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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Thanks to Taylor‘s IG post, I managed to get the last of the autographed copies at my local book store!

ValerieAndBooks 👍 Nice!! 5mo
marleed Oh I saw that post. Dang. It would require a plane ride for me! 5mo
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A long, rambling Russian novel. It's saving grace is the court room finale.
I don't see how Dostoevsky presents an argument against the existence of God. If he does, clearly I'm not smart enough to catch it.
A sad tale with confusing emotional reactions to circumstances.

EricJames Haha it is melodramatic for sure. I‘m almost half way done and decided that the only way to enjoy it is to just realize it‘s a philosophical essay with the outer shell of a narrative so it could attempt to sell copies; being a hybrid, it got rave reviews for being wise lol 4mo
EricJames Please explain to me why you and I feel compelled to read a book based on prestige rather than entertainment. Are the vocabulary and insights interspersed really more valuable than the wellcrafted, well planned plots in more exciting, emotional, memorable reads? 4mo
Vivlio_Gnosi Possibly the thrill of the challenge coupled with the satisfaction of accomplishment? #HumbleBrag 4mo
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Brushing up on Dita before I see her in Kansas City next weekend! 🤩 #humblebrag

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Took the risk and got a table at MAG Fest this year to sell my book. Final tally: 23 books sold. My goal was 5. I'd call that a pretty solid success for #MAGFest2018.
#indieauthor #humblebrag #booktally #YAlit #braggingwrites #MAGFest #writingadventures #resistancerising #genrewars #geekandproud

mjdowens 👏👏👏. Congrats on your success. Stacked. Totally in my wheelhouse. 2y
RobinCFarrell @mjdowens Thank you! I was so surprised by the interest it got at MAG Fest. Can't wait to try more conventions! If you're interested, the book trailer is up on my website: robincfarrell.com 2y
mjdowens WHOA! There is no way I can just get this as an ebook. Ordering my copy now! Thank you for giving us this wonderful fantasy to get lost in. 2y
RobinCFarrell @mjdowens Wonderful! 😄 I hope you enjoy it! 2y
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#nonbook post: my commute could be worse i guess... walking through a pre-medieval castle, listening to the most recent episode of #thisamericanlife #nofilter #humblebrag

Sarah83 Schloss Wittringen? 2y
Heideschrampf @Sarah83 Schloss Broich 😊 2y
Sarah83 Ich hatte mich gerade schon gewundert, dass du dich nach Bottrop verirrt haben solltest. 😊 2y
SandyW Beautiful commute! 🏰 2y
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The Master and Margarita | Mikhail Bulgakov
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I love fried rice but in house we don't have soy sauce etc so what I do instead is making a sauce by my self. Cooking is like meditation for me as I love mixing different ingredients, cutting vegetables and most importantly experimenting. This time around we had some left over chicken that was too spicy. So in order to protect my recently flu recovered throat from spices, I added yogurt into the sauce. #humblebrag #betterthanexpected 💁🍽💨

Louise I know what you mean about loving to be in the kitchen. It's fun to come up with new recipes using whatever is on hand! 2y
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No time for reading this morning because the babes and I went to support daddy (the birthday boy) in his first half marathon. Thirty-six never looked so good! 🙌🏻 #humblebrag

intothehallofbooks Happy Birthday! 🎉 3y
Books_Wine_Repeat Happy birthday! 🎉👏🏆 3y
Megabooks Happy birthday!! 👍🏻👍🏻🌟🌟 3y
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Godmotherx5 🎉🎊🎉 3y
Dragon I love that your boys made signs and are cheering their dad on 😃 3y
britt_brooke @Dragon Thanks! They had a blast .... and daddy gave them high fives as he passed. ☺️ 3y
MrBook Awesome! Happy birthday to him!!! 3y
LauraBeth So sweet 😀 3y
DebinHawaii What fun for them! Hope he has a fabulous birthday! 🎉🎉🎉 3y
britt_brooke @DebinHawaii Thank you! ☺️ 3y
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