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Force of circumstance | Simone de Beauvoir
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Last week‘s book swap scores. Magazine is read already. I love it when magazines give you wrapping paper.

My Name Is Barbra | Barbra Streisand
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I started this in print but the book proved too heavy for bathtub reading so I switched to audio and I must say, give yourself this gift. Allow Babs to read her memoirs to you. Every song, every aside, it's just the best possible way to take in this story. Am I obsessed with Barbra Streisand? Yes. Does she deserve my adoration, undoubtedly so. She deserves yours as well.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Great photo 💛 7d
Anna40 Yes! Cool photo :) 7d
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Back from the Dead | Bill Walton
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I absolutely loved this book as I was a huge fan of the unique personality that was Bill Walton. If you enjoyed his odd, rambling commentary on TV, you‘ll enjoy if not love this. Bill is among the few I could listen to ramble on and barely understand what the hell he was talking about, but still absolutely adore him. This book made me adore and miss him even more, as a world without Bill is a darker place. #bookspinbingo

TheAromaofBooks Lovely review!! 2w
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The Devil Rides Out | Paul O'Grady

Paul O‘Grady was a comedian, actor, TV presenter, chat show host and British national treasure. The second in his autobiographical quartet charts 1973 to 1980 as he deals with his father‘s death, becomes a father, bounces between jobs, marries a lesbian, struggles to find a partner, travels internationally and starts to develop Lily Savage within the London drag scene. Told with O‘Grady‘s biting wit, it‘s sad, thoughtful, horrifying and honest.

A Classical Education | Richard Cobb
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Garden reading while the husband gardens. 😆

This is a memoir of a man who reconnects with his childhood best friend from boarding school after said friend is released from prison for the shocking murder of a family member. The story opens with the author meeting the friend at a train station and then goes back over their school years together and the times they spent at each other‘s houses.


TrishB Sounds interesting 👍🏻 2w
Tamra You have the perfect set up - husband doing the gardening. 👌🏾😊 2w
Cathythoughts Oh stacking ! Sounds good, and such a beautiful photo 💚♥️♥️ 2w
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Christine What @Tamra said - I want that to be my summer motto: “Garden reading while the husband gardens.” 😄 2w
CarolynM Perfect! Interesting book, too😆 2w
LeahBergen @TrishB It was! 2w
LeahBergen @Christine @Tamra @CarolynM I assuaged any guilt (not really) by bringing him frequent drinks. 😉 2w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! The little dwarf lilacs should be blooming soon. 2w
Jess_Read_This Your role as beverage manager/landscape designer is a crucial one! That SF is one that I‘ve been mulling over purchasing. Looking forward to your review of it! 2w
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This Oops, I forgot to reply! I enjoyed it. The writing takes a bit of getting used to at the beginning (he was mostly an academic author so there was a teensy bit of disconnect for me) but the story really powers it along. 4d
Jess_Read_This @LeahBergen All of this is good to know before I pick it up. But it sounds like one worth reading! 3d
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Back from the Dead | Bill Walton
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I‘m going to post this today for #TuesdayTunes as he was, perhaps, the most well-known lover of the Grateful Dead. He was a friend of my dear friend and I was so blessed to have known him (just a little). Such a kind man…so full of life and positivity. Rock on in heaven, Bill Walton. RIP



dabbe 😢 He was one of the greatest players ever. His son played basketball at U of A, my alma mater. I adored him as a commentator. 3w
Read4life Kind, genuine & an immense talent at so many things. 3w
Deblovestoread 💜💜💜 3w
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TieDyeDude ❤ Thanks for sharing! 🤘 3w
Leftcoastzen Thanks for posting! What an amazing talent as a player & a commentator! His spirit and humor always made me happy. The universe is diminished without him. My friend & I were texting when I saw the news , he said it felt like he got the wind knocked out of him when he heard . (edited) 3w
AmyG @Leftcoastzen Yeah, I was shocked. I called my friend and he didn‘t know it got that bad. He said at least Bill got to see Dead & Co at the Sphere opening weekend. Such a loss. 3w
JoeMo @AmyG I‘m glad to learn he saw them at the Sphere….the Sphere may be the least fitting venue for the band in some ways…but, I mean come on, I can hear the sales pitch now: “Bill have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the Dead In the 23rd century?” Five minutes later his flight and hotel would be booked! 😂 1w
AmyG @JoeMo Ha! I heard he has been to 1000 shows. Insane! I think the best thing about the sphere shows are the visuals. 1w
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Autobiography | Morrissey
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"I've come to wish you an Unhappy Birthday
'Cause you're evil
And you lie
And if you should die
I may feel slightly sad
But I won't cry"
- "Unhappy Birthday" by The Smiths


Leftcoastzen 😂 no explanation needed , wish he hadn‘t turned out this way, see , I explained a little anyway…. 4w
BarbaraBB Intriguing. I used to love Morrisey! 4w
AmyG Ha! I love The Smiths but what a miserable man. 🤣 4w
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The_Book_Ninja Not a fan 4w
Bookwomble @Leftcoastzen He's a bit of a conundrum, so some explanation, probably psychology, is required for a man who championed the marginalised in his youth, and quickly descended into reviling them 🫤 As he wrote the quoted petard, it seems appropriate to hoist him with it! 4w
Bookwomble @BarbaraBB Past tense, exactly! 4w
Bookwomble @AmyG Very much a Charmless Man these days! 4w
Bookwomble @The_Book_Ninja I'm still a fan of The Smiths, not the man. I love seeing Johnny Marr on shows, when inevitably he's asked about Moz, and he retains a dignified silence, but his expression speaks volumes ? I think the nearest I've heard him comment was in reply to a question about a Smiths reunion, and he said, "Maybe, but with Nigel Farrage on guitar!"?? 4w
The_Book_Ninja @Bookwomble I did some session work for Johnny Marr for the last Electronic album. He was a good bloke 4w
Bookwomble @The_Book_Ninja 😱 You've been hiding your light under a bushel! EXPLAIN! 🧐 4w
The_Book_Ninja In another lifetime I was a DJ and producer. Arthur Baker rang me up one day and asked me if I would do some scratching for a Johnny Marr project. I turned up at the studio, scratched some noises onto the backing track, (which got used on two songs) had a cup of tea and left. That must have been ‘98 4w
Bookwomble @The_Book_Ninja FANTASTIC! Jason Mad Doctor X?! Mate, you're on the record sleeve 😃 4w
Bookwomble @The_Book_Ninja 🙇‍♂️😉 4w
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Told with brutal honesty + dark humour, comedian Fern Brady considers her troubled life so far, having received as an adult diagnosis of autism. For many adolescent girls with autism they are often labelled difficult, angry, or promiscuous when their diagnosis would have helped both the individual + their families and teachers. I found this book both funny and sad, the comedy masks experiences which must have been very painful. A brilliant memoir.

kspenmoll Stacked! 1mo
youneverarrived Great review! I liked it too. 1mo
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Born to Run | Bruce Springsteen
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1. Muse: Absolution
2. Carole King: Tapestry
3. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run

dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 Thanks for sharing. 1mo
Deblovestoread Tapestry 💜 1mo
BarbaraBB That‘s funny: I love Muse and I hate Bruce (his music, I admire the man himself) 1mo
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lil1inblue Carole King! Yes! 😍 1mo
Susanita @Deblovestoread @lil1inblue I think Tapestry was one of my first albums that wasn‘t children‘s music. One of my siblings had an extra copy and gave it to me. (edited) 1mo
Susanita @BarbaraBB I didn‘t especially like him at first, but my sister was a big fan. Once I went to one of his concerts I understood. 1mo
BarbaraBB I read somewhere that is you aren‘t a fan, you haven‘t seen him live yet! So maybe that‘s true and I should go to a concert too! 1mo
Susanita @BarbaraBB He‘s closing his latest tour in Dublin on Sunday 😉 1mo
BarbaraBB His ultimate one? 1mo
Suet624 Love all three 💕💕 4w
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And Furthermore | Judi Dench
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1. Recently I started working at my home library 6 hours a week, my favorite recent moment is “peeking behind the curtain” at how holds work 🤯
2. The library first, but then BOTM, Amazon, side trips on day trips to little bookstores or local libraries.
3. Tagged and Never Lie by Frieda McFadden
@Eggs Thanks for the tag @Kshakal And since I‘m late, tagging everyone else who is late to the party. 🎉

Eggs I love ‘side trips and day trips‘ #2 Ive been reading a lot of McFadden lately; just finished The Perfect Son 😱so good!! (edited) 1mo
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