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#12DaysofChristmas #May

I fell asleep so this one is a day late.

This is around the time my resolve to review books consistently fell apart as usual.

I love this one. Ana Castillo‘s writing is beautiful and poetic. Carmen, despite having polio as a child, is a renowned flamenco dancer in Chicago. I love reading about Carmen, her passionate love affairs, her relationship with her family, and her strength.

Bookzombie These two books, tagged, were strong contenders for May also. 2mo
Andrew65 Yes, the same month my records fell apart, have a had to spend a couple of intense days getting them back on track this week. 2mo
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Reggie This is one of my all time favorite books ever! ❤️ 2mo
Bookzombie @Reggie 🙂 You recommended it to me. 2mo
Bookzombie @Andrew65 That sounds like no fun. Sometimes I don‘t track all month and catching up for one month alone is a pain. 2mo
Andrew65 @Bookzombie Had 6 1/2 months to catch up on 🫣😱 But now back on track! I must not let it happen again 😂 2mo
Bookzombie @Andrew65 That is a lot, lol. 2mo
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Speak 20th Anniversary Edition | Laurie Halse Anderson
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#12Booksof2023 #May

One of those ‘why didn‘t I read this sooner‘ books.

Andrew65 I often have that thought! 2mo
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Queen Bee | Amalie Howard
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My favorite book of May! I highly recommend for Bridgerton fans! #12booksof2023 #may #bestof2023 @Andrew65

Andrew65 A great choice. 2mo
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The Trees: A Novel | Percival Everett
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#12DaysofChristmas #May I read 6 five 🌟 books in May.

The Trees edged out the others by the merest of margins so here are the others that I also loved:

Notes on an Execution
The Sun Does Shine
Home Fire
Black Butterflies


IndoorDame So good! This was on my list of top reads last year, but it‘s one I need to revisit. 2mo
Andrew65 An excellent month of reading. 2mo
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The Bishop's Pawn | Steve Berry
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My #May book for #12BooksFor2023 is The Bishop‘s Pawn. An excellent Cotton Malone thriller centred around what happened in Martin Luther King‘s final days. Always love Cotton Malone books but this is one of the very best and learned a lot about Martin Luther King in this book. This reads exceptionally well as a standalone even though it is a book in a series.

kspenmoll Stacked! Sounds great! 2mo
Andrew65 @kspenmoll Definitely a very enjoyable read. 2mo
Mollyanna Cotton is my book boyfriend. I love these books, can‘t wait to get to this one! 2mo
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Andrew65 @Mollyanna He is a wonderful character. If you‘ve not read them you might also be interested in the Ben Hope series by Scott Mariani. If I was in trouble I‘d want Cotton and Ben on my side. 2mo
Mollyanna @Andrew65 I‘ll have to check it out. Looks like Hoopla has the first one…. ‘Cuz I need another series, but if Ben is like Cotton I‘m in. 2mo
Andrew65 @Mollyanna 😂 One of my favourite series. Will be interested to hear what you think if you read it. 2mo
Bluebird This was my May pick too. It‘s also my favorite of the series! 2mo
DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 2mo
Andrew65 @Bluebird It was excellent! 2mo
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Cranford | Elizabeth Gaskell
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In #May , I think Cranford was the standout for me. I loved the series that appeared on PBS years ago - Judi Dench in Cranford!! - so I was very excited to read the original work by Gaskell. What fun! I loved the interactions with the village residents, the scandals (!), but also the camaraderie the friends have. A very enjoyable book. #12BooksOf2023

Andrew65 A true classic. 2mo
AnnR Great review of Cranford! I also love this book and the PBS mini-series. 2mo
Librarybelle @AnnR ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
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TheBookHippie I loved this one ! 2mo
Ruthiella Totally agree. This was a five star read for me! 2mo
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Death of a Clone | Alex Thomson
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A fast read and a perfect mix of sci-fi and mystery. This book deserves more reviews and attention for sure! #Bookspin #May @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 9mo
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Fantastic Mr. Fox | Roald Dahl
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Magpie Murders | Anthony Horowitz
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This is a small town murder mystery but written wonderfully in a unique manner. Loved it! The work is detailed with twisty plots. I couldn‘t stop reading it so switched to audio. I am going to read other books of this series . 4.5🌟
This was my #May #bookspin #bookspinbingo #serieslove2023

kspenmoll His books are soooo good! 9mo
Blackink_WhitePaper @kspenmoll yeah this is my first time reading his books. Can you suggest any other books by him? 9mo
LoveToReadLiveToRead I just watched the tv adaptation of this and quite enjoyed it! It‘s been a long time since I read the book though so I couldn‘t remember all the details. 9mo
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TheAromaofBooks This one is on my shelf!!! 9mo
Blackink_WhitePaper @LoveToReadLiveToRead wow that‘s great ! (edited) 9mo
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