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When you wake up too early on #caterday it pays to start slow and read with a buddy!

Erofan 😻 6mo
TheLibrarian What a cutie! 😻 6mo
Leftcoastzen @TheLibrarian Thx! His name is Crosby. 6mo
LauraJ I love his little face! 😻 6mo
Leftcoastzen @LauraJ He‘s cute as a bug , but usually he‘s busy as a bee. 6mo
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The City of Mirrors | Justin Cronin
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Hoping to wrap this one up today! Happy #Caterday from Froedrick And Igor (and me 😊📚☕️)

SkeletonKey I Love them so much 😭😭😭💜 (edited) 1y
Soubhiville @SkeletonKey aren‘t they cool? Do you have a cat? 1y
SkeletonKey @Soubhiville - Not now, I‘m really allergic. There are some long haired cats that aren‘t as bad so that‘s the goal some day. But man do I love hairless cats and want to find out if I react badly to them! 1y
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Craftylikefox Silly question but is Igor pronounced eye-gore? 😁I love seeing your cats 💕 1y
wanderinglynn Happy 🐱urday! Enjoy your kitty cuddles. Mine‘s being extra lovely this morning (although that‘s most likely because I haven‘t fed him yet 😂) 1y
Soubhiville @Craftylikefox why yes it is! Young Frankenstein fan I see? 1y
Soubhiville @SkeletonKey that‘s why we have hairless! My husband is allergic. Someday you should find a breeder to visit. That‘s how we checked to see if he‘d be ok. With 2 moms and something like 15 babies, he didn‘t sneeze or cough or swell around his eyes! I‘m so thankful, because I can‘t imagine life without cats 🐈 😊 1y
SkeletonKey @Soubhiville - That‘s amazing! I was worried since saliva is usually the issue but I‘ll look into it now when the time comes 🙂 1y
Craftylikefox Yes!!! Young Frankenstein is one of my favorites ☺️ 1y
cathysaid ❤️ those socks! 1y
Gharv I just finished City of Mirrors about 30 minutes ago! 1y
Soubhiville @Gharv I‘m getting so close! 1y
Soubhiville @cathysaid I just got them from a friend who knows me pretty well 😜📚 1y
Gharv @Soubhiville please let me know what you think! And I should have mentioned earlier that I love your photo! Cuddling with our pets and reading on a Saturday morning is about as good as it gets! 1y
ReadingRover Yay! Kitties! 1y
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