savanah and Virginia. Chicago is more media than book centric and not fabulous but they did have a poetry slam so that was good. 3y
Librariana Mr. Sáenz was my Creative Writing professor at University ? "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe" is one of my favorite books ?? 3y
read_diverse_books @librariana That's sooo cool! Jealous. 😍 3y
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Brown Girl Dreaming | Jacqueline Woodson
post image

Saturday was day 1 of the Texas Book Festival. It started off on the wrong foot, because finding parking was a nightmare, I was late, and it started raining. But eventually I just stopped worrying about what I missed and enjoyed myself.
I bought 5 books yesterday! One of them was Brown Girl Dreaming. I will post pictures of my full haul later today. :)
Oh, & Sunday is DAY 2! Bye, I'm heading out. 👋

#bookhaul #diversebooks #books #reading #YA

Julsmarshall Hey there! At least you had a great book haul! Maybe I'll see you today 😄 3y
charl08 Great haul. Love those colourful spines. 3y
Theresa Book festivals ❤️😍☺️ 3y
UwannaPublishme 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
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Certain Dark Things: A Novel | Silvia Moreno-Garcia
post image

This beautiful book has finally arrived!
Have you heard of Certain Dark Things? It's a gritty Vampire novel set in Mexico City. I don't know about you, but I'm so down to read a book about Mexican vampires! I aim to review it on my blog sometime in December.
Stack this book now!

#diversebooks #books #reading #SFF #fantasy #hardcovers #newreleases #tbr #bookphotos

Peterdamien I MUST HAVE THIS 3y
read_diverse_books @Peterdamien Yes you must. Go find a copy! 3y
Peterdamien @read_diverse_books I mean, it went straight into my Amazon cart in a heartbeat after you posted. 3y
ericarobynreads Lovely book photo!! 1y
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Malgudi Days | R. K. Narayan
post image

Here's a book #setinasmalltown, for the most part! #photoadaynov16
Malgudi Days is a collection of delightful short stories about the people in the fictional town of Malgudi in India. The variety of experiences & lives depicted in the stories was impressive. But then you notice that most of the stories are about men..this was my only issue, though a rather big one, with an otherwise good collection.

#diversebooks #books #reading #shortstories

charl08 Oh I love that cover. I do like practically every penguin cover ever though! 3y
read_diverse_books @charl08 Yeah! All of them are so pretty 3y
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post image

This is one of my favorite reads of 2016, along with Homegoing. Actually, I'd say it's even more ambitious & impressive than Homegoing. The protagonist, Aminata Diallo, is one of the most #insipring women in fiction. The Book of Negroes is an essential read for fans of historical fiction & people who want to learn about slavery, its history & legacy. Spread the word!

Full review: http://wp.me/p7a9pe-rX
#photoadaynov16 #diversebooks #LitsyFeature

charl08 Reading this one now - great read. 3y
read_diverse_books @charl08 Awesome! Yes, I recommend this book to everyone. 👌 3y
karinspiration Beautiful book! And the tv show is great too 3y
See All 7 Comments
BellaBookNook Definitely on my TBR. Have you read The Fire This Time by Jesmyn Ward? It's my favorite for 2016. 3y
RealLifeReading Thanks to your posts on this, I finally did read this book a few months ago. It is definitely an inspiring read 3y
read_diverse_books @RealLifeReading Oh, fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it 😊 3y
Aquedita You had me at "more ambitious than Homegoing". Why would you do this to me, now I gotta run to the library first thing in the morning... Love you XoXo 3y
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We Should All Be Feminists | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
post image

#insipring books for #photoadaynov16!

For me, everything Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says is insipiring, even in her novels. She is a consummate writer and I admire her immensely. But her TED talks are especially moving and inspirational. I'm sure many of you have watched The Danger of a Single Story and this talk on feminism.
It's hard to read it and NOT be inspired and resolved in your feminism.
#nonfiction #reading #diversebooks

kristenlcoates I loved her recent interview about how our exact versions of feminism don't need to be the same as long as we stand on the foundation of equality. She's such an incredible, brilliant human. 3y
Shay Just reread this one recently! 3y
See All 13 Comments
read_diverse_books @Shay Nice! It's a such quick but powerful boost in motivation. 3y
read_diverse_books @kristenlcoates Oh, I need to find that interview! Yes, she has so much wisdom and insight to share with the world. I'm lucky to be a reader while she's a writer 😁 3y
angrylilasian Her TED talk is one of my all time favorites. 3y
prowlix She's such a great speaker too! I love watching her TED talk or interviews on YouTube 💗 3y
TheNextBook @kristenlcoates @read_diverse_books that interview was stunning! Her explanation was so spot on. 3y
readordierachel Great choice! 3y
read_diverse_books @prowlix @angrylilasian I hope she does a new TED Talk soon. 😊 3y
Vikz I really loved that book 3y
read_diverse_books @Vikz Glad to hear it. 😃 3y
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