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New audio book download from King County Library.... some true crime for an afternoon walk ....
#truecrime #audiobook #litsywalker #walk

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Walking: Top Essays | Henry David Thoreau
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I have been a bad #litsywalker lately. Life threw me a major curveball recently, and I‘m slow to adjust. But hubby and I got out for a long walk today, and it was just what I needed. The ibises were out, too, although it was a small group. It‘s common to see dozens in our yard at a time. Don‘t know why, hubby started referring to them as the bourgeoisie years ago, and I can‘t think of them any other way😂

Samplergal I love them. We live on a lake and have so many plus ducks and some turtles. We have new ducklings this week. ❤️❤️ 9mo
CarolynM Hope you've got a good swing at that curveball now😉😘 9mo
Cathythoughts Those curveballs are really something ... hope your ok 👍🏻♥️ 9mo
Lynnsoprano @CarolynM @Cathythoughts Thank you 🙏 I‘m doing okay, but an unexpected major life change. I wish I could talk about it more because of the support from this wonderful community. But it involves another Litten who wants to keep things quiet right now. Thanks for your concern 😘 9mo
Crazeedi @Lynnsoprano you and your life change are in my heart today Lynn. Just know you are loved❤😘 9mo
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The Proposal | Jasmine Guillory
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Had a great walk today. ☀️🌻

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The Unseen | Roy Jacobsen
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With a sick two-year-old there has not been much time for reading lately. Finally a day with good weather so we can take a trip outside. He‘s sleeping, I‘m listening! ☀️❤️ #litsywalker

Jay Walking | Tracy Krimmer
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I joined @BookBabe today for her #LitsyWalker session. 😁 It was warm enough and the snow is finally disappearing. We explored some of the surrounding area today, and we walked along the creek by our house. Thoroughly enjoyable. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

LeslieO Beautiful! 10mo
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Devotion: A Memoir | Dani Shapiro
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Enjoyed this #audiobook while on a morning walk before my conference this morning. #litsywalker #nola

WhatWouldJaneDo What a magnificently spooky morning in NOLA! 11mo
Dogearedcopy I keep coming back to this photo in my feed. It's absolutely mesmerizing! 😍 11mo
Tanisha_A 😍 11mo
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charl08 Gorgeous picture! Hope there is plenty of time for bookshops as well as work. 11mo
Blaire @Dogearedcopy thank you!! 10mo
Blaire @WhatWouldJaneDo it really was! 10mo
Blaire @Tanisha_A thank you! 10mo
Blaire @charl08 yes! Hit up Faulkner house books and crescent city used books. 10mo
BiblioLitten What a charming pic! 😍 10mo
Blaire @BiblioLitten thank you! 10mo
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A Storm of Swords | George R. R. Martin
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1. Co-host #Booked2019 and host of #screamathon. Also a #LitsyWalker and former #lmpbc ‘er and I also participate in swaps occasionally. A few other things I‘m probably forgetting.
2. Biked 136 miles on my Peloton in Feb. It may not sound like much, but it was a lot for me!
3. My brother is a fool. (Guess which GoT character said that!)
4. Some fellow #LitsyWalkers @julesG and @kaye


julesG Thanks for the tag! 11mo
Eggs 136 miles on bicycle is hard to grasp!! You must be really strong 💪🤗 11mo
4thhouseontheleft @Eggs I average about 8-9 miles in 30 minutes, which is actually only a moderate pace on a spin bike! But I‘m very happy with it. 😃 And that mileages was spread out over a whole month! My goal for March is 150 miles. 11mo
tammysue 136 miles is amazing!! 11mo
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Kiss Thief | L J Shen
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I‘m not a #LitsyWalker but weather today was awesome! Near 13 degrees in the midst of February. I went out with my rollerblades and enjoyed the sun while listening to ‘The Kiss Thief‘

xicanti I'm so envious of your weather! It's -17 here. 11mo
Hope_a @xicanti Oh, cold weather is totally not my thing. Hope it will get warmer soon. Xx 11mo
sk888888 A fellow skater/reader here! I used to skate all winter long outside, but in recent years I will ice skate (indoor rink) when it‘s cold, returning to the mean streets in March or April. 11mo
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Kaye Now THAT is a devoted LitsyWalker 👍🏼 11mo
Hope_a @kaye Thank you! ❤️ 11mo
Hope_a @sk888888 I‘m not a professional or something. Sometimes I jog, but my asthma is trending to get worse after a good cross, so I prefer skating and I love to skate. 11mo
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