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In 2017, @JoeStalksBeck compiled a list of Littens with a Kindle or the Kindle app so we could gift each other books. Last year, I created #kindlitsy, a play on Kindle + Litsy. Add in the kindness & generosity of this community, and here we are!

Did you know there‘s a @kindlitsy account? Check posts there for details.

Gift someone a book and feel free to spread the word- ‘tis the season!

Crazeedi I've always wondered how to gift a kindle book. I've gotten a couple give to me but could never figure out, are there directions! 2w
Crazeedi Never mind I see theres a post, maybe should have read photo!! 2w
CoffeeNBooks Will you add me to this list? Bluehouseonthehill15@gmail.com Thanks! 2w
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dariazeoli @Crazeedi Yes - I added posts on @kindlitsy. There‘s one with links to Amazon‘s help articles on how to purchase and how to redeem! 😉 https://www.litsy.com/web/post/1317787 2w
dariazeoli @CoffeeNBooks Done! 👍🏻 2w
CoffeeNBooks @dariazeoli Thanks! And thanks for posting info on how to buy books for others- I had no idea! 😂 2w
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December: the perfect time to spread the word about #kindlitsy! Check out previous posts on this account for details.

Add yourself to the masterlist: https://wiki.librarything.com/index.php/User:Litsy/kindlitsy

Use the email you signed up to Amazon with (not your Kindle.com one). When someone gifts you, you get an email telling you so & giving you the option to accept.


kindlitsy Not a LibraryThing member? Comment here OR email daria.z@gmail.com with your username, email, and store you use. You‘ll be added to the masterlist! 2w
Kaila-ann Kailaparmalee@yahoo.com USA 2w
kindlitsy @Kaila-ann Added! 2w
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Stone Mothers | Erin Kelly
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Some more train reading. Got some work to do first, off to Gloucester to do some live webinars, need to make sure I know exactly what I‘m saying, not done one before 😱. Then I can read 😁

Ruthiella I understand your nervousness. Good luck! 😀 3mo
Birdsong28 Good luck 🤞 🍀 3mo
JennyM Good luck, Trish - I did my first one last year and it is the weirdest thing not seeing anyone and talking to the computer. You‘ll be ace though I know xxx Enjoy the book, too...I liked this one (edited) 3mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Best of luck! ❣️ 3mo
Cathythoughts Good luck 👍🏻 you will fly it 3mo
jenniferw88 Good luck! PS there's a #kindlitsy email waiting for you! 😘 3mo
Tanisha_A Have a good time! 💗 3mo
Caroline2 Oh exciting! I hope it goes ok. 👍 3mo
Birdsong28 Glad to hear that 😘📚📖 3mo
Caroline2 Wheyyy! 👏 3mo
JennyM @TrishB glad to hear, hope you got lots of reading done on the way home 😘 3mo
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I would like to join #jb #justbecause and #kindlitsy . How would I do that? @dariazeoli @CBee

CBee @Dragonfairykats I tagged you the other day in a post - am so sorry if you didn‘t see it! Please email me at cydneybean@gmail.com with your full name, mailing address, and birthday. ♥️ I‘ll get you signed up for #JB! 5mo
Dragonfairykats @CBee I'm so sorry I didn't see it!! 5mo
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CBee @Dragonfairykats no worries! Shoot me an email when you can and we‘ll get it taken care of ♥️😁 5mo
Dragonfairykats @CBee sent 🤗 5mo
SaturnDoo @Dragonfairykats I see you found it. I saw where you tagged me in a comment about this so I went to my email to get the info for you and the comment was gone. Glad you are getting signed up!!! 😁❤💜❤ 5mo
dariazeoli There‘s a post on @kindlitsy on how to add yourself to the master list! 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Avanders 💗💗 thank you!! 5mo
Dragonfairykats @dariazeoli on the wiki? Got it! 5mo
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I just downloaded the library thing app and joined #kindlitsy ☺ such a good idea. Now to find someone to gift.

SaturnDoo 🤢I love this idea/concept, but I don't use Amazon or kindle anymore. I have a LT account but it's not user friendly(for me anyways), I've never been able to figure it out😂 so I just let it sit there. Have fun though 🤗 5mo
sblbooks @SaturnDoo LOL, maybe you should try #litsylove. I did not join that one because I have messy handwriting. (Cerebral palsy) They sure seem to have fun though. 5mo
SaturnDoo I'm in #litsylove and #jb...awww don't let that stop you from joining #litsylove because you can email members too...we share our physical and email adresses...you can write cards/letters, type letters, send gifts, send emails whatever works best for you. It's all about spreading love, no pressure, no time frames. 💜❤💜❤ 5mo
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sblbooks @SaturnDoo I'll think about it, I didn't know about the email option. What's the difference between litsy love and JB? 5mo
SaturnDoo @sblbooks nothing really...they are just two different groups hosted by different littens. I know you can join #litsylove anytime JB may be closed. If you decide to join, it's no pressure....you do what you want/can whether it's send a small gift, an email, a package, a card to whomever you want when you want. You can do one person on the list or a few or everyone. It's fun to get that unexpected email or card. The rules is just be respectful 😁 5mo
TheBookHippie @sblbooks I type mine ..I have essential tremor .. on good days I can print a messy postcard but it‘s not too often. I type and paste to postcards too. 5mo
Crazeedi @sblbooks just join us at #litsylove, you will have fun! No pressure at all! And thank you for the kindle book, it sounds excellent, right up my alley!! 5mo
Crazeedi @SaturnDoo yes you are exactly right! It's a lot of fun! 5mo
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The Poppy War | R.F. Kuang
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Dearest @Daisey ♥️♥️ Thank you for the #kindlitsy gift! I needed this today 😊 I appreciate it so very much!!

Daisey Glad to hear it made your day a little brighter! 6mo
CBee @Daisey it totally did 😊 6mo
CBee @Daisey I have a copy of “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun” by Tolkien. I‘d love to send it to you if you‘d like it? (edited) 6mo
Daisey That would be amazing! I‘m slowly collecting as many Tolkien books as possible, and that is one I haven‘t had a chance to read yet. 6mo
CBee @Daisey great! Send me your address and I‘ll get that to you. My email is cydneybean@gmail.com. ☺️ 6mo
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Hello, new followers! (And hey 👋🏻 old friends 😉)

Did you know we have a gifting tradition? It‘s been awhile since I‘ve shared, but #kindlitsy is just another way to spread some kindness through our bookish community.

Check out the @kindlitsy account for details on what‘s involved and how to participate. Feel free to share with fellow Littens!

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So I noticed I have some new followers and just wanted to tell you about #kindlitsy, because I love it and think it's a wonderful idea.

You can add yourself or see who's on the list here:

You can also follow @kindlitsy

alvingregorio Brilliant! 7mo
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Have you heard? @Litsy is now accessible on the web! You can import Goodreads stacks and see who‘s following you back!

BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 7mo
Litsy Oh, thanks for reminding me. I added the “Follows you“ feature and forgot I had. It's a small thing, but useful. 7mo
hermyknee Hey Daria! I just bought a kindle, and I was wondering how #kindlitsy works and if I could be a part of it? 7mo
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dariazeoli @hermyknee Congrats! Check out the @kindlitsy account for info. If you can‘t add yourself I‘m happy to do it 7mo
Eyelit I'm just exploring this today - total awesomeness! question: how'd you get your library thing icon/link on your profile? 7mo
dariazeoli @Eyelit I think I linked my accounts when they rolled out Add a Book on Litsy a few months ago 7mo
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