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Team #BFC21 – can you believe we‘re 1/2 through September?!

How are you doing? Are we smashing our goals? 🔨🏆 Do we need some encouragement? 🤍🎉

Share, if you wish, how your month is going.

I am smashing 🔨 my goals! I‘ve walked 3 miles every day since 1 September! And I finally finished my July #bookspin, so progress! 🎉

#bookfitnesschallenge #BFC21

I‘m tagging those who posted their goals but everyone is encouraged to respond 💜

KathyWheeler I‘ve had a terrible month. It started out okay but personal issues turned it into a mess. I‘m starting over next month. 3y
wanderinglynn @KathyWheeler 🤍🤍🤍 sending you positive energy and many {hugs}. 💚💚💚 I hope your the end of the month goes better. 3y
Bookwormjillk Other than being in denial about the halfway through September thing I‘m doing okay. I‘ve been getting so many good fruits and vegetables from my green grocer this month it would be hard to mess up my eating. 3y
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wanderinglynn @Bookwormjillk awesome! 🙌🏻🎉 3y
julesG Weird month so far. My MS is hiccuping now and then making exercise hard. But I'm trying to do as much yoga as I can. 3y
wanderinglynn @julesG 🙌🏻 💜 3y
bthegood so far so good - thx for checking and hosting 😊 3y
wanderinglynn @bthegood yay! 🙌🏻 3y
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1) Get a #bookspin Bingo
2) Workout 4x per week


wanderinglynn Great goals! 🎉 And Team BFC21 will be here to cheer you on. 4y
OriginalCyn620 Thanks for the tag @wanderinglynn! 😊 And welcome to Litsy @Seuss.and.Tattoos! 🥳 4y
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Andrew65 Welcome to Litsy @Seuss.and.Tattoos 🤗 Thanks for the tag @wanderinglynn 😊👍 (edited) 4y
Andrew65 Good luck with your goals. 😊 4y
sprainedbrain Welcome to Litsy! Excellent goals. 💪🏻 4y
TheSpineView Welcome to Litsy!🤗 @wanderinglynn thanks for the tag!🥰 4y
alisiakae Great goal, and welcome to Litsy! 4y
StayCurious Welcome! It‘s such a great community! 4y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🥳🎈🥳 4y
Eggs @wanderinglynn Thank you for tagging me 💕 4y
Crazeedi Welcome to litsy! I love your book goal, what a great idea!! 4y
Kaylamburson Welcome to Litsy!!! 4y
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Woohoo!! The #BookFitnessChallenge is back! You have no idea how much I need #BFC21 thanks to lockdown weight gain 🙄 Goals are:

1. 4 books a month;

2. Average 15,000 steps per day

3. Cut back on between-meal snacking and track all food eaten;


wanderinglynn Great goals! 🎉 And Team BFC21 will be here to cheer you on. 4y
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Yay! The #bookfitnesschallenge is back! I enjoyed previous iterations of this challenge and will definitely participate in #BFC21. Now I just have to determine my goals. 😊

wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing 😘 4y
KathyWheeler @wanderinglynn I‘m glad you‘re doing this again. I found it really motivational. ❤️ 4y
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Back by popular demand & a little bit of necessity, #BookFitnessChallenge.

#BFC21 is going to be low-key but full of positivity & up-beat support.

#BFC21 will go all of 2021. That's right, 12 months of BFC support. BUT since there's no official sign-up, you can opt-in the months you want to. You can also change your goals every month. The key is that every month you participate, you aim to work on one of your goals 21 days of each month.

wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing 💜 4y
Andrew65 To sign-up, simply comment here. Then I'll tag you on the 1st of each month. Post your goals for the month, use the #BFC21 hashtag, and tag me.

Celebrate your wins by sharing them. And Team #BFC21 will celebrate with you.

And when you need support, post a hand-up & the #BFC21 team will support you.

It's that easy.

Questions? Please ask @wanderinglynn
(edited) 4y
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Andrew65 @wanderinglynn Every little helps to get the message out 🥰 4y
Blaire I‘m in. I‘ve enjoyed participating in past BFCs. 4y
AnneCecilie I might join in, at least some of the months 4y
Crazeedi I'm in on this! I've loved previous #BFC 4y
bnp Count me in #BFC21 4y
RedxoHearts This sounds like a fun idea to get closer to our goals 4y
Andrew65 @RedxoHearts Yea will help enormously! 4y
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Back by popular demand & a little bit of necessity, #BookFitnessChallenge.

#BFC21 is going to be low-key but full of positivity & up-beat support.

#BFC21 will go all of 2021. That's right, 12 months of BFC support. BUT since there's no official sign-up, you can opt-in the months you want to. You can also change your goals every month. The key is that every month you participate, you aim to work on one of your goals 21 days of each month.


wanderinglynn To sign-up, simply comment here. Then I'll tag you on the 1st of each month. Post your goals for the month, use the #BFC21 hashtag, and tag me.

Celebrate your wins by sharing them. And Team #BFC21 will celebrate with you.

And when you need support, post a hand-up & the #BFC21 team will support you.

It's that easy.

Questions? Please ask.
Bookwormjillk YAY!!!! I was just thinking about BFC. Thanks so much for hosting this again @wanderinglynn 4y
Mitch This was so influential for me over the last year - so happy it‘s coming back Lynn! You‘re a diamond! (edited) 4y
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maich That's great❤ 4y
eanderson I love this idea! 4y
guinsgirlreads Thanks for the tag!!! IN!! ❤️😎 4y
alisiakae I am SO glad you are bringing #BFC back! 🙌 🎉 🏃 4y
Lucy_Anywhere 🙌 I am so in! Thanks for organising this again 🙏 4y
rockpools Thank you Lynn! Perfect timing, and I love that it‘s running all year. 😊 4y
Andrew65 This is great, thanks @wanderinglynn 😍 4y
Cuilin Wonderful, I‘m in. ❤️ 4y
Chrissyreadit 🙌❤️👏💫✨😘yes! Thank you for organizing this! 4y
wanderinglynn @bnp this post has the details of #BFC21 4y
wanderinglynn Welcome to #BFC21 month 1 🎉 @Bookwormjillk @Mitch @maich @eanderson @guinsgirlreads @4thhouseontheleft @Lucy_Anywhere @rockpools @Andrew65 @Cuilin @Chrissyreadit @bnp - And there will probably be some fun incentives throughout the year. So make sure you do at least one #BFC21 post every month you participate 😉😉😉 4y
IndoorDame I love this structure! I‘m in! Thank you for organizing this! 4y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm This sounds fun! I‘ve been needing to get back on track with my exercise, so I‘ll definitely be participating. ❤️ 4y
BookwormM Looking forward to joining you all 4y
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I'm definitely in!! Thank you for hosting this one, Lynn!! 4y
throwmeabook I think this will be the push I need to get back on track with both my exercise and reading. I‘m in and thanks for organizing! ❤️ 4y
Crazeedi Yes Lynn I'm in!!! 4y
AmyK1 I definitely need to do something after sitting on the couch for months lol. I think I‘m in! 4y
Susanita Hooray! I‘m in! 👟📚 4y
StayCurious I need this so badly! I‘m in! 4y
Hufflepuffle This sounds so great! I‘m in! 💜 4y
Laughterhp Oh yay, I think I need this for 2021 4y
Weisubei I'm in!! Totally need this for 2021 4y
Hestapleton I‘m in!!! 4y
mcipher I totally need this! 4y
jmtrivera Yaaaaaay! 4y
jb72 Awesome! I‘m in. Thank you for hosting this challenge. 4y
CoffeeNBooks I'm in! 4y
KathyWheeler I‘ll join in. I‘ve loved previous rounds of this. 4y
BethM Totally in. 4y
NikkiM5 Me 🙋🏾‍♀️ 4y
Read4life I‘m in. 💙 4y
LauraRenae I‘m in! 💕 4y
Cheshirecat913 Yay! Glad to join in too! 4y
ishan0986 Looks really amazing. Count me in too. 4y
EadieB Count me in! 4y
EadieB I will read 20 books in January and I will ride my exercise bike and burn 🔥 200 calories daily. #BFC21 @wanderinglynn 4y
wanderinglynn @EadieB great goals! 🎉 And Team BFC21 will be here to cheer you on 4y
Annl I so need this! I have to ponder my goals 4y
LaraReads Oh, I definitely need this!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 4y
Charityann So glad this is back! I need it. 😆 4y
Larkken I'm in 😊 4y
TiminCalifornia Been a long time since I set goals for the new year. I am in! 4y
erinreads YES. I‘m so in for this. 🙌🏻 4y
RainyDayReading Sounds great! 4y
okthislooksbad gosh yes I am /so/ ready for this! 🌱 4y
ChasingOm Hooray!! I‘m back in! 😄 4y
NovelGirl82 I‘m in! This sounds wonderful! 4y
TK-421 Sounds great! I‘m in 4y
kspenmoll I am in!!! Thanks so much!!‘ 4y
britt_brooke Cool - Thanks, Lynn! I like how this is set up. Count me in, please! 4y
CocoReads I‘m in! Thanks for setting it up! 4y
Clwojick I‘m in! ♥️ 4y
KVanRead Love this idea! I‘m in!! 4y
robinb This sounds so great!! Where have I been?! Yes, please count me in, and thanks for instigating this! 4y
AsYouWish Yay!!! I was just thinking about this!!! I so need this!!!! I am totally in!!!! 4y
AbigailJaneBlog I am IN! thank you 🎉 4y
TheDaysGoBy I‘m in. Sounds awesome! 4y
GreenGrl87 Count me in! 😄 4y
julesG Eventually I can let you know that I'm in. Of course. Thanks for hosting BFC again. 4y
MatchlessMarie Just seeing this post. I hope I‘m not too late. I have missed BFC! (edited) 4y
wanderinglynn @MatchlessMarie never too late. It‘s very low-key this year. BFC21 will run all year, so you can opt-in when you choose. 4y
AprilMae Oh no, am I too late to sign up?!? 4y
wanderinglynn @AprilMae nope. It‘s very low-key. Opt-on and out as you please. ☺️ 4y
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Hi friends! Reading the comments on @TheAromaofBooks page made me realize how many activities have helped people join our community- I know joining my first swap changed litsy for me. Hashtag comments can lead to activities for people to see how amazing this community is- and much more than book reviews. I may miss some- feel free to add to it, with any information you want to include!
#litsylist #litsywelcomewagon @LitsyWelcomeWagon

Chrissyreadit #bookspin with @thearomaofbooks is a lottery to choose the next book to read on your tbr 4y
Chrissyreadit #pemberlittens with @sprainedbrain to enjoy all things Jane Austen including buddy reads. 4y
Chrissyreadit #overbooked with @megnews and @sblbooks buddy reads that are chosen via vote 4y
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Chrissyreadit #literarycrew with @Librarybelle historical fiction buddy reads 4y
Chrissyreadit #authoramonth with @Soubhiville read books by a specific author 4y
Chrissyreadit #losersclub reading Stephen King with @DGRachel (edited) 4y
Chrissyreadit #booked2021 each year has a year long challenge with @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft (edited) 4y
BarbaraBB I am not in the #booked2021 crew, that‘s @BarbaraTheBibliophage ! However, I do host #ReadingAsia2021 with @Librarybelle in which we try to read a book set in each Asian country and/or written by an author from each country. 4y
BarbaraBB Also @Cinfhen and I host a #bestbuddyread in the weekend of February 7. We‘ll have a virtual party all weekend and will discuss this book: 4y
Soubhiville It‘s fun posting #bookreport s and #weeklyforcast s every week, led by @Cinfhen 4y
Soubhiville For Terry Pratchett fans, jump in to the #OokBookClub! With @julesG (edited) 4y
OutAndAbout #foodandlit starts in January where @butterfinger and @texreader lead a country-a-month exploration of books and food! (Loaded also on #Storygraph as a public challenge.) 4y
AmyG @BarbaraBB Will you remind us when we should start the book or should we just have it read by that weekend? 4y
BarbaraBB We will remind you but you can read it at any time you like. We will discuss it on Sunday 7 February. I hope you‘ll be there @AmyG 💕 4y
Soubhiville #nyrbbookclub reads NYRB classics. With @BarbaraBB and @vivastory (edited) 4y
Megabooks #nonfictionchallege with @Riveted_Reader_Melissa is a yearlong nonfiction prompt bingo challenge (edited) 4y
TrishB What a fab summary of activity! 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage If you like science fiction and fantasy, the #bbbbc crew votes on a book to read every two months. All organized by @InLibrisVeritas ! 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Also from @Riveted_Reader_Melissa is #shesaid , which is what I‘d call a women‘s studies buddy read. Both fiction and nonfiction choices. 4y
TheBookHippie #childrensclassicread2021 I do one every year #mgbuddyread is starting up again and #bookshelfbook2021 you can read down your TBR with me 🤪 I love #shakespearereadalong 4y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm This is epic! Thank you for starting this thread! ❤️😱❤️ 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa There‘s also a #StarWarsBuddyRead that reads the new canon Star Wars novels. 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Also #NonfictionNerds hosted by @dariazeoli that picks a nonfiction book by vote to read each month. 4y
sblbooks Starting back in January is #MgBuddyRead a monthly discussion of a middle grade novel. Also, new next year is the #YABuddyRead for fans of young adult novels with @megnews 4y
Gaylagal2 @Chrissyreadit You are such a gem on this Saturday morning! What a great idea....love it ❤️ I've met such amazing, funny and great people here on Litsy and the swaps are such a part of that 🤓 #truecrime #bookshelf2021 4y
Texreader #litsyatoz with @BookishMarginalia Read a book that starts with every letter of the alphabet, or author‘s name that starts with every letter of the alphabet, or a combination of both 4y
sprainedbrain This is an awesome idea and a great listing! I‘m going to attempt to share! 4y
squirrelbrain What a great idea! Thanks for doing this! 4y
dariazeoli Wonderful idea! And wow, we have so many awesome ways to get involved with each other. Loving the comments this morning ❤️ 4y
TiminCalifornia Thanks for this road map to Litsy! 4y
Liz_M #nyrbbookclub, organized by @vivastory, reads and discusses one nyrb book a month. The co-host for discussion changes each month (@BarbaraBB is co-hosting January only). 4y
Cinfhen I love this!!!! Thanks for all the shoutouts there are also a slew of daily challenges spread over a monthly theme lead by @Eggs @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and @Klou And there‘s a lovely group of #BirthdayFairies who spread Birthday cheer @LitsyBirthdays tagging @julesG @robinb @Crazeedi @KarenUK and @squirrelbrain 🧚‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️ (edited) 4y
BookishBelle Don‘t forget #lmpbc (Litsy Markup Postal Book Club) hosted by @suvata Next sign up is in Feb/March, I think. You start or join a group of four. You each buy a book, read it, and send it on. By the end, you‘ve read four books and get your book back with comments from your group members. So fun! And a way to read things you might not have read on your own. 4y
Cuilin Hope it‘s ok to comment here, There are so many readalongs too for people interested in reading a specific author with a group. Check out #pemberlittens, for Jane Austen fans #shakespearereadalong #whattheDickens is new starting in January and open to all. Great idea @Chrissyreadit 4y
vivastory Thanks for the tag @Liz_M ! Anyone interested in reading and discussing NYRB, please feel free to chime in with the monthly discussions. They are typically the final weekend of the month. 📚📚 4y
vivastory @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Is this a closed group? This sounds interesting 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @vivastory #Nonfiction2021 and #SheSaid are open to anyone interested. #nonfictionNerds votes for their books on Goodreads and posts here and discusses there too, check with @dariazeoli for more details 4y
Deblovestoread And I would just add that it is easy to overcommit and not to worry if you do. Everyone is fantastic and if you are like the rest of us you want to read ALL the books. 4y
DebinHawaii What a great idea! ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
Butterfinger @AkashaVampie @ElizaMarie and @AsYouWish have #NovelWatchingCrew - read the book; watch the movie, a club for paranormal reads and many others. Litsy has things for everyone. I don't think I saw #LitsyLove @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks or #jb @CBee - penpal groups. @Andrew65 @Tove_Reads @EadieB did #NordicNoir. Thanks for doing this. What a treasure trove. 4y
CBee Awesome idea, @Chrissyreadit 🥰🥰🥰 4y
mom2bugnbee @Andrew65 @jb72 @SumisBooks host a #24B4Monday Readathon one weekend a month (3rd, I think? One of you please correct me if I'm wrong). Readathons always encourage me to read more. 4y
suvata What a great idea. So many different groups to join. #LitsyLove 4y
Andrew65 @mom2bugnbee #24B4Monday is always on last full weekend of the month. Thanks for the shout out. 😊 (edited) 4y
AkashaVampie @Butterfinger also @jb72, we have so many hashtags. #NWC #PLC #TBRCrew #NewYear_NewYou are the groups we have. everyone is welcome. Anyone interested can look for more info on my bio part of my page. 4y
Andrew65 Also do a nine day monthly readathon, where you can set your own goals, Usually begins 2nd weekend in the month, although messed it up this month so will start third weekend. 4y
KVanRead Fantastic idea @Chrissyreadit !! There‘s also #thatsclassic from @Annie1215 that votes on and buddy reads one classic a month and #ReadCanada challenge from @Book_Fiend_Melissa a year long July to July challenge ending 7/1/21 4y
EadieB I am doing #ChristmasQuotes this month and I‘m participating in @TheSpineView #Readathon which is called #ReadYourWay from 12/1/20 through 12/31/20. 4y
ElizaMarie I love this! I was thinking that I would do a running google doc on all the things we have going .. But I haven't had the time yet. But Listy is so great! 4y
vivastory @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @dariazeoli Thanks! I've been wanting to read more nf. Will definitely check this out! 4y
Butterfinger @LibrarianRyan and @Sarahreadstoomuch does the #BBRC Babies and Beyond Lit. 4y
Butterfinger I start to read and something else pops into my head. @amber_ldsmom does #NewberyEpicChallenge 4y
amber_ldsmom @Butterfinger Thanks for the tag! ❤️ 4y
Chrissyreadit @ElizaMarie @amber_ldsmom I did not have room above so you get your own shout out!!! ❤️❤️❤️yay team!!! 4y
suvata @BookishBelle Thanks for the #LMPBC love ❤️ 4y
Eggs Thanks ♥️ @Cinfhen 4y
TiminCalifornia @Chrissyreadit Thanks for tagging me! 4y
Butterfinger @Chrissyreadit you are such a sweet and special person. 4y
Dirk_Wethington Thank you for this! I‘m pretty new and still learning. 4y
Chrissyreadit @Dirk_Wethington you can also check out @LitsyWelcomeWagon for more tips- and friend everyone who commented and/or was mentioned in this thread- welcome to Litsy! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Butterfinger I feel the same way about you! ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
alisiakae What a great idea! And I see some read alongs and challenges I didn‘t really know about. I can‘t wait until work slows down so I can dive into some of these further! In addition to being a co-host of #booked2021, mentioned above, I also host #screamathon every October. I don‘t think I saw this mentioned, but @LibrarianRyan does #BBRC babies and beyond RC, and @ElizaMarie has the monthly #selfcare bingo sheet! And I would be all for ⬇️ 4y
bthegood Thx for posting. I added @LitsyHappenings to follow, forgot about it after I started. ⛄ 4y
alisiakae Cont‘d I would love to see @wanderinglynn to bring back the #bookfitnesschallenge! 🙌🏽 (edited) 4y
Nute This post and thread is wonderful even for a seasoned Litsy participant. It‘s a timely reminder of all things wonderful on Litsy. I‘m making notes! Thanks everyone!💕 4y
Nute I just want to add hashtags that have given attention to literature by People of Color: #ReadSoulLit - an annual photo reading challenge that takes place in February, Black History Month, and then encourages increased reading of books by black authors all year long (hosted by @BrownGirlReading ). 4y
Chrissyreadit @Nute thank you so much! I just followed @BrownGirlReading I don‘t know how this was not on my radar!! 4y
Chrissyreadit @4thhouseontheleft I agree I wish @wanderinglynn just had a #bfc that was monthly. I love my group that continues on WhatsApp. Also @LibrarianRyan gave me a bunch to put on but I had Class right after I posted and this thread became exactly what litsy is to me! A vibrant community of diverse reading activities- I just love this space of social media. Thank you for joining into the thread too ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4y
Nute Also for increased diverse reading experiences using the following hashtags: #blitsy (thank you @Chelleo ), #integrateyourshelf ( thanks @Emilymdxn and @ChasingOm ). 4y
Nute @Chrissyreadit We need a roundup every now and then. Thanks for doing this!💕 4y
Chrissyreadit @Nute this is totally a team effort!! I could never have done this alone- and I just hope this list can be shared with as many people as possible. 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m in so many group reads on here now, and now I just found even more! So great team effort! 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa And now I‘m thinking of all the reading challenges we do throughout the year like #LitsyAtoZ with @BookishMarginalia or #MountTBR through Goodreads, or all the other ones that have followings here like #ReadHarder or #Popsugar or Booked2020 now #Booked2021 and so many more (edited) 4y
NovelGirl82 @4thhouseontheleft Hii! Long time no see!! I agree! Lots of things on here that I either haven‘t seen or have forgotten about. I‘m ready for work to slow down (thanks covid) and for this last year of grad school to be over so I can play with you guys more again!! 4y
wanderinglynn @4thhouseontheleft then maybe we‘ll do another round in the new year. ☺️ 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Here‘s a post with lots of group tags you can check out when you‘re ready to explore, and people you can follow! Have fun @Gingereads_everything 4y
Mrs_B Hey Chrissy, would this work do you think: https://sites.google.com/view/litsywelcomewagon/home ? 4y
Chrissyreadit @Mrs_B I love that you knew how to add that link- I was trying to figure out how to combine that information with this in one space that every time it‘s tagged doesn‘t make it harder to scroll. @RaimeyGallant @TrishB @julesG @Chelleo have put together amazing resources but I did not know how to link it this way! Thank you so much!!!! 4y
Chrissyreadit @Mrs_B is there a way to “archive” this thread so it can be added to the site? I‘d be glad to have a link in my bio - to the above I just have to figure out how. I‘m not techno savvy 4y
Mrs_B @Chrissyreadit hey Chrissy, great idea, I‘ll hyperlink the picture to this post. Did you click through the pages on the site? 4y
Chrissyreadit @Mrs_B yes- I remember when they were made- I just did not know there was a single link to access it. I always tell people to scroll the hashtag. 4y
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! @Mrs_B that‘s Amazing!!!! I will add the link to my bio page today. 4y
Chrissyreadit @RaimeyGallant I love having easy access to the info you and @Chelleo did. I‘m going to put it in my bio today. 4y
Mrs_B @RaimeyGallant the videos and tips are amazing. 4y
audraelizabeth Im hosting a #stackingtheseries next year. 4y
Chrissyreadit @audraelizabeth that sounds great! 4y
Crazeedi Just saw this! What a great resource, I'd love to print this whole post!! 4y
Rissreads This is fantastic! I‘ve screen shot it all! 👏🏻 4y
BookishMarginalia For everyone who finished the 2020 #LitsyAtoZ #readingchallenge: Remember to update your form by 1/1/2021 for a chance at a $25 Amazon Gift card (link on my wall!). Link to the 2021 version coming soon! 4y
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Look what's back! #BFC hosted by the fabulous @wanderinglynn #BookFitnessChallenge

My check out her feed for full details. Maybe this is the time to revisit those New Year's resolutions that have fallen by the wayside.😊😁

wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! 💜 4y
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#nonbookish post

A question for the folks that used to participate in #bookfitnesschallenge and are also FitBit users:

I‘ve been a hardcore FitBit fan for years, but I‘m falling out of love. It doesn‘t meet my needs anymore, I was turned off by the Premium launch, and don‘t wear it that much anymore because the interface now bothers me too.

Thinking of jumping ship for the Apple Watch, but wondering if anyone has used a Garmin or other device?

RealLifeReading I used a Garmin a few years back, switched to a Fitbit and now use an Apple Watch. Of course this was a few years ago and things may have improved but the garmin app was horrible. I swim sometimes and I love how the Apple Watch can track my different strokes and laps very accurately. 4y
CocoReads I‘m still using my Fitbit-but I‘m pretty lazy about syncing it. My oldest upgraded to the Fitbit versa watch. I don‘t like that it doesn‘t count my steps when I‘m pushing a cart (which I do for the majority of my work days) so I wind up wearing it on my scrub pocket loop to get all my steps counted. I‘m not into premium because I‘m cheap. I don‘t like the watches because their so big. So for now I‘m sticking with my ulta. 4y
alisiakae @RealLifeReading I think Garmin has made a lot of advances in recent years, which is why they caught my attention. But I don‘t know anyone that uses Garmin. And now that my Peloton bike syncs with Apple, Garmin and FitBit, I could go with any of the three. 4y
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runswithscissors007 I have had a garmin vivo activ for over 2 years now (previous Fitbit surge user) and I love love love it! 4y
julesG Since I'm using an ancient Fitbit device, I haven't had any problems yet. No premium services available here in Germany either (yet). But, to answer your question, a friend switched to Garmin about a year ago and I haven't heard any complaints. Another friend is a big Apple fan and also wears an Apple watch, which she had to have replaced twice, can't remember why though. 4y
alisiakae @CocoReads One of my biggest issues is Fitbit is not well suited for cycling and yoga, the two forms of exercise I do the most. I used to walk/run, but have cut that out a lot in the last year for cycling, because it is easier to manage and doesn‘t exacerbate my plantar fasciitis. 4y
CocoReads Yes, it‘s definitely not well suited to yoga or cycling. Weights either, which I‘ve discovered is my favorite. 4y
runswithscissors007 As a side note... who is your favourite on peloton? Any recommendations? (So far Robin is my go to!) 4y
alisiakae @runswithscissors007 what makes it better for you? Although if I opt for a watch style device, it will probably be Apple. I currently use the FitBit inspire because I like the smaller profile. 4y
alisiakae @runswithscissors007 So many!! I take a lot of Power Zone classes, and am thrilled that CDE now teaches those. I also love Cody. Robin and Ally are faves of mine too. But Cody is always, always my go to when I‘m looking for fun. Matt Wilpers when I am looking for a personal trainer. I definitely recommend trying the PZ program and taking the FTP test. I‘m #AllyRidesNC on the bike. 4y
wanderinglynn I dumped my fitbit a couple months ago. But I haven‘t switched to other tech. I decided to go wearable-tech free for a while. 4y
rockpools Sorry Alisia - you‘ve known me all of my fitness-tracker-using life! Still on the cheapest smallest Fitbit I could get my hands on (Flex 2) which I keep in my pocket, as I‘m not keen on having things round my wrist. I can see why you‘d want to make a change (the customer service/lack of fixing issues is pretty poor, without the cycling/yoga issue) - when this one packs in, I probably won‘t upgrade. 4y
Scochrane26 @4thhouseontheleft I‘m glad you asked this question because my Fitbit stopped working after they did the upgrade. I think from what I saw on the forum that they just discontinued mine, which made me refuse to spend $ on a new one. I‘ve sort of been using MyFitnessPal, which is fine. Not sure I want another tracker, but all this info is good. 4y
alisiakae @wanderinglynn That‘s where I am on the fence. I need to probably decide if I want something I wear during exercise only (which I could continue with the FitBit since it does fulfill my need for HR monitoring), or something to wear all the time. 4y
Jovy I was crazy about Fitbit until I got an Apple Watch. I have an Elliptical and Total Gym for weights and Apple tracks it pretty well. Also closing my circles (stand, move and exercise goals) are a big motivation. The best part about the Watch for me though is the convenience of stopping audiobooks without reaching for the phone. Love it!! 4y
alisiakae @RachelO thatMs probably how I am leaning, continue with my current FitBit until it goes kaput, but no more upgrades after that. 4y
alisiakae @Jovy Oooh, this helps! So Apple Watch can track weights? Hubby has the watch, but doesn‘t do any strength training. I also didn‘t know about the audiobook convenience! ❣️ 4y
alisiakae @Jovy for example, one of my issues, is that often when I do yoga or weights, my FitBit will actually send me a “get moving” alert, which is annoying! But I don‘t want to have to go into the app to manually start logging the work out. 4y
runswithscissors007 If I think hard about it ... I love the garmin because it does what it says it will do. It does it simply. And it has never glitched. It remains robust through upgrades. All things the fit bit failed at. I have a friend who loves her Apple as much as I love my garmin. And we have pretty similar needs/interests. 4y
runswithscissors007 I will look you up on peloton. (I only have the app... no equipment). I am #runswithscissor 4y
BookwormM I am planning on ditching my Fitbit for a Garmin 4s I was not impressed when Fitbit sold out to Google 4y
Jovy @4thhouseontheleft Oooh yes that is annoying! Strength Training shows up in the “Other” category. It says it tracks your calories equivalent to a brisk walk. I‘ve never gotten a prompt asking me if I‘m still working out while doing weights. So that‘s good? 😅I don‘t do yoga so I‘m not sure how that works on the watch. But it is one of the main workouts available. Hubby has Garmin because he‘s on Samsung but he loves it too. 4y
audraelizabeth I have a 3plus elite, it has a lot of the functionality and runs around $30. 4y
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It's been a weird few weeks, but I managed to back-track most of my meals this week, and I hit my book goal. I'd be disappointed in my lack of hitting my exercise goal, but instead, I'm learning to be kind to me and be optimistic about next time. Thanks to #GobletofFitness for your support!!! @wanderinglynn, @bookandcat @Crazyspine @Honeybeegirl
#BFC #BookFitnessChallenge #BFCR4

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 You made progress and that‘s what counts. And being kind to yourself is important. 💜 5y
jmtrivera @wanderinglynn Thank you! And as always, appreciate you hosting and making me think so hard about these things! 5y
crazyspine Congrats 5y
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