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It has always been a tradition that sometime before Christmas I would come home from work and all of the ingredients for peanut butter blossoms would have magically appeared (actually this was dad‘s signal to me to make his favorite cookie) and seeing as he is gone now I made them in honor of him...

#wintergames #teamnutcracker #tradition #holidayrecipe @Bookworm54

JacqMac Awww,,, that‘s really sweet. 1mo
Come-read-with-me They look really good. My Dad was a big fan of pb & chocolate cookies too! 1mo
PurpleyPumpkin How lovely!💜 1mo
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Karkar That is an awesome way to honor his memory. (edited) 1mo
vkois88 ❤❤❤ 1mo
Bookworm54 That‘s so lovely :) 20 points tradition, 20 points attempted holiday recipe, 1 participation ☺️ 1mo
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Early Riser | Jasper Fforde
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I shall have to start a list of #peanutbutter quotes

Alockey That‘s a good list. 9mo
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Just because it‘s Friday (or maybe it‘s already Saturday where you are) so here‘s a random question:
Chunky or smooth? What‘s your #peanutbutter preference?

JenlovesJT47 Smooth! 9mo
djh My granddaughter brought this book home from her school library! She read it to me, and we shared some giggles.🤗 9mo
djh Smooth pb for me! 9mo
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LibrarianRyan Smooth, unless i'm making cookies. 9mo
MaceyT15 Definitely smooth!! But I always slather it only nice and thick, like frosting!!! 9mo
AlaMich Chunky for me, please! 9mo
Cathythoughts Anyway at all ♥️👍🏻 9mo
Hollie Chunky! 9mo
booklover984 Smooth. But for peanut butter cookies chunky is the best! 9mo
LapReader Chunky with nothing added eg. No sugar or salt. 9mo
RebL Either way. I don‘t eat it often, but I‘m not picky when I do. 9mo
xicanti ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER!!! Lately, though, I‘ve been buying smooth because I fell in love with Kraft‘s Just Peanuts + Honey and that‘s how it comes. 9mo
Samplergal Jif smooth. But I won‘t turn down chunky. 😂 9mo
Melissa_J Smooth all the way, and it has to be Kraft. Although apparently Kraft Peanut Butter is only a Canadian thing? 9mo
Kimberlone I like both, though I don‘t eat peanut butter very often 9mo
RealLifeReading So far it‘s 6 votes for smooth. 3 for chunky. And 4 for both! 9mo
MaureenMc Smooth! Preferably Jif. 😁 9mo
Clare-Dragonfly Always chunky! Mmmmmm peanutty crunchy goodness. @LapReader We are as one (though I don‘t mind a bit of sat)! (edited) 9mo
CouronneDhiver Crunchy!!! 9mo
BiblioLitten Always crunchy! 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm Chunky/crunchy! 8mo
bookishdawg Jif creamy... Costco size 👍🏻 8mo
Dragon Smooth 8mo
CrazyLibraryGirl I love both! 8mo
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We can go together like peanut butter and jelly!


I like that the pictures are made with real food with wire frames.


I love peanut butter and cupcake!! The rhyming in the book is so fun and every time it's a guaranteed laugh from the kids. I'm for sure reading it in my future classroom and that is a fact. It's a great story about making new friends and treating everyone nicely.

Socks | Beverly Cleary
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Dianeham What lighthouse is that? 2y
mariaku21 I love those socks! And the candy 2y
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Sweets of any and all kinds are my weekend treats! This weekend it's the peanut butter m&ms @TricksyTails sent me in my #whodunitthesequel package ❤️
Thanks for the #12kgiveaway @Booksandcooks

Megabooks Yum! Great friend 😊😊 2y
OrangeMooseReads 🤤 love those 2y
TricksyTails M&Ms eggs = more peanut butter = more happiness 😊 2y
RebelReader Peanut butter and Mint M&Ms are my two favs 2y
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Day 18: Books & Chocolate - I made homemade Reese‘s Bars recently, which pair nicely with all manner of books. #bookishwackyholidays #octoberbookchallenge #booksandchocolate #callthemidwife #memoir #britishbooks #london #peanutbutter #chocolate