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When I Was You | Minka Kent
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This #Amazon First Reads pick was interesting, and I wanted to know how it ended despite it having an early twist reveal. The ending was satisfying, and it was a fast read. I admired how the protagonist took control of her destiny too. #Kindle

SmartSassery Your Bookly still works! 😍 I now have hope for square images again. 1mo
jenniferajanes @SmartSassery Yes! Mine never quit working. I‘m on iOS, and I just choose the shape I want when I export the image. Have you contacted them? I‘m sad that yours isn‘t working. 😔😢 1mo
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My first read in 2020 was short and sexy romance. It was great and I liked it. Interesting how they started their relationship. I will read more books by Justine Elvira.
It is #free on #amazon

- #LitsyAtoZ Letter S #AbecedarianTBR @BookishMarginalia
- #Booked2020 Finish in a day @cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @barbarathebibliophage
- @MonthlyBookClub Cover with a winter setting
- #ReadTheUSA New York

#romance #shortstory

thereadingowlvina Love this photo! 💚 1mo
maich @thereadingowlvina Thank you❤ 1mo
Cinfhen Nice way to start the year!!!! 1mo
maich @Cinfhen It was. 😊 1mo
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Kill the Boy Band | Goldy Moldavsky
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Just got this haul today! Can‘t wait!!

#tbr #readinglist #readingresolutions #bookhaul #amazon #upnext #bookworm

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I ordered a 4 inch #ironthronereplica from #amazon with my gift card that I got for Christmas. It looks nice with the book #fireandblood that I just started reading and it came in a cool box that I can store it in when I bring out my Christmas decorations every year. This book was written like a history book but I already knew that it would be. I‘m currently reading the first chapter and it‘s interesting.

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Happy pub week to Holly Banks Full of Angst! This book looks delightful and the cover is super cute. Thanks so much to Lake Union Publishing #partner and Amazon Publishing for gifting me this free #arc.

This is a “laugh-out-loud debut novel for anyone who‘s tried to live the perfect life—and learned the hard way there‘s no such thing.” #hollybanksfullofangst #comedy #funread #lakeunion #lakeunionpublishing #amazon

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This Modern Love | Ray Hecht
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Jacob was a simple 411 operator (back in the day, when that was a thing). A bit anxious, a bit awkward, but not dangerous. Yet when his love is spurned he decides to take matters into his own hands and discovers he has the power to change the world. Its time for revenge.

Telephone service jobs, don't you miss them?


Untitled | Unknown

Hey you all, I‘m thinking of getting a new ebook reader, my old one must be about ten years old and I‘m jealous of how the new ones look. I prefer an amazon #kindle because #amazon has the biggest collection of English books, however, I‘m not sure which one (e.g the new #paperwhite).

Does anyone have any experiences about this?

TrishB I have the paperwhite and love it ❤️ 4mo
juls29 I have an older kindle and I often use my iPad for ebooks. I like them both for different things. The kindle is my go to for reading outdoors, but when I‘m inside I always use my iPad! 4mo
tessavi I switched from a regular tablet to the new paperwhite when it was on sale. I love it! 4mo
youneverarrived I‘ve still got my paperwhite I bought years ago but if it ever goes on the blink I would get another one! 4mo
thewallflower0707 Thanks to everyone who answered, I appreciate your insight! 4mo
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This book is so fascinating! Middle para here sounds EXACTLY like what our biggest corporations are doing now...ahem-#amazon-ahem...
“It had a single tendency: to destroy the last vestige of control by the laborer over his own wage or working life.”
#labor #industrialrevolution #history #research #histfic #nerd #uk

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The Rabbit Girls | Anna Ellory
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Chose this as my Amazon first pick book for August - what did you choose? #amazon #amazonfirstpick #prime #primemembership

Three Women | Lisa Taddeo
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Finally!! #botm and one essay collection from #Amazon. Some #truth to the bookmark! 🥳

At PT, will reply to people soon!

Reviewsbylola Book mail is the best! 7mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola For sure!! 7mo
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