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#vintage paperbacks from the sale I went to two weeks ago now almost. From half price day. Always love the Oxford World‘s Classics.

TheBookHippie Doris!!! 5mo
Leftcoastzen @TheBookHippie oh yes ! I see you are doing her chunkster as a buddy read 5mo
TheBookHippie @Leftcoastzen 😅 yes. At long last I‘m reading it. I have read a lot of her writings, now the finale 🙃. 5mo
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Dr. Thorne | Anthony Trollope
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#Trollopeing #BandOfTrollopes what a joy to spend time with these characters!Dr.Thorne & Mary are such generally good sorts,while most of the others are obsessed with inheritance, land,titles,money, & appearances.Poor Frank! If I were playing a drinking game & took a drink every time he was told “You must marry money”,I‘d be in the same condition as Louis Scatcherd!And no, I still haven‘t found vol.2 of my old edition of this book!🙄

Cinfhen Cute hashtags 😁 12mo
Leftcoastzen @Cinfhen Yes , our little group has had fun with them. Thanks! 12mo
quietjenn Haha, love the drinking game comment. 12mo
CarolynM Great review. I‘m glad you enjoyed. I‘m looking forward to getting back to it soon. 12mo
rubyslippersreads @CarolynM I somehow missed that we‘re #trollopeing again. I‘ll have to catch up. 11mo
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Palladian | Elizabeth Taylor
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1.I‘m still #Trollopeing with the #BandOfTrollopes reading Dr. Thorne and working on #serieslove2023
2.tagged book, only Taylor‘s second book but so many things to like about it.
3.I liked everything I read this month!

Eggs Wonderful - thanks for playing 🥳 12mo
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Phineas Finn | Anthony Ed Trollope
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#justcuz #Trollopeing #BandofTrollopes This is from the Palliser series , our group is reading the Barsetshire series , but so cute I wanted to share this Oxford World‘s Classics Edition from the early sixties.
Been in the stash for awhile, need to finish the other series first! Next to a Galaxy 23 just for size, I miss my iPhone. Actually doing this post on it . It has no phone number now, still a mini computer! 😁

batsy It's a lovely edition 😍 12mo
LeahBergen I‘ve always liked these little Oxford editions! They were some of the first editions I bought when I started buying “classics” in my teens and early twenties. 🥰 12mo
Leftcoastzen @LeahBergen they do have a certain something about them ! 12mo
Leftcoastzen @batsy thanks a! Little cute hardcover book. 12mo
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Doctor Thorne | Anthony Trollope
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Loved my time spent with the good Doctor, Mary, and all the assorted Greshams, Scatcherds, and other characters here. Trollope is just such a joy to read, and I'm so tempted to dive right into another, although I won't for many reasons. Probably 😉

#trollopeing #bandoftrollopes

Ruthiella I know what you mean. Despite my enthusiasm, it took me six years to read the Barsetshire Chronicles and four to read the Palliser series. 12mo
LeslieO Love that cover. 12mo
Leftcoastzen Yay! You finished! I misplaced my old 2nd half real book around the house , reading borrowed from Hoopla . Just finished chapter 28 , enjoying it very much! 12mo
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Tamra So many great reviews! 12mo
batsy I hear you! I've enjoyed the Trollopes we've read so far but it's hard to imagine diving into another right after 😁 Our languid #Trollopeing pace seems to work, lol. Love that cover. 12mo
CarolynM Glad you enjoyed. I‘m hoping to get back to it soon. And, yes, @batsy our languid pace seems right to me🙂 (edited) 12mo
Hooked_on_books I‘m with @LeslieO on that cover! 12mo
quietjenn @Ruthiella One nice thing about taking him so slowly is that with every book I'm delighted to be reminded about how great his writing is and how much I enjoy it. 12mo
quietjenn @Hooked_on_books @LeslieO I just couldn't resist buying the series in this edition, as they are all so striking (and I do love a matching but not matchy set). 12mo
quietjenn @Leftcoastzen Glad you found another option and that you are enjoying it! 12mo
quietjenn @batsy definitely feeling the need to change things up a bit, although I've not quite settled on how, which has meant dipping into a little of everything until something hooks. 12mo
quietjenn @CarolynM @batsy “languid“ is a great word for Trollope, I think. 12mo
LeahBergen Happy Birthday, my friend! ❤️📚❤️📚 12mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen thank you so much, Leah! 12mo
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Doctor Thorne | Anthony Trollope
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Loved being back in Trollope's world. Time slows down & you're fully immersed in a Victorian world of inheritance, property, desire, money, & marriage with Trollope frequently breaking the fourth wall. His verbosity is part of his style, which I enjoy. I thought Frank's "flirtation" with Miss Dunstable very un-Victorian & modern, & Miss Dunstable herself a truly memorable character. Plan to watch the 2016 series! #Trollopeing #BandofTrollopes

zezeki So glad you liked it! I'm about half way through, and I also really liked Miss Dunstable's character! I'm really curious to see how everything will resolve! 13mo
zezeki Also, this cover is gorgeous! 😍 13mo
batsy @zezeki The Vintage editions are nice ❤️ Unfortunately I didn't order the whole series before Book Depository closed and it's hard finding Trollope elsewhere! I thought the book resolved very satisfactorily. I hope you enjoy it till the end 🙂 13mo
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quietjenn Miss Dunstable is wonderful! I'm taking a few days off of work and hoping to devote some time to #trolloping 😃 13mo
Cathythoughts What a gorgeous book 💫 13mo
Ruthiella Miss Dunstable was my favorite character in this novel. So awesome! 👍 13mo
Tamra Sounds like I need to get to the one. And yes, gorgeous cover! 13mo
batsy @quietjenn Lovely! Enjoy your reading time. Trollope is perfect for when there's lots of reading time 🙂 13mo
batsy @Cathythoughts They did well with the design. The Oxford editions are so pretty, too ❤️ 13mo
batsy @Ruthiella Yes, she was so unexpected and refreshing! And dare I say feminist, for that particular time. 13mo
batsy @Tamra It's a good one 😁 13mo
JenDR I love Trollope‘s Pallisers series. I have this one on my TBR pile for the next time I am in the mood to visit Trollope‘s universe. 13mo
CarolynM Lovely review. Glad you enjoyed. I was loving it, but dropped it when life went sideways. Hoping to get back to it soon🙂 13mo
batsy @JenDR Ooh, nice! I've heard so many good things about the Palliser series. 13mo
batsy @CarolynM Thank you, Carolyn! I hope the situation is a bit better for you and your parents at the moment. Enjoy the rest of the book ❤️ 13mo
Rissreads That cover is divine! 💛 13mo
Rissreads Is this a stand alone novel or part of a series? 13mo
batsy @Rissreads It's part of the Barchester Chronicles, but it works as a standalone. The books aren't sequels, it's just that there's characters from previous books popping up here and there 🙂 13mo
CarolynM Thanks Suba, things have settled down but there‘s a lot to do in the next few months. 12mo
Leftcoastzen Love your review! You hit all the high points! 😄 12mo
batsy @Leftcoastzen Thank you 😁 12mo
AllDebooks Love your review, stacked. That is one beautiful cover 😍 12mo
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