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Nowhere Boy | Katherine Marsh
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First #audiostitching evening of 2022 #bliss

Eggs Beautiful 🧵 2d
wanderinglynn Love the colors! 2d
kspenmoll So beautifully bright! 2d
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julesG 😍 2d
Wife So pretty!🤩 2d
AmyG Love it! 2d
StaceGhost What a gorgeous pattern! 2d
DivineDiana Great job! The pattern lifts my spirits! 🐦 2d
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Yes, Chef: A Memoir | Marcus Samuelsson
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I took a little break after my holiday cross stitching frenzy. Just started my next project: Pretty Little Los Angeles by Satsuma Street on Etsy to match my Pretty Little San Francisco. It‘s kind of blurry, but I got a really cute needle minder for Xmas: a cat in a teacup! 🪡🧵

Yes, Chef has so far been a great listen as I stitch away.

#audiostitching #litsycrafters

curiouserandcurioser @sarahbellum looks beautiful so far!! Keep posting your progress:) love the needle minder💜 2w
Catsandbooks That's gonna be so cool with the black fabric! 2w
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Love After Love: A Novel | Ingrid Persaud
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This was a Christmas present. I‘ve done odd bits of cross stitch before, but my only attempts at embroidery were back in primary school, so it may end up wonky. I do quite like it though…

And this book needed to be on audio ❤️

DivineDiana It looks great! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 2w
rockpools @DivineDiana Thank you 😊 2w
ravenlee Looks really nice so far! 2w
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llwheeler Looks awesome! 2w
Suzze Cool! I used to do so much embroidery. This fits with my current read 2w
readordierachel It's lovely! Can't go wrong with bees 🐝 2w
Librarybelle So pretty! 2w
Cathythoughts This is very pretty 💫😍 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Looking good so far! 👍 You can do it. 2w
batsy I love it! And @readordierachel is right 🐝 2w
youneverarrived I love it 🤍 2w
Chelsea.Poole So pretty!🐝 2w
YasmiNova Looks lovely! I've dabbled with cross stitching too, mostly unfinished projects... 🤭 It is therapeutic though 😊 2w
Centique I love the bee! 2w
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Listened to my first book of 2022 while (belatedly) finishing the last #crossstitch gift of the season, geraniums for my grandma.

Barefoot in the Park was a quick, funny listen. Some great one liners, as to be expected from Simon. LA Theatre Works‘ recordings were an awesome pandemic discovery: highly recommend if you enjoy plays! Hoopla has a great selection.

#audiostitching #litsycrafters

wanderinglynn Beautiful! I love cross stitches on dark Aida cloth. It makes the colors pop. 3w
sarahbellum @wanderinglynn Thank you! I agree- I‘m really happy with the black fabric for this one ☺️ 3w
LeahBergen It turned out lovely! 3w
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sarahbellum @LeahBergen Thank you! 😊 3w
Megabooks Lovely cross-stitch! 3w
sarahbellum @Megabooks Thank you! Looking forward to sending it to my grandma this week 😀 3w
Catsandbooks Beautiful!! ❤️ 3w
sarahbellum @Catsandbooks Thank you! 🥰 3w
Wife Stitching on black can be a B****, but the results are so wonderful!🖤 2d
sarahbellum @Wife completely agree! 😅 2d
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More #audiostitching for #20in4! I'm about two thirds through the tagged audiobook and now up to about 9h15 total for the readathon.

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I'm having a lovely afternoon with apple cider, audiobook, and cross stitch. It's been a while since I did any #audiostitching but I'm looking forward to quite a bit of it over the next couple days.

Megabooks Looks fun! 4w
wanderinglynn I was just thinking that I need to do some cross stitching. Great idea! 4w
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I Capture the Castle | Dodie Smith
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Current reads: listening to H. Jon Benjamin‘s memoir (didn‘t know he wrote one until I found it while browsing Libby last night!) while I finish stitching this belated Christmas present for my grandma. Finally, finally, finally starting I Capture the Castle after many, many years on my TBR! #audiostitching #crossstitch

BookwormM I love this book 4w
Mollyanna I love your cross stitch project. I‘ve never stitched on black before. Does it make it harder to see? 4w
SolaRaynor Very nice cross stitch. 4w
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sarahbellum @BookwormM I‘ve heard such great things about it! 4w
sarahbellum @Mollyanna Thank you! Yes, the black fabric can be trickier to see. To make it easier, I use my iPad to backlight the fabric as I stitch 4w
sarahbellum @SolaRaynor Thank you! ☺️ 4w
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Clockwork Prince | Cassandra Clare
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Waiting for my flight to Nashville while knitting my floofy Love Note Sweater and listening to Clockwork Prince. I‘m still really enjoying this series. Keeping my fingers cross that weather doesn‘t keep us more delayed in Seattle. It‘s pretty snowy here in Seattle. What irony to have the snow affect us here and not at home in AK. How did you travel go @Kimberlone ? #knitting #audiobook #audiostitching #airport

Kimberlone All good, we made it to Arizona and are at the hotel now! 1mo
SamanthaMarie Your WIP is beautiful 😍 1mo
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Any Way the Wind Blows | Rainbow Rowell
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I got through a fair chunk of ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS while I finished the ornament for my aunt! I toned down the edging compared to the instructions (it was supposed to have multiple layers of ruffles; ick), but it still came out a BIT gaudy. Hopefully she likes it anyways. #audiostitching

Catsandbooks Beautiful! 1mo
catiewithac I love that book! 1mo
AmyG It‘s just lovely! 1mo
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Crazeedi I love this, and a handmade gift is always the best kind 1mo
Megabooks Beautiful! 1mo
xicanti @catiewithac it‘s really working for me so far! I‘m excited to dive back in today. 1mo
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Together Tea | Marjan Kamali
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Plans for the first part of my holiday break: finish my last #crossstitch present (geraniums for my grandma) while listening to Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell (not in Litsy database yet). Together Tea is up next for my print book. #audiostitching

LeahBergen That cross stitch looks lovely! 1mo
curiouserandcurioser @sarahbellum love the cross stitch!! 1mo
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