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The #cozymystery genre is not my usual cup of tea, so I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. It would be a great palate cleanser in between heavier literary reads.

Set in WNC, near Asheville, I could relate to the atmospheric setting (my guess is it is inspired by Hot Springs, NC), and loved the MC‘s talent of bibliotherapy, a modality I didn‘t even know existed, and now want to incorporate into my coaching practice!

Caterina Good to know, I've been considering reading this one even though I also don't usually read cozy mysteries! It had me at book and scones. 😍 You're almost there with your book goals, great job!! 7mo
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 7mo
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4thhouseontheleft @Caterina I definitely have some criticisms of the book, but the topic and setting definitely drew me in! I‘ve been a reading machine since finishing up the last GoT book earlier this month. 😃 7mo
guinsgirlreads Way to go on your book goal!! 👏 7mo
hilded That scone looks yummy! 😋 7mo
rabbitprincess I'm here for the scone 😋 7mo
Clwojick How many books have you read from your goal so far? 7mo
Clwojick Nevermind. 😅 just read the first comment! Way to go! You‘re crushing it! 🤓 7mo
Read4life I have this one and keep picking something else up. You just moved it up my list! Great job on the challenge 💙 7mo
4thhouseontheleft @hilded @rabbitprincess 🤣🤣 @Clwojick Thanks! I had a bit of a reading frenzy after I finished A Dance With Dragons earlier this month! @Read4life 🎉🎉 I definitely plan to read the 2nd in the series, maybe this summer. 7mo
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Surprise! I went Kindle shopping last night and this morning. Just when I‘m trying to focus on holiday presents! So, from left to right. We just saw #bohemianrhapsody and I‘m curious for more Freddy bio. I‘m unsure of my #fairytaleretelling picked for #winter #Booked2019, so I grabbed this backup book. And decided on the third as a #possiblechoice for my #setinappalachia pick for #readingwomen2019. I love #readingchallengeplanning!

Cinfhen You can use the Freddy book for #featuringamusician 🤘🏼saw the movie last week👑so fun🎤🎤🎤 12mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen Of course!!! I didn‘t even think of that! I was planning for a backlist choice ... 12mo
Cinfhen Also an excellent read!!!!! 12mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen I‘ve heard so many good things about it. I‘m such a #ficklereader! We had the weirdest thing happen at the movie. The theater‘s entire power went out with 30 minutes left in the movie. So now we have to go back (for free) and watch it all again to get to see Malik do Freddy at LiveAid. Or wait for DVD next month. Having trouble deciding which to do! 12mo
4thhouseontheleft Interesting picks! If you are looking for any more rec‘s for Appalachia, I highly recommend Guests on Earth! A historical fiction novel set at the Highland mental health hospital in Asheville during the time that Zelda Fitzgerald was a patient there. 12mo
Cinfhen Go see it on the BIG SCREEN with surround sound!!!! It‘s UH.MAY.ZING!!!! So frustrating that you missed that part 😫😫 12mo
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