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Book #94: In one word, this book was "bizarre". This is the first time I have read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but I have seen both the Disney and Tim Burton versions, and both of them made more sense than this book. As my friend put it, that must have been some good opium he was on when he wrote this. The story jumps around randomly and it goes...



Fear the Darkness | Becky Masterman
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#94 of my year. This is book 2 in the Brigid Quinn series. I absolutely loved the first book and was pleasantly surprised that it was part of a series so I bought the first 3 books!

Caffeinated_Reader I absolutely love the writing style of Becky Masterman. The character Brigid Quinn is excellent. She‘s so witty, tuff, mysterious, and badass! I like how the story spun out of control and left me suspecting one group of people in order to distract from the less obvious suspect. Man she‘s a fantastic writer. 3mo
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Book #94 of my 400 goal. This was a truly amazing story and I enjoyed greatly. Intriguing, interesting, philosophical, and thoughts provoking. I‘d definitely recommend this if it sounds interesting to you. That being said I think there were more questions to be asked and answered about the human psyche. It didn‘t quite touch on everything I think it should have, however what it did encompass was extravagant. Great read.

AmyG 400! Wow. That‘s an amazing goal. 9mo
Naj Wow. Super impressed by your goal and progress. Great going! 9mo
ShyBookOwl Bulldozing through -- good for you!! 9mo
Rissreads I loved this book too! 9mo
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2017 #94 classic audio such a well read book and crafted story. A must read for the classics. Amazing the quotes and pop culture infiltration

Kaleidoscope | Kristen Ashley
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Ok so, in reality, a so-so KA book is still better than a lot of other books. This one just isn't as effervescent as her other excellent books. It feels like she's running out of steam in the Colorado Mountain series, each book has gotten shorter and shorter. I think her next series should be good, she seems to thrive on change. #94 so far this year!

MrBook 😻😻😻 3y
Karkar 94 is awesome!! 👍🏻🎉 3y
Bette 🐱💜 3y
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BooksPieAndCoffee I felt this way about Jagged and actually put it down a few years ago and haven't come back around to it yet. I'm hoping I like it now that I've read a lot more KA, but we'll see. I def enjoy her self published books more than her traditionally published books. 3y
Pinkmeghan @BooksPieAndCoffee I felt similarly abt Jagged too. I feel like she's such a free spirit that book contracts kind of tie her down. I do not think she wanted to write either of those books when she had to, because the first Burg book came out around the same time (just before Jagged) and it's vintage KA. I just love how she never goes for the easy plot. Whenever you think "oh it's done now" it's not! And it's always good! 3y
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Homegoing: A novel | Yaa Gyasi
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Happy first day of reading/first day of August friends! Have you got your hands on your copy of Homegoing? If so, how will you be reading with us. Struggling to find a copy? Email us at unofficiallitsybookclub@gmail.com . Can't wait for another month of festivities!

Lacythebookworm I was planning to read this anyway, so this is perfect! 3y
Bookzombie I put it on hold at the library and hope it will come in soon. :) 3y
SoniaC Got my copy and am looking forward to it 3y
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SharonGoforth I've got mine😊 3y
Wendirella I will be reading digitally. Only 4 books ahead of it in line 😂😂 3y
Sydsavvy Reading hardcover and audio. Spoiling myself, it's so good! 3y
eric.small I've been looking for a good online book club for so long! I'm in! 3y
Chasingmermaids First time I'm gonna be able to do this. So pumped 3y
Twocougs It's a fantastic book, one of the best of the year. 3y
Leanney Gonna join in this month!! 3y
Jillsandypants I got my digital copy from the library a few days ago. Perfect timing! 3y
Bookworm83 I'm on the holds list at the library! 3y
Caralen I already read this. Y'all are in for an awesome read. One of my favorite books of all time! 3y
Godmotherx5 @Litsybookclub I'm going to listen using my audible.com account. 3y
AmyG This is sitting on my tbr pile. Great choice! 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess I will be reading. 3y
catieohjoy Ooh, I just started reading this today and hadn't realized it was the @Litsybookclub pick—awesome! I'm looking forward to discussing this with everyone! 3y
AmberJoy Looks like I'll be starting this now 3y
AmberJoy I only found a copy in large print so if anyone sees me out and about I'm not blind that's just all I found 3y
peteyrodriguez Wow it's the next from the top of the to be read pile, I guess I'll start it tonight. 3y
Cortg I have it on hold, though I had to do some library hopping as our system only purchased 3 copies and I'm #94 on the list. I found another county that has 55 copies and I'm #55! Shouldn't be long. 3y
Theresa I've been saving my 1 monthly audible.com credit for something worthy as I work through my ever growing "TBR that I already own" pile. I've been dying to read this book so why I didn't think of this before I don't know, but thanks, Commenters, for planting the seed. ? 3y
tpixie Excited for the August Bookclub pick! 3y
tpixie " Reading" it through my audible account. Couldn't find it through library's Overdrive or OneClickDigital. 3y
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