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Friendsgiving: A Guide to Hosting, Roasting, and Celebrating with Friends | Shoshana Stopek
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Let Friends be your guide to hosting unforgettable yearround celebrations with your best pals. This one-of-a-kind handbook is filled with recipes, entertaining tips, and group activities inspired by the feasts and fun of everyone's favorite sitcom squad. Who could forget the sight of Monica with a turkey over her head? Or "The One with the Football"? Friends showed us how to do Thanksgiving right -- but getting together with friends is not just for Turkey Day. Part One of Friendsgiving is "The One With the Thanksgiving Recipes" (Think: I Hate Rachel Club Yams and Righteous Mac 'n Cheese). Part Two has "All the Other Food," including such recipes as Nesl Toulouse Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Part Three is filled with Friends-style entertaining tips, such as How to Coordinate the Perfect Friendsgiving Potluck; the Toast: Who Should Give it, How, and When; and the Friends Greatest Hits Playlist. Part Four gets into activities to keep the part going, such as Your Most Embarrassing Memories and Pin the Tail on Ugly Naked Guy. Filled with full-color photos, quotes, and highlighting memorable moments from the show throughout, Friendsgiving is both a fun and practical compendium of ideas for celebrating holidays, special occasions, or anytime festivities with your favorite people.
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Today‘s menu: A34G(roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts with maple syrup) and chocolate pie and chocolate cake for our birthday girl (my daughter) PLUS deviled eggs (mmmm)

Sadly not E. No one touched my salad! Fortunately I didn‘t add dressing so we will all be eating more healthy the next couple of days with leftover salad! 😂

#friendsgiving @Catsandbooks

Catsandbooks 😂the greens are not very popular today. Happy birthday to your daughter! 🎉 5mo
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It was a great Thanksgiving with my family! We don‘t watch anything—we cook together and celebrate a lot of birthdays between Nov 25-30!

#friendsgiving @Catsandbooks

Catsandbooks Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🦃❤️ 5mo
Texreader @Catsandbooks You too dear friend!! 5mo
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Catsandbooks Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🦃❤️ 5mo
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Catsandbooks Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🦃❤️ 5mo
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A little Thanksgiving this or that fun! Play and share!

Happy Thanksgiving Litsy! I'm thankful for all of you in this wonderful space on the internet! ❤️ #Friendsgiving

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#Friendsgiving 🧡🦃🧡 What would you choose?

I'm all about the carb sides 😂, so I would pick 1234, but if I had to choose one from each row it would be A3F8

shortsarahrose D1G5 if I had to pick one from each row, but I‘m definitely with you in loving the carb sides! 5mo
bthegood A3G5 🦃 5mo
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Roary47 A2F5 a third all the carb sides. 🤣 5mo
JenReadsAlot Love the sides! Oh and pie! Happy Thanksgiving #friendsgiving 5mo
AnnR A3H5 although my tummy might protest! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂🦃🍁 5mo
NikkiM5 A1G6 😋 5mo
Deblovestoread Same! 🦃 5mo
willaful Glad to see cranberry sauce with lines on the sides, just like mother used to open. 😆 5mo
dabbe @willaful And I love the slurping sound when it comes out of the can! 🤩 5mo
dabbe A3F5. This almost looks like chess moves! 🤩🤩🤩 5mo
Bookzombie I would pick the sides as well, but probably B2G5 if forced to stick to one per row. Except for green bean casserole. I don‘t understand why that is so beloved. I would rather just have regular green beans, lol. 5mo
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I'm baking pies today, chocolate pecan and a cherry apple, both being first time recipes for me. Hopefully they turn out 🤞🏼

What kind of pie would you choose? I love a good lemon meringue 🍋

GondorGirl Apple pies are my favorite, especially with a crumble on top! 😋 5mo
JenReadsAlot Cherry or apple! 5mo
TEArificbooks Lemon meringue, key lime, hersheys chocolate pie, apple pie are my favorite. But we are having pumpkin, and pecan pie and we got a cooked turkey shaped ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for dessert this year. 5mo
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WildAlaskaBibliophile Key Lime. 5mo
Clwojick PUMPKIN! ❤️ 5mo
AnnR Apple crisp, Pumpkin or Pecan. 🥧👍 5mo
willaful I love lemon and lime but can't have them anymore. 😭 So I'd take apple, but on Thanksgiving, I enjoy my husband's pumpkin. He's the only one who makes it really nummy, IMO. 🥰 He's also going to do pecan, which I love but is very rich for me. (Oh man, I'm so OLD!) 5mo
Deblovestoread Lemon ice box pie! 5mo
KateReadsYA Keylime for sure. I'm making a sawdust pie like I do almost every year for the Holidays (: 5mo
Ruthiella Pecan! 😋 5mo
Well-ReadNeck For Thanksgiving, Pumpkin 💯 5mo
Roary47 Too hard to choose. Pumpkin for Thanksgiving, Apple for the summer but drowning in milk, or key lime and lemon as a normal go to. 5mo
Texreader Pecan!! ❤️❤️😋 5mo
Larkken All of them. Yum. Oh but not blueberry 🙃 5mo
Cupcake12 Cherry with lashings of custard x 5mo
thebacklistbook Pumpkin, key-lime, lemon in that order. No meringue, most of the time I find it far too sweet. 5mo
ChelseaM6010 Cherry, Apple, and Pumpkin! 😋🥧💜 5mo
Amiable I make a bourbon chocolate pecan pie every year —my family loves it so much they put in requests weeks in advance! So definitely that one. 5mo
dabbe Pumpkin all the way because it's the only time of year when it's the best! 🧡🖤💜 5mo
DebbieGrillo Cherry for me! How did your pies turn out? Sending you some 🍬❤️ #CandyCaneCrushers 5mo
Catsandbooks @TEArificbooks I looked up the turkey ice cream cake and now I wish I had one!! 🦃😂 5mo
Catsandbooks @KateReadsYA I've never heard of the sawdust pie but it looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! ❤️ 5mo
Catsandbooks @GondorGirl I love a crumble top! 5mo
Catsandbooks @JenReadsAlot yum! 🍒🍎 5mo
Catsandbooks @WildAlaskaBibliophile 💚 there needs to be a lime emoji lol 5mo
Catsandbooks @Clwojick classic ❤️🎃 5mo
Catsandbooks @AnnR yum! ❤️ 5mo
Catsandbooks @willaful sounds great! Enjoy your husband's pies! ❤️ 5mo
Catsandbooks @Deblovestoread lemon ice box pie sound delicious! 💛🍋 5mo
Catsandbooks @Ruthiella so good! ❤️ 5mo
Catsandbooks @Well-ReadNeck always a hit! 🧡 5mo
Catsandbooks @Roary47 I've never heard of apple pie with milk. Is it a similar taste to melted ice cream with pie? 5mo
Catsandbooks @Texreader always a winner! ❤️ 5mo
Catsandbooks @Larkken I too am not a big blueberry fan 😝 5mo
Catsandbooks @Cupcake12 yes that sounds tasty! 🍒 5mo
Catsandbooks @ChelseaM6010 so good! 🧡 5mo
Catsandbooks @Amiable that sounds amazing! 🍫🤎 5mo
Catsandbooks @dabbe it's a classic for a reason! 🎃🧡 5mo
Catsandbooks @DebbieGrillo 🍒❤️ well my pies looks good, but we'll see how they taste tomorrow 😂 5mo
bthegood pumpkin - always pumpkin!! 5mo
Roary47 It was something my grandfather used to do, my dad then picked up, and passed to me. My grandpa lived through the depression so I‘m thinking that it was an alternative to ice cream. If I have fruit pie I like it in milk. It‘s like even better cereal. 🤤 5mo
RedxoHearts Definitely the pizza pie! It's actually what I usually have for Thanksgiving because I'm nit a fan of traditional holiday foods 5mo
Ruthiella @Roary47 My dad also used to put pie or cake in a glass of milk. I just chalked it up to one of his quirks. He was born during the Depression. (edited) 5mo
sblbooks Pecan🦃 5mo
TheBookHippie I do Dutch Apple, Chocolate Cream, NY Cheesecake AND Banoffee pie 👩🏻‍🍳 5mo
Catsandbooks @bthegood always delicious! 🧡 5mo
Catsandbooks @Roary47 yum that makes sense! 5mo
Catsandbooks @RedxoHearts pizza is good any time of the year! 🍕 5mo
Catsandbooks @sblbooks tasty! 🧡 5mo
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie I love cheesecake! I usually make one for my birthday 5mo
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks We usually have one at holidays … so good! 5mo
AllDebooks Apple pie for sure 😋 5mo
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What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving movies or TV episodes? 🦃

Friends definitely has some of my favorites, but I also love the West Wing episode with the Butterball hotline 😂 #Friendsgiving

willaful “How I Met Your Mother“: “Slapsgiving.“ 5mo
Catsandbooks @willaful omg yes! I haven't seen that show in so long! 5mo
willaful A lot of it doesn't hold up that well :-( but that's still one of my favorite episodes of television. 5mo
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Bookwormjillk I love the West Wing episode with the knife. I wish those were still on Netflix. 5mo
peanutnine Ooo thank you for this! I just caved and got a Max subscription which has the West Wing on it now so imma have to watch both of those. The best. 5mo
dabbe The Thanksgiving episodes are the BEST! 🤩🤩🤩 5mo
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During the week of Thanksgiving (U.S.) I'm hosting a #Friendsgiving Readathon 🦃 Set your own goals.

I will be around all that week if anyone wants to chat, share shows or books you're enjoying, or anything else. During that time just use and search for the tag #Friendsgiving to see what others are up to 🧡

Ruthiella Great ideal! 5mo
Bookwormjillk Love it! Hoping for some much needed downtime and reading next week. 5mo
AllDebooks How lovely, count me in x 5mo
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ChelseaM6010 Awesome idea! I‘m in! 🙂 5mo
IndoorDame Sounds wonderful! I‘ll be there 🧡 5mo
JenReadsAlot I'll be there! 5mo
peanutnine I love this idea! Also the Friends Thanksgiving episodes are all so great 😃🦃 5mo
AnnR 👍🙂 I just saw this. Great idea. 🦃 5mo
vonnie862 Ooh how fun! 5mo
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@Cinfhen OMG Cindy! Thank you for my sweet package of goodies! What a lovely surprise! And thank you so much for the book…. Been meaning to read this forever, as it sounds totally my jam! I totally treasure our friendship, and can‘t wait to hang out again #irl next year… Happy Holidays my lovely xxxxxx

Cinfhen Yay!! I was sure this little package was lost forever xx I‘m looking forward to our next coffee date 💕💕 (edited) 2y
Cinfhen Ohhh, I just remembered, sweets have nuts / sesame in case of allergies🙈 2y
KarenUK I‘m actually a nut fanatic! 🥜 @Cinfhen (edited) 2y
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An impromptu visit from a friend who came bearing a gift!! My friends get me!

Ruthiella 😂😂😂 3y
Scochrane26 I got a friend a mug for Christmas that has this on it, except about knitting. 3y
Cheshirecat913 That made me chuckle. Truth. 3y
CaffeineAndCandy 😂😂😂💜💜💜 3y
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Dear Diana, your card arrived a few days ago. I wonder where it got stuck.

Thank you!


Crazeedi Oh my goodness!! Well I'm glad it made it!! Should have been green for st pats! 3y
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Random things that make me happy.

I didn't buy books this week and got rewarded with a new coffee maker I don't need and some big ass mugs that will hold ALL the coffee!!

If it makes your heart happy, just get it.

#NewShitIDontNeed #CoffeeCoffeeCoffee #Friends #HappyWifeHappyLife

Eyelit Love it! I‘m always a fan of the occasional ‘treat yo self‘ 😉 3y
FantasyChick @Eyelit Yes! Nothing wrong with that at all. Especislly when it's on sale 🤗 3y
ShelleyBooksie I did the same! I've been eyeing a dress and pleather jacket for ages and today they were in the clearance section for $9 each. Score! 3y
Lizpixie Oh my cousin would go batshit crazy over these! She‘s totally obsessed with Friends🙌 3y
Tera66 That's awesome! 3y
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