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A Few Right Thinking Men | Sulari Gentill
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It is Christmas party day at work, so most of the department are already out beautifying themselves!

As I am still here watching my column go into storage, it is book time!

#TBRread #TeamNutcracker #WinterGames
@Clwojick @StayCurious

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Untitled | Unknown
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This is an easy game #TeamNutcracker!

Just choose any Santa to claim the points behind it.
You may only choose one Santa. It can be the same Santa as someone else so I won‘t post your points until the whole team has participated!

I chose number 5

#WinterGames #WhichSanta @Clwojick @StayCurious

Lizpixie 3! 8h
ElizaMarie Santa #2 Please 8h
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ImperfectCJ 9 for me, please. 8h
mdm139 12 7h
SquidgetsRoom 13 plz 🙂 7h
peaknit 1 please! 5h
OriginalCyn620 5 please! 5h
Marmie7 18 please😁 5h
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Our second daily game for #WinterGames Dec 6th will be running for the rest of the month! So get this image saved and start hunting 🎄

#TeamNutcracker #OrnamentHunt
@Clwojick @StayCurious

OriginalCyn620 Fun! 🎄😊 10h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Dec 6th #WinterGames daily game number 1!

How well do you know your cookies #TeamNutcracker? I feel like I‘m going to be bad at this one! Please mark answers as spoilers whether you repost or comment. 2 points per answer :)

@Clwojick @StayCurious


ElizaMarie This one looks hard !!! 1. Pinwheel, 2. Ribbon, 3. Shortbread, 4. 🤷‍♀️5. Poinsettia, 6. 🤷‍♀️ 7. Haystacks, 8. Turtles, 9. Gingerbread, 10. Sugar, 11. Butter, 12. Pumpkin , 13. Thumbprint, 14. Brownies, 15. Biscotti , 16. Cathedral windows, 17. 🤷‍♀️ 18. 🤷‍♀️— don‘t know my total because I guess at some of these ? So I‘ll wait for you to tell me (edited) 8h
Bookworm54 The ones you have are the ones I got :) so 28 points @ElizaMarie (edited) 8h
Bookworm54 1) pinwheel 2) ribbon 3) shortbread 4) snowball 5) poinsettia 6) Truffles 7) Haystacks 8) turtles 9) gingerbread 10) sugar 11) butter 12) pumpkin 13) thumbprint 14) brownies 15) biscotti 16) cathedral windows 17) meringue 18) snickerdoodle 7h
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I don‘t know which book this is from specifically... but it‘s a Loryn Brantz comic that epitomises my festive wishes!

#TeamNutcracker #WinterGames #HolidayLaughs
@Clwojick @StayCurious

6 points

julesG Perfect! 1d
Crazeedi Wouldn't that be a great present! 23h
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The Santa Clause | Daphne Skinner
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So results are in, and the #TeamNutcracker #BuddyWatch will be The Santa Clause!

Watch this movie at any point during December and get 25 points, plus 5 extra points as it is also a book! You can watch as many times as you want for the same number of points each time.

Think about any discussion points you might have, as we will discuss the film at the end of the month (with 5 points for each comment) 🎅🏻

#WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious

ElizaMarie Ooo okay! I haven‘t fully seen this movie yet (seen bits and pieces of it) 1d
Sarahreadstoomuch Yay! Im looking forward to watching with my boys! 1d
Bookworm54 I tried to find it last year to watch as it used to be one of my favourites. It‘s been years since I have seen it though. But I clocked it on TV when I was flicking through and recorded it so I am set! Haha. I also found some I had forgotten about during my flicking, like deck the halls. I‘m planning on so many nostalgic Christmas movies once I finish work next Friday 🥳 24h
mdm139 I didn‘t know it was a book. Will try to find the book too. 23h
Bookworm54 @mdm139 me neither. But the tagged book is it. Looks like it‘s more of a book based on a film rather than the other way around :) 16h
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What are #TeamNutcracker‘s least favourite words?

Personally I dislike words that come from our language but have no business being in the dictionary. Words like Buzzy, on-brand, fatberg, Sesh...

Use them all you will, but in the dictionary?! For shame *shakes head*

#WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious

Lizpixie Moist. Ugh😖 2d
OriginalCyn620 Orifice. 1d
ElizaMarie @Lizpixie I agree! moist! It‘s icky! 1d
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ElizaMarie Nonetheless (read a book in high school where the author used this word way too much and it ruined it for me) 1d
peaknit Peculiar, I can‘t quite enunciate it right 😂 no one likes...moist. 1d
Kshakal Moist... it makes me cringe every time I hear it!!! 1d
Bookworm54 Yeah moist is the obvious one 🤣 even when describing something like cake it‘s awful 1d
TheKidUpstairs These days it's "influencer" ? 1d
LMJenkins I don‘t like made up words like “ridonculous,” and “ginormous.” 1d
ImperfectCJ Agree about influencer, but the ones that most often annoy me are portmanteau words, esp chillax and bromance and all of the names for dog breed mixes (maltipoo, schnoodle). 1d
TheKidUpstairs @ImperfectCJ ugh, I hate the word bromance as well! 1d
mdm139 I hate the word jelly when used instead of jealous 1d
Bookworm54 @ImperfectCJ my dog is a cross, a Labrador crossed with a borador (which is a lab and border collie cross) 🤣 1d
SquidgetsRoom Bae! I hate that term & cringe every time I see it & hear it 😬🙈 17h
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Some ground rules, anyone can play but only #TeamNutcracker will get points. You can‘t post twice consecutively, IE the same person cannot do a comment for A and then also do B.

2 points per comment, the prize draw is for an extra 50 points. We have 24 hours from now to go through the alphabet as many times as we want!

#WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious

Bookworm54 A - Alcohol 2d
Lizpixie B - Bread Rolls 2d
OriginalCyn620 C - Cheese Ball 1d
See All 29 Comments
Lizpixie D - Dips 1d
JenFowler E - eggnog 1d
ElizaMarie F: fireball whiskey 🥃 1d
peaknit G - Gorgonzola Cheese (edited) 1d
Kshakal G - grey goose vodka 1d
Bookworm54 H - Halloumi 1d
Lizpixie I - ice 1d
peaknit J - jagermeister 😝 (sensing a theme...) 1d
TheKidUpstairs K - Kit Kats 1d
Kshakal L- lemons 1d
peaknit M - Meatballs 1d
LMJenkins N - Nuts 1d
ImperfectCJ O - Olives 1d
ElizaMarie P: plates 1d
Lizpixie Q - Quesadillas 1d
peaknit R - Ramen 1d
ElizaMarie S: straws 1d
TheKidUpstairs T - Tea! 1d
peaknit U - Ukelele 1d
Bookworm54 V - vanilla cheesecake 1d
mdm139 W - wrapped gift 1d
peaknit X - Xerox Machine (edited) 1d
Marmie7 Y-Yams 1d
peaknit Z - zoodles 18h
SquidgetsRoom A - Appetizers 17h
Bookworm54 Okay and that‘s the end of the game! For points anyway. Feel free to continue but no further points will be assigned :) 13h
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A Few Right Thinking Men | Sulari Gentill
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This is my busiest week of Dec.

Monday‘s I have dance class for 2 hours after work, Tuesday was my partners dads birthday, so we went out for drinks and korean food (I recommend peach soju by the way alcohol drinkers!), and friday is works Xmas party!
BUT today I had a teensy bit of time to chill in the evening!

Cue squeezing in a couple of chapters of this book before bed! I‘m loving it so far :)

#TBRRead #WinterGames #TeamNutcracker

1 point

mdm139 Next week is my busy week. We have a 3 holiday parties, 2 recitals and 2 rehearsals for those recitals, 2 field trips to chaperone, 2 oral presentations to attend, 2 school play rehearsals, 3 doctors appts, and 2 service people appts at the house. 2d
Bookworm54 @mdm139 wow 😱😱😱 2d
LeahBergen You ARE busy! 2d
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Strange Planet | Nathan W. Pyle
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I love strange planet. Hoping Santa brings me the book for Christmas!

#TeamNutcracker #WinterGames
@Clwojick @StayCurious

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Untitled | Unknown
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Hi #TeamNutcracker!

So we need to pick a movie for a #BuddyWatch. There have been some suggestions on slack, so post below what you fancy watching and we will pick the film with the most votes in 24hrs for our movie 🎥 🍿

Suggested so far are:
The Ref
The Santa Clause
The Christmas Shoes
A Christmas Story

Feel free to suggest others, but some of the more popular ones are already taken by other groups and may get vetoed!


Marmie7 I vote for the Ref😁 2d
ElizaMarie I‘m up for anything (not a huge traditional Christmas movie person) I have Hulu, Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime so any of those platforms I‘m game :) 2d
Sarahreadstoomuch Christmas Story or Santa Clause 2d
See All 12 Comments
mdm139 Since I have kids I am going with Santa Clause since they can watch with me. 2d
ElizaMarie Also, if anyone was thinking more non-traditional... I was thinking Coming to America, Die Hard, Gizmo... I don't know if another group is doing the Christmas Carol (I saw the Muppet one once already this month but will probably watch it again and maybe the Mickey Mouse one too) 2d
OriginalCyn620 The Ref! Love that one! 2d
SquidgetsRoom The Christmas Shoes, Mickey‘s Christmas Carol, One Magic Christmas. Those are all my must see Christmas movies every year 😉💖 2d
peaknit I‘ve not seen the ref so I‘d check that out but I‘m not picky, I‘m into all holiday movies this year😂 2d
TheKidUpstairs My vote is for The Santa Clause or A Christmas Story, but I'm happy with whatever we end up with! 1d
LMJenkins Love, Actually or Home Alone 1d
Bookworm54 You have 2 more hours to vote for/suggest movies for our buddy watch so get them in! You can vote for more than one, as we will go with whichever the most people want to watch! 1d
Bookworm54 Okay so we had a tie between the Santa clause and the ref. I flipped a coin and we got the Santa clause (though I will probably watch a lot of these suggestions anyway!) 1d
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Christmas Trees | Robert Frost
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Our very small, very minimal tree for the year. We didn‘t think baubles would be safe around the crazy puppy, and Ash has mostly left it alone since it has been put up as it is!

#XmasTreeContest #TeamNutcracker #WinterGames
@Clwojick @StayCurious

11 points

gradcat Such a lovely puppy!! 🐶 ♥️ 2d
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#TeamNutcracker I have been back through your posts to add points for movies that are based on books and make sure I had seen all the posts you have tagged me in. Before we get too far ahead please check I have liked or commented on all your #WinterGames posts, and that any films based on books have had 5 points added to them!

If you want to check your totals so far against what I have down, let me know! :)

Lizpixie Can you check my last post to see if I have it right please? 2d
ElizaMarie I would love to check as well
Bookworm54 So @Lizpixie I have you down as 301. So you have found 3 more points than me. I will have another check through them to make sure I haven‘t missed any! 2d
See All 8 Comments
Bookworm54 And @ElizaMarie I have given you more points than you have given yourself (might be those book to movie ones I just caught up on) so I have you as 495 2d
Bookworm54 @Lizpixie I double checked and still only get 301. I might be missing a comment somewhere maybe, but I‘m pretty sure I found them all 2d
LMJenkins @bookworm54, if you have liked a post but not commented with a point count, should I assume you‘ve counted it? 1d
Bookworm54 @LMJenkins yes :) if it‘s just participation, points are on the game image used, or you have written down the points yourself I might just like instead of commenting. 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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And game number 2! I love riddles ☺️

Again comment your answers underneath marked as spoilers, or repost and again comment answers marked as spoilers!

#WinterGames #TeamNutcracker @Clwojick @StayCurious

Okay I have cracked this one!
1. Santa Clues
2. Silent Night
3. A Christmas Quacker
4. Jungle Bells
5. Claus-trophobic
6. Crisp Kringle
7. Saint Nickel-less
8. It was feeling crummy
9. At Snow-balls
10. An Ice-burger
11. A cookie sheet
12. Fleece Navidad
13. Merry Xmas Deer
14. Low ‘elf-esteem
15. Santa walking backwards
16. It‘s Christmas Eve
17. The elf-abet
18. Santa Paws
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Untitled | Unknown
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December 4th game number 1 for #WinterGames!

I was thinking for these two daily games that you repost blank, and comment your answers as a spoiler so that others can enjoy the game too but see answers if they want :)
If you have already posted because you saw it before I woke up though, don‘t worry! You can also comment below if you don‘t want to repost!

#TeamNutcracker @Clwojick @StayCurious

Bookworm54 1. Year
2. Same
3. City
4. Care
5. Hair
6. Stem
7. Cash
8. Share
9. Steam
10. Ram
11. Chair
12. Earth
13. Shy
14. Mast
15. Rat
ElizaMarie 1. Year, 2. Same, 3. City, 4. *** 💜(grr can't think of it... too early!) , 5. Hair, 6. Stem, 7. Cash, 8. Share, 9, Steam, 10. Ram, 11. Chair, 12. Earth, 13. Shy, 14. Mast, 15. Rat = 42 points 2d
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Untitled | Unknown
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My answers for the #WinterGames daily game.

I didn‘t expect to have over 1000 pictures. My dog is just too damn cute! I have 74 points :)

#TeamNutcracker @Clwojick @StayCurious

Untitled | Unknown
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And game number 2 for the day.

You don‘t have to prove what‘s on your phone but be honest!

I have left this one blank so everyone can repost, and will do mine later! It‘s unfortunately time for work 😭

#TeamNutcracker #WinterGames

Bookworm54 FYI guys there is no prize for the most points like it says at the top. This is just a carry over from the original poster. It‘s just a game to get you lots of points and because we are nosy! 3d
Lizpixie So do we add those points to our totals? 3d
Bookworm54 @lizpixie we do yes :) there are prizes for the top 3 overall contributors so this will really stack up some points for a lot of people! :) 3d
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Where would you go if you could go anywhere for Christmas?

A couple of years ago I went to Goa for Christmas and it was amazing but it did feel weird not being at home for Christmas! I would probably choose Australia.

#TeamNutcracker #WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious

peaknit I would go to Disney World! 3d
Amiable Germany for the Christmas markets 3d
Amiable You‘re right about it feeling odd when you aren‘t home for the holidays, though. A few years ago my family took a river cruise from Paris up to Normandy, so we were in France for Christmas. It felt strange! But it was really awesome to be on Omaha Beach on Christmas Eve. What a special visit that was. 3d
See All 11 Comments
OriginalCyn620 Good question! I think I‘d go somewhere snowy since we don‘t get much of it here in the South. Like maybe Switzerland. Mountain views and quaint villages and all the Christmas lights...I‘ve seen photos but I imagine it‘s even more beautiful in person! 3d
Bookworm54 @amiable that really does sound great! @OriginalCyn620 Switzerland is as gorgeous in person. There‘s something about being surrounded by snow covered mountains 🥰 3d
LMJenkins There are several places I'd like to go....home to NY, Disney....I also like being home in Virginia. 3d
ElizaMarie I‘m thinking I‘d like to do the Harry Potter world for Christmas (next year). Last year my hubby and I went to Dollywood and it was great! This year we are just gonna be in Houston (I didn‘t plan my contract well) 3d
mdm139 Any of where there is snow! I live in the desert. 3d
Kshakal My mom and I actually discussed going somewhere for Christmas this but in the end decided to stay home... I would love to see New York City at Christmas though!!! 3d
ImperfectCJ I've spent Thanksgiving in northern Spain before, so Christmas there would be a logical next step. Chile would be another option with the added benefit of being southern hemisphere. 3d
TheKidUpstairs I love NYC at this time of year, and I'd love to go to Germany for Christmas. And spend just one Christmas somewhere warm! 3d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Just a reminder for those playing #WinterGames (and #TeamNutcracker in the case of the tagging) that you receive points for other Christmas related things as well as books and movies!

I have seen a few holiday laughs coming through, but don‘t forget the selfie scavenger hunts, and that recipes, traditions, and crafts also count :)

You don‘t have to finish a book to post about it either, you can still get participation points for it!

Have fun!

OriginalCyn620 Thanks for this! 😊 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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And the second game of the day, use your predictive keyboard to comment below!

#TeamNutcracker #WinterGames #ForChristmasIWant @Clwojick @StayCurious

TheKidUpstairs This year for Christmas I really want to make it through. 😂😂😂😂 4d
peaknit This year for Christmas I really want to knit and knit a sweater. (Okay, so this is true😂) 4d
See All 14 Comments
Bookworm54 This year for Christmas I really want a new puppy. (Well I already have one of those and I‘m not ready for a second yet!) 🐶🐾 4d
Kshakal This year for Christmas I really want a Christmas gift! Lol.... I would say that is pretty accurate! 4d
OriginalCyn620 This year for Christmas I really want ya back and then I‘ll be happy. 🤔 Sounds like the start of a boy band holiday song... 4d
ElizaMarie @TheKidUpstairs you and me both!!! 4d
ElizaMarie This year for Christmas I really want a Christmas gift 🎁 (simple, honest) 4d
ImperfectCJ This year for Christmas I really want to see you then and there. I'm a little pushy at Christmas, apparently. 4d
mdm139 This year for Christmas I really want ya back and then we get a chance. 4d
SquidgetsRoom This year for Christmas I really want the best out of the year. I don‘t think this worked properly lol. I don‘t use predictive text & when I turned it on for this post, this is what it came up with 🙈🤣😬 4d
litenthusiast This year for Christmas I really want a new world kindness day. 💙🌍 This was not the kind of sentence I was expecting, but I love it. 4d
Bookworm54 @SquidgetsRoom it‘s sometimes more hassle than it‘s worth! 4d
SquidgetsRoom Agreed @bookworm54 that‘s why I was very quick to disable it lol! 4d
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Untitled | Unknown
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It‘s the second day of #WinterGames and we have a couple of games for you today! So firstly #TeamNutcracker what‘s your snowman name?

Repost with your name and the relevant hashtags for 5 points!

Mine is Hope McICICLES ⛄️

#TheSnowmanGame @Clwojick @StayCurious

Untitled | Unknown
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Because he is spoiled and it is his first Christmas, only my dog Ash has an #AdventCalendar this year! Although I did get given one at work... so I guess just the boyfriend goes without!

#FestivePhotoChallenge #WinterGames #TeamNutcracker @Clwojick @StayCurious

Crazeedi Aww this is so precious!! 5d
Clwojick Ohhhh! This is adorable! I want to make one for my cats now! 😍 5d
mdm139 I got an advent calendar for each of my dogs too. 5d
AmyG This makes this Jewish mother want a dog. 😳 5d
xicanti I love these! I wanted to get one for my dog, but he‘s one special hypoallergenic diet right now. Next year. 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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This is the last month long #WinterGames bingo card! The other 2 were film related, while this one is book related.

Points are the same as the other bingo cards with 20 points awarded for a line (diagonal counts) and 100 points for a full board! Any posts where you have crossed one off still gets a participation point so keep at it guys!


Untitled | Unknown
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Another daily game #TeamNutcracker #WinterGames

For each comment you make below about your favourite festive things, you get 2 points!

You can do this game at any point on the 1st December.

Go team!

peaknit Christmas tree lights when I‘m enjoying my morning coffee. 🎄 5d
peaknit Pine scented candles and essential oils❤️ 5d
mdm139 Cozy fires and hot chocolate 5d
See All 37 Comments
OriginalCyn620 Starbucks peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes! ☕️ 5d
LMJenkins I love the tradition of doing the advent calendar with my kids each night of December. 5d
LMJenkins I 💛 making beef stew and popovers for dinner the first day snow falls. 5d
LMJenkins Having the only lights on be the tree lights and the holiday mood that creates. 5d
LMJenkins I love pulling out all my Christmas and holiday books and stacking them around the house. 📚 🎅🏼 5d
LMJenkins @Bookworm54 , should we be posting our point total with each of our posts? Or just to do the post itself and let you keep track? 5d
TheKidUpstairs Blasting Christmas carols while decorating 🎄 5d
TheKidUpstairs And reading Christmas stories by the fire while drinking Christmas tea 5d
SquidgetsRoom I was wondering the same thing @LMJenkins 5d
Lizpixie Going as a family to the Xmas tree farm and choosing & cutting down a tree🌲🎄 5d
Lizpixie Watching the Xmas lights while having a cup of tea 5d
Marmie7 Cutting down our tree, crafting together, watching Christmas movies, decorating. So many things about the season! 5d
Lizpixie Making my glazed ham 5d
OriginalCyn620 Turning on the Christmas tree lights in the morning and having a quiet cup of coffee! 5d
Lizpixie Watching my children hang their personalised ornaments that were made for them when they were born. They were made by our neighbour Sheila who was like a grandmother to them, she passed away sadly a few years ago so those ornaments mean a lot to us.💚❤️ 5d
Lizpixie Seeing the whole Parker family gather together on Xmas Eve at my MILs house, and watch her get tipsy after a few scotches!🥃 5d
ImperfectCJ Christmas lights in an otherwise dark room. 5d
ImperfectCJ Watching the sunset at the beach on Christmas Eve (I love that people cheer and clap when the sun disappears). 5d
LMJenkins The smell of apple cider warming with mulling spices than adding some bourbon or Captain Morgan‘s to it. Yum. 🥃 5d
Bookworm54 @LMJenkins @SquidgetsRoom you can keep track of your points if you like, but as captain I am keeping score regardless ☺️ so you don‘t have to worry as long as the hashtags are there! 40 points on this game so far! 5d
litenthusiast Peppermint mochas and driving around to see all the Christmas lights on houses. 5d
ElizaMarie Peppermint Mochas (actually anything peppermint) 5d
ElizaMarie The smell of Christmas 🎄 5d
ElizaMarie Not feeling lazy being in fuzzy pajamas and fuzzy socks all day 5d
ElizaMarie I don‘t live where it‘s cold enough usually but... sometimes I‘m lucky and am able to be near a fire 🔥 (listening to fire burning) 5d
ElizaMarie I love giving and (of course) receiving gifts 🎁 5d
ElizaMarie Christmas lights. Going to a light event type of thing (one of my holiday traditions) 5d
ElizaMarie Krampus! Other non-traditional holiday movies :) 5d
Sarahreadstoomuch The tree all lit up but all the other lights are off 5d
Sarahreadstoomuch Watching holiday movies with my family 5d
Sarahreadstoomuch My kids opening presents.... they aren‘t rip through them as fast as they can types, they actually react to each one thoughtfully 5d
SquidgetsRoom Family & friends 5d
SquidgetsRoom Baked goods, holiday dinners 5d
SquidgetsRoom Having a valid excuse to stay in comfy (preferably fuzzy jammies) all day to read. 5d
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Arthur Christmas: The Novel | Justine Fontes, Ron Fontes
post image

A chilled start to the day, watching Arthur Christmas with the puppy. I hadn‘t seen this before but it‘s such a cute Christmas film! I think Bryony the Elf was my favourite character in it :)

I‘m also counting it on the Christmas movie bingo card as ‘There‘s a Christmas deadline‘.

#HolidayMovie #TeamNutcracker #WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious

StayCurious Awesome way to start the day! Adorable pup btw. 5d
CSeydel Oh this is one of our favorites! 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Game number 2 for Dec 1st is #ThisOrThat

5 points for reposting with your answers :)

Mine are:
Salted caramel
Secret Santa (I do not know what white elephant is...)
Apple cider
Hot chocolate
The Grinch
Christmas lights
Cyber Monday
Cold weather
Eating cookies (how is this even a question?!)
Matching PJs

#TeamNutcracker #WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious

peaknit White elephant is basically wrapped gag gifts, you can wrap just about anything. 5d
Bookworm54 Ohhhh thanks @peaknit yeah I stand by my answer! Haha 5d
peaknit Haha! Me too! Sometimes gag gifts are harder to think up than real gifts. Though for a work party, the lack of personalization of a gag can take the stress off😂 5d
ElizaMarie I agree!!! How can you like making cookies 🍪 more than eating them!!! 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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It‘s nearly 9am and it‘s #WinterGames day! Woooooo!

So for those in #TeamNutcracker who haven‘t yet seen this #OpeningDayQuestionnaire post, here is game number 1 for Dec 1st!

My answers are below:

1) 25
2) 40. Between full time work and a new puppy it was
always going to be hard to squeeze in reading.
3) I like to read The Christmas Carol every year. Short and
4) I love robins and their cute little red chests

ElizaMarie I also read a Christmas carol every year !! (edited) 5d
Bookworm54 Yes! @ElizaMarie and then I watch my favourite Christmas movie, the muppets Christmas carol! Haha it‘s hands down the best version 🥰 5d
ElizaMarie @Bookworm54 OMG!!! We are like the same person!!! That‘s my fav Christmas movie too! I love the Muppets one! 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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During the #WinterGames, we will be having month long games and daily games alongside the hashtags and games mentioned in the FAQs.

As some of #TeamNutcracker are already in December, here is a collage of the month long games. There are 2 bingo cards where you get points per line and extra points for completing the board, and 2 photo challenges. Points are available all month for these games, so you can post at any time! Just remember to tag!

TheKidUpstairs This is great! Are there larger images for the bingo boards and scavenger hunt anywhere? I can't read them 6d
Bookworm54 @TheKidUpstairs yes I popped them on slack, I didn‘t want to spam too much and have people lose them! I will email you the larger images :) 6d
TheKidUpstairs @Bookworm54 thanks! I don't have much space on my phone so I'm having trouble loading slack. Email is great! 6d
OriginalCyn620 Looks like fun! 😊🎄🎅🏻 6d
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‘Twas the night before #WinterGames, and I thought it would be a good time for a recap!

The event starts at midnight in YOUR timezone.
Remember to use the relevant hashtags including #TeamNutcracker, and tag @Bookworm54 @StayCurious and @Clwojick in all your posts.

All posts get 1 point for participation. There are also points for completing reads, movies, crafts, and games etc as explained in the FAQ below.

I look forward to your posts! 🎄

StayCurious I love this! And it reminds me to remind my team😊 6d
OriginalCyn620 So excited! 6d
ElizaMarie Is there a buddy read for our team? 6d
Bookworm54 @ElizaMarie There isn‘t one planned, but if several of the team want to read the same book go for it! :) 6d
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Untitled | Unknown
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December is not far away now! Here are some hashtags for upcoming #WinterGames events.

Remember the event starts at midnight on the 1st Dec in YOUR time zone! Don‘t forget to tag myself, @Clwojick and @StayCurious in any posts relating to the game along with the relevant hashtags including your team name #TeamNutcracker.

I look forward to seeing what you all get up to, to get you into the holiday spirit!

ElizaMarie Super excited!!! 2w
OriginalCyn620 So excited! 🤗 2w
SquidgetsRoom Can‘t wait!! 📚🎶👏🏻 2w
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ElizaMarie I think I lost the email or website but... can you repost the point break down? 1w
ElizaMarie Thank you. I‘m trying to get my little notes so I can copy and paste when I post it 1w
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I am downloading way more #HolidayReads than I will ever complete in preparation for the #WinterGames

I mean they are #FreeBooks, it would be rude not to right?

The tagged book is a retelling of The Nutcracker so I think I will put that high on the game #tbr as a homage to #TeamNutcracker!


Kshakal I am doing the same thing!!! Plus I just requested a bunch of Christmas books from the library!! 2w
Liatrek Me too! I‘ve been downloading a bunch of free ones 🎄🎄🎄 2w
Clwojick OOOOoooops ! 🙈 I seen this post, and realized I havent checked out the holiday books in the Apple book store.... so to go along with the 104 holiday books I already have on my Kindle app, I now have MANY MANY more on my books app. AHHAH 1w
Bookworm54 @Clwojick wooooo freebies! Haha now you have something for every mood ;) 1w
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The Nutcracker and the Mouse King | Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
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Hi #TeamNutcracker!

The 3 tagged team members are not yet on slack. If you want to join us, the link is attached below. This is just a group chat with some relevant info for the #WinterGames. If not I will be repeating on litsy anyway :)

We are planning a card exchange between team members. This will likely be one card. If you would like to participate please send me an email by 1st Dec.

And finally FAQs can also be found in the comments 🤶🏻

Kshakal What is your email?? 2w
Bookworm54 To participate in the group card exchange please email me at gemma0504@hotmail.co.uk with your address and whether you are okay posting internationally or would prefer to post local. There is no pressure to participate in this exchange, and only one card will be sent. Once I have the replies on the 1st Dec I will send out the name and address of your match so that you have time to post before Christmas 🎄 2w
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litenthusiast I signed up earlier today. Am I still not showing up? 2w
Bookworm54 @litenthusiast I have you showing on slack now :) 2w
Bookworm54 @TheKidUpstairs Hi Megan! You will be on #TeamNutcracker for the upcoming #WinterGames as we had to have a reshuffle. I have tagged you in this post as it contains links to our slack group and the FAQs. There is still time to join in the group card exchange if you would be interested too :) let me know by the end of the week! Welcome and I look forward to your posts! 1w
TheKidUpstairs Hi #TeamNutcracker ! I'm excited to join your team 😁 I'll send you an email today, I'd love to join the card exchange. And I'll try and get the slack app working again (I've had some problems with it in the past), fingers crossed! 1w
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The Nutcracker | E. T. A. Hoffmann
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Hello #TeamNutcracker

Now that sign ups have ended, we have a group of 13 in total.

@LMJenkins has set us up a slack group so we can discuss things relating to #WinterGames without things getting lost in comments. Incase you missed it the link is in the comments below so please join us! ☺️

(The picture is from 4 years ago. I was very excited about the life size nutcracker!)

ElizaMarie I‘m confused what a “slack” group is? Also awesome pic! 2w
Bookworm54 @ElizaMarie it‘s a little like the mighty network we use for PLC. You sign up with an email and password (there is an app or you can do it on a browser) and then it has topics etc and chat :) 2w
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ElizaMarie Ooo okay. I‘ll open it today :) at work so I have poor service 2w
Sarahreadstoomuch Yay! I just joined Slack for this- have no idea how it works just yet - please be patient with me! 2w
mdm139 Ok got the app. I am a Hallmark Christmas movie fiend. And I have a little ones that love Christmas picture books. So I hope to earn us lots of points. 2w
peaknit @mdm139 hallmark kindred spirit over here 🙋🏼‍♀️ I‘m loving them and checking off the premiere list! 2w
OriginalCyn620 I just downloaded the app but am in the same boat as @Sarahreadstoomuch so please be patient with me as well! 😊 2w
SquidgetsRoom @OriginalCyn620 & @Sarahreadstoomuch I‘m also in the same boat lol. I‘ve never heard of Slack before either. I am signed up & all that...now what lol 😬🤣🧐📚🎶 2w
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This isn‘t a book I would normally have picked up, despite liking the sort of cosy chick lit type genres. I usually go fantasy/historical and there are many books on my TBR list! However I really enjoyed the November #ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC pick.

The main character was sweet (if a little naive) and the plot was well paced and kept me interested. I would definitely read more of Mindy‘s books in the future :)

#Witches #Familiars #Librarian

ElizaMarie I loved this one too! It wouldn‘t have crossed my path if it weren‘t for #ParanormalLoveCrew 3w
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Clockwork Princess | Cassandra Clare
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#WeLoveToReadWednesday #ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC

One of my favourite authors is Cassandra Clare.
I love her shadow hunter chronicles and all the related anthologies in particular, and she is always posting stuff on social media (sometimes with Holly Black) including beautiful artwork for upcoming books!


Andrew65 What a great picture / cover. 3w
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Magic Burns | Ilona Andrews
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#TopicTuesday #ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC

My favourite genre is fantasy (urban or otherwise). I love all the world building and the variety of characters. And who couldn‘t use a little more magic in their lives?

It‘s a shame for the characters that there is usually murder, war, or significant crimes attached to all fantasy...

ElizaMarie Fantasy can be fun! 3w
phatsallylee I agree! 3w
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The Nutcracker and the Mouse King | Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
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Hello #TeamNutcracker I am your team captain for the #WinterGames :)

Tag me in all your posts with @Clwojick and @StayCurious so I can track points. More info will be filtered out nearer the time!

Would anyone be interested in a card exchange in the team? We can each send one card, or send to all. If you have any thoughts on the card swap or anything else, leave a comment or email me at gemma0504@hotmail.co.uk ☺️

Clwojick Woohoo! Go #TeamNutcracker! ❄️☃️ 4w
ElizaMarie I would love doing a card exchange :) 4w
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Sarahreadstoomuch Oh and I would be in for a card exchange! 4w
BethM @Clwojick @StayCurious did team members get emails or only captains? Because I def didn‘t get one. 4w
Bookworm54 @BethM just captains I think (edited) 4w
Marmie7 Love the name #TeamNutcracker ! I'd love a Christmas Card exchange😁 4w
Clwojick Just the team captains for now. @BethM 4w
mdm139 Yeah! So excited to be on #teamnutcracker. I would be up for a card exchange. 4w
BethM @Clwojick thanks I was worried I missed something! 4w
OriginalCyn620 Go #teamnutcracker! I‘d love to do a card exchange! I‘d be up for mailing cards to the whole group but however the majority votes is fine with me. 4w
peaknit It depends on the size of the group but cards would be nice:) I have been watching holiday tv today, when should I be tagging for points? I may need a remedial link😂🎄 4w
Bookworm54 @peaknit we start on December 1st so it doesn‘t yet count unfortunately. But way to get into the spirit! There are 11 of us so far, but depends how many more people sign up! I‘m not sure where everyone lives either so some may be international postage 4w
Kshakal @Bookworm54 I would love to do a Christmas card exchange!!! Are we going to get an email or something with the points breakdown?? 4w
Bookworm54 @Kshakal I‘m not too sure what the plan is so far, I imagine it won‘t stray too far from the plan on the sign up page. But I will make sure you all have a rundown regardless before we start! :) 4w
Kshakal @Bookworm54 sounds good!! 4w
ImperfectCJ I'm up for a card exchange. (Sorry for the delayed reply. I lost track of this post and had trouble finding it again. I need to improve my Litsy post management for these games!) 3w
litenthusiast I would be up for a card exchange as well. 😊 3w
Bookworm54 Welcome @SquidgetsRoom and @LMJenkins to #TeamNutcracker 🥳 I will be sending out some more information soon and sounding everyone out about who is interested in card swaps etc so will do a proper post when I get chance tomorrow! Until then welcome and speak soon! 3w
LMJenkins Thanks - Looking forward to it! How many people are in our group? I am not sure that I'd be up for a card exchange....ordered mine already and usually use every last one on family/friends. I could definitely do one card.

LMJenkins I saw that another team started a Slack conversation for keeping up with the team during #WinterGames....anyone interested in that? I could start it and post the link for our group, if so. Team Captain @Bookworm54, you let me know if you do. 2w
Bookworm54 @LMJenkins it‘s potentially international as well. A slack group will probably make it easier to track conversations than scrolling through comments so sounds like a plan! :) 2w
LMJenkins Okay, lets try this: https://join.slack.com/t/litsygroup/shared_invite/enQtODI5MzAwNjUxODU5LWU4NGZmY2...

Caveat: I use Slack for work and I'm hoping it'll be easy to have a separate channel for this without it interfering with my work channel. If it isn't, I may have to bow out.
SquidgetsRoom Super excited to be a part of #TeamNutcracker for the #WinterGames. Thanks for the tag @Bookworm54 I appreciate it! I‘m new to #Litsy challenges & whatnot as well as Slack so, I may be a bit slow lol! I look forward to more I do when it comes! I could do 1 Christmas card for sure! 2w
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#StoryBookSunday #ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC

Unpopular opinion on one of the must reads for children. My school didn‘t have many books we HAD to read. Shakespeare has always been a big must in schools though. And I just don‘t get it! Firstly plays are terrible things to read, and second Romeo and Juliet is just such a bad love story! Don‘t get me wrong, Shakespeare is iconic. I would just rather watch them than read them.

8little_paws 100% agree about reading Shakespeare in high school. What was the point!? To teach kids adults only read dusty old classics? 4w
ElizaMarie Haha!!! I totally agree with you!!! But I do love this movie :) (edited) 4w
Megabooks I took some summer enrichment in Shakespeare in high school, but we had a passionate teacher who understood the text, was good at explaining it, and we acted them out. Without that level of teaching, I agree that it‘s pretty damn pointless in the average high school situation. 4w
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Sace Even with a local Shakespeare theater I think it's pointless to teach him because our district makes it so hard to take a field trip none of the teachers take advantage of it 4w
BethM I 100% agree with you. 4w
jb72 I really did not like Romeo & Juliet. The whole thing is just ridiculous reading in my opinion. 4w
Laura317 I just liked the comedies. 4w
AkashaVampie i agree with u and @ElizaMarie.... i love this movie. Leo is one of my favs!!! 4w
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Dead Witch Walking | Kim Harrison
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I have started a re-read before the new book comes out. I am doing a slow re-read with The Cincy Underground Facebook group, which suits me at the minute timeline wise, though I may jump ship to the Goodreads read along with Kim at some point!

It‘s been ages since I read these, and I had forgotten a lot! But I love Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks, and I can‘t wait to see more of Al. I never warmed to Trent or Nick though, Rach has terrible taste in men!

thegirlwiththelibrarybag Ahh, I also started a reread... I should get back to it! I didn‘t know there was going to be a new book 4w
Bookworm54 @thegirlwiththelibrarybag There are 2! American Demon is expected to come out in June next year :) it‘s set between the end of the last book and the epilogue 4w
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Ok! I stopped reading originally after one of my favourite characters was murdered - but I read at least the first two earlier this year - hopefully will get back into it (I‘m pretty bad at drifting away from series) 4w
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#FeatureFriday #ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC

The film I am most looking forward to seeing (though it might be blu ray rather than cinema at this rate!) is Zombieland 2

I loved the first one and can‘t wait to see how they have been surviving all this time!

ElizaMarie I haven‘t seen this one yet either and I want to. I loved the first one :) 1mo
vivastory I can't wait to watch this one! 1mo
phatsallylee I just saw this movie and i thought it was better than the first one! 1mo
LoverOfLearning I'm very excited to see this. The first one was so original and funny. 4w
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#TearJerkerThursday #PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew

This may not have been the most recent book that made me cry (I think it may have been Feed or a Cassandra Clare one), but it is one that never fails to make me sob.

This is a story told in post it notes between a mother and daughter, who don‘t have as much time for each other as they once did, during which time the mother is diagnosed with cancer.

Lifeisasnap Sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing. 1mo
jb72 I read that book about 2 years ago. It was extremely sad, but I felt disheartened that a mother would continue communication through notes and text when sickness is grappling her body. 1mo
ElizaMarie It sounds rather interesting. Its not my genre really but... it does sound sweet. 1mo
Bookworm54 @jb72 I agree with that. It seems such a shame. Surely you would try to spend more time with their loved ones when they are sick. 1mo
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The Raging Quiet | Sherryl Jordan
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This is one of my favourite books.

It is a sweet story about two outcasts, a young widow and the village madman, who learn to communicate with each other through sign language. The villagers believe that the widow must have bewitched the madman though, and accuse her of witchcraft.
I used to read this once a year. My copy is currently travelling the world though, so I haven‘t read it in a while!

#WeLoveToReadWednesday #PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew

AkashaVampie This sounds interesting! I'm gunna have to add it to my long long long long list of TBR 1mo
ElizaMarie This does sounds super interesting. Oh and how is your copy traveling without you? 1mo
Bookworm54 @ElizaMarie it‘s a part of a postal book group :) we all sent our favourite books with a notebook for people to write their thoughts in. Hopefully it will be back with me in a year or so 1mo
ElizaMarie That sounds soo great! 1mo
jb72 @Bookworm54 That‘s pretty cool. 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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My top 3 places to read are:
1) my sofa - pictured above and covered in slightly hairy blankets to protect it from the doggy
2) my bed 🛌
3) the library

#PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew #TopicTuesday

AkashaVampie That sofa looks so comfy!!! I read in my bed or on the couch. I need to find a good way to read becuz when I read in bed (which is most of the time), I fall asleep alot. 1mo
ElizaMarie I have a hard time reading in public. I try to during lunch and when I go eat out alone but I get really distracted ... that couch looks great! 1mo
Alora I looove your colour scheme! 😍💛 1mo
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Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook | Joyce Lankester Brisley
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#StoryBookSunday #PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew

Milly Molly Mandy used to be one of my favourite childhood books. It used to drive my mum mad to read it to me though!

ElizaMarie Ooo Never even heard of this one! 1mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Yessss! I had some on cassette and I would always get scared in one story when they climb over a fence that has a ‘trespassers will be shot‘ sign on it to pick blackberries 😂 I‘ve always been a bit taken with fried onion and bread for supper too - sounds delicious! 1mo
jb72 It sounds cute! 1mo
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Reviewsbylola I found an old copy of this one for my kids but we haven‘t read it yet. 1mo
RachelO 💕💕💕 1mo
Birdsong28 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍📚📖 1mo
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Practical Magic | Alice Hoffman
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I had been meaning to read this a while and figured October was as good a time as any!

I liked the writing style, and thought the characters were good, but I sometimes struggled to follow the plot when it jumped to a new character. I also prefer my books to have chapters so it is easier to find my place again.

Overall I liked the story, but I wanted more background on the spells and witchcraft, and more magic!

#Witches #Magic

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#FeatureFriday #PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew

The last film I watched at the cinema was Detective Pikachu.
I was more of a Digimon fan as a child than Pokémon, however when Pokémon Go came out I played it with my boyfriend and watched a bit of the series. Since Ryan Reynolds is awesome I would have watched this anyway though haha

jb72 You can‘t go wrong with Ryan Reynolds. 1mo
AkashaVampie I still haven't seen this! I really need to make a list of movies that I need to watch! 1mo
ElizaMarie I haven‘t seen this one and really thought about it at one point. Also only because Ryan Reynolds because I am not a fan of Pokémon really. 1mo
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Moon Called | Patricia Briggs
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1) Best teeth has to go to vampires! Pictures of Aidan Turner as vampire Mitchell from Being Human, and Luke Evans as Dracula from Dracula untold

2) My favourite paranormal creature used to be vampires, but I am loving my shapeshifters at the moment (weres, walkers, fae, demons...)

3) Silver seems to stop MOST paranormal creatures so silver bullets would be my choice

Continued in comments

#PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew #SeptChallenge #Part2Creatures

Bookworm54 4) I think someone born as a paranormal creature would struggle to adapt to human life without their powers. Same with those who have been changed a long time. However I do think they would survive as they have experience surviving, in some cases for centuries 3mo
Bookworm54 5) I would like to be friends with a witch. Most are fairly trustworthy, you don‘t have to watch your phrasing like you would with some of the other creatures, and they are less likely to be tempted to eat you as a snack! 3mo
AkashaVampie love ur answers sweetie! 3mo
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Moon Called | Patricia Briggs
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“Perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect world.” (Teen Wolf) - Find a meme that reminds you of the main character (meme)

See image :)

Remainder of challenge in the comments (candle, and advice) 👇🏻

#ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC #Part1SeptemberChallenge #Characters

Bookworm54 “Stop whatever you are doing. You smell like fruit roll-ups.” (Buffy) - Create a candle that smells like your favourite character. (Description)

I think Mercy would smell like oil, desert, and warm chocolate chip cookies 🍪

“This is beyond my Ken and my Barbie and all my action figures.” (Angel) - Give some advice to your favourite character (Advice)

Think before you speak Mercy. That mouth will get you into trouble!
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Moon Called | Patricia Briggs
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“You are my life now.” (Twilight) - What is your favourite quote? (Quote)

#ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC #Part1SeptemberChallenge #Characters

Riveted_Reader_Melissa 😂Makes me want to reread this series! 3mo
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Moon Called | Patricia Briggs
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“In every generation, there is a chosen one” (Buffy) - who would you cast as your favourite character? (Photo)

My favourite character so far is the MC Mercedes ‘Mercy‘ Thompson, and I would cast Tonantzin Carmelo as Mercy.

She looks like I imagine Mercy to look, and has even played a skinwalker (like Mercy) in Teen Wolf (I haven‘t actually seen teen wolf though...). Perfect!

#ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC #Part1SeptemberChallenge #Characters

AprilMae I always pictured Michelle Rodriguez as Mercy, no idea why 😂 3mo
AprilMae Also, have you read the Alpha and Omega books? LOVED THEM!!! 3mo
Bookworm54 @AprilMae oooo yes she would be a good choice too! I have read cry wolf, and bulk bought the alpha and omega books (I think up to burn bright?) but haven‘t got around to them yet. After this months book club I‘m going to reread the series as I haven‘t got around to the newer ones yet, and then crack them out! ☺️ 3mo
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